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  1. Welcome to the dark fantasy Cirque du gothique. This story is basicly about a dark circus. All who are here are not here because they want to be more or leas its because they have no where else to go. Living conditions are harsh and most are beaten if not done what told. Let's just say its not all fun and games. Though some will say they like the particular job they don't like how the higher up treat their workers. All will agree that this is their inescapable fate.

    Each having a power that is related to their role. They do however have to be creative.

    Ex: If your a freak that looks like a doll maybe you can control dolls.

    Character Sheet (open)


    Name pronunciation:
    Role: (Ex. Ringleade btw already taken)
    Sexuality: (gay, bi, u know drill)
    Blood type:

    Hair color:
    Hair Style: (long or short)
    Eye color:
    Body Type: (thin, masculine, hourglass, etc)

    Markings: (Tattoos, birthmark, scare, etc)
    Stereo Type: (loner,bookwarm etc)

    Family History: (consists of family relationships, members, and things like that. Family bio)

    Personal History: (consists of things that happened to character that's irrelevant to family. Personal bio.)

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  2. Humans only, I take it? Where does the fantasy part come in?
  3. The fantasy is the freak show of course.
  4. Hm, okay. I have an idea, but is it okay if I just write a description?
  5. If that's what you want.
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  6. Does the picture have to be realistic or can it be drawn? I know people have their preferences.
  7. It doesn't mater to me as long as I can see what I need to see.
  8. Photo: Screenshot_2014-11-08-19-55-00-1.png

    Name: Jamie Veil
    Name pronunciation: Jay-me
    Alias/Nickname: Jay (but rather be called Jamie)
    Gender: Male
    D.O.B: November 25
    Age: 19
    Role: Ringleader/Ringmaster
    Sexuality: asexual
    Blood type: O+
    Ethnics: Italian

    Hair color: Platinum
    Hair Style: Longish with short layers
    Eye color: Blue
    Body Type: masculine
    Height: 6'5
    Weight: 180

    Markings: On his back he has a burn mark. On his right arm a sleeve tattoo to cover a bad burn mark.
    Personality: Quite, Mysterious, Calm, Laid back, kinda. He is not all that bad just isn't the type to talk unless spoken to.
    Stereo Type: Loner

    Family History: As a young child his family,mainly his father, tried to light him on fire many time. Even now the reason is unsure. His mother saw nothing but disappointment in her only son simply because he didn't like cross dressing and acting like the daughter she would never have. His mother was never suppose to have children and nearly died giving birth to him. Because of that she got her uterus taken out and turned her son into a doll. His father was just one who found enjoyment in other peoples pain so you could only image what he did to his child.

    Personal History: At 9 years old he ran away from home. He lived on the streets for about a year and managed just fine. Well that was until the black market kidnapped and enslaved him. For 3 years he was pushed around and sold for labor and as a toy. The pain and suffering was something no one would want to go through but somehow he managed. After 3 years ,when he was 13, the circus bought him. From their he was trained to be a trappeze artist. Seeing as he quickly caught on an didn't have motivation to fight anymore he rises through the ranks. His last and final position of ringmaster. In front of the crowd they see him as the one that runs the show. Only that is far from the truth.

    However he does call the shots but gets orders straight from the 'owners', which none of the other have meet or seen.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Sable Rose
    Name pronunciation: Say-bell
    Alias/Nickname: Bell (A name which she does not mind. It was given to her because of the bell she carries to get the animals attentions, so you can usually know where she is or if she is coming because you will be able to hear the sound of a ringing bell.)
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: July 11th
    Age: 18
    Role: Beast Tamer
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Blood type: AB+
    Ethnics: She is a mutt that consist of mainly French and Chinese blood.

    Hair color: Her hair is a bright magenta color now, but her natural color is black.
    Hair Style: Long and playfully wavy.
    Eye color: She wears pink colored contacts. Her eyes are naturally brown.
    Body Type: Her body itself is very thin and frail looking, almost to an unhealthy size.
    Height: 5,5
    Weight: 115

    Markings: She has quite a few scars and scratch marks on her body.
    Personality: She is quite energetic but also mature. Around humans on a more individual basis she seems distant, curious, but also cautioned. In a more stage like present she seems very calm, adventurous, and has a pretty mysterious stage presence. However; to people she is close to she is known to be quite motherly, generally happy, and kind of a ditz.
    Stereo Type: The wild type.

    Family History: Sable is the result of a night of romance between a European traveler and a Chinese young lady who was looking for a way to get out of the endlessly mundane life she was living. Because of this fact, Sable has never met her father. She did not even know her mother for too long either. Because Sable was a child out of wedlock, Sable and her mother were sent out of the house, a banishment. Sable and her mother lived a very poor life for a bit, moving far away from their old home, until Sable's mother got sick and died. Sable has always been searching for her father in her heart, but not openly. She does not really remember any of her other relatives.

    Personal History: After Sable's mother died, Sable lived on the streets for a bit. She traveled around, looking for a home but having no family to go too. Most adults treated her with no kindness. The only people who did treat her with kindness were other stray animals. Because of this, she treats all animals with kindness. She does not treat humans poorly, just not as well as she treats animals. She was eventually taken in by the circus and since she knew the wild nature of animals so well, she was able to help train them. Unlike a lot of people, Sable actually likes it when animals are taken in by the circus. From the way she sees it, they are being given a home, and no matter how badly they are treated in the circus they would be treated worse on the streets. She gets to know the behavior of animals so well that she can get them to do whatever she wants. She even imitates them at points. She has jumped through a flaming hoop before to convince a tiger that he would be fine.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Sophia Ivchenko
    Name pronunciation: (So-FEE-a) (IV-chen-ka)
    Alias/Nickname: Ink
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: December 3
    Age: 16
    Role: Aerial Contortionist
    Sexuality: straight
    Blood type: AB
    Ethnics: Russian with some German

    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Hair Style: Short but part of the front section is a little longer than the rest
    Eye color: Green
    Body Type: Thin
    Height: 5ft, 4in
    Weight: 125lbs

    Markings: Scars from fights she been in. There are 4 scars on each side of her hips, a few short scars on her stomach, and longer scars along her back.

    Personality: adaptable, independent, protective, analytic, reserved or timid of other.
    Stereo Type: The Quiet Artistic Type

    Family History: Sophia was the first born out of three kids and was slowly forgotten. After having two brothers all the attention went to them she tried to gain their attention. With Sophia being young and flexible she would show her parents small tricks. How she wasn't afraid of heights or how she could fold into the small suitcase they had. Her parents were astounded by her talent and her dare devil spirit. Sophia thought she had made a place in their hearts and nothing would ever change that. Well it all changed when she was just about 8 years old. Her younger brother had gotten terribly sick with Leukemia. The family wasn't rich so everyone had to pull their own weight. Sacrifices were made and that meant sacrifices for Sophia. She had to eat less and deal with the idea that the brothers would be treated a little better. Her parents would tell her all of the time there wasn't a favorite but she knew there was. Cutting costs and working extra jobs wasn't helping and decided to put Sophia to work. At first they tried making money by treating her like a side show act. Allowing her to contort her body into odd positions or even had her tight rope at large heights. The level of confidence and willingness to push the envelope. Her brother was getting sicker and the money from her acts wasn't enough to pay for the treatments.

    Sophia's parents didn't know what to really do. After another act with little to give them came a man who believed she was perfect for his needs. He sat the parents down and offered a good amount of cash for her. At first they were reluctant to give her away but it boiled down to who was important to them and that was their son. While Sophia was cleaning up and waiting for them to finish talking they came and gave her a bag with some clothes and turned their backs on her. She didn't understand and begged for them to change their mind but it was already made. She was sold to a man to become a drug mule.

    Personal History: As soon as she was bought she was put into a cage with four other women. It was small, cramp and food was scarce between them. The oldest believed she deserved the food and if you so dare keep a morsel of your portion away from her you'd regret it. Sophia had to learn the hard way which resulted in multiple fights with the girl. Work was something she sadly looked forward to. It meant getting away from the women locked in the cage and it meant seeing daylight. Even for a brief second. The gang leader used her by putting her in suitcases while she was full of whatever drug that needed to be carried. Getting it out was harder. Some people demanded it as soon as the girl arrived which mean using force so she could vomit the bags. For years she spent her life this way and dearly wished for a way out.

    By the age of 14 the leader noticed Sophie could contort her body and had kept her flexibility for all of these years. He even had her preform for him just to get extra food, but the leader couldn't deny his lust for the girl. He wanted to take Sophia under his wing and keep her as a personal toy. At first being taken out of the cage and given a warm bed and hot food to eat. She was grateful and still naive at the time. Sophia believed that the leader was simply wanting to be kind but didn't think there was a price. A price of being his toy. After a year of torment, beatings and mental abuse she was beginning to crack. One night the leader had gotten drunk with his crew and came back to his room for a little extra fun. Sophia did the unthinkable and tried to kill her master. She took his dagger and gave him a few good stabbings and ran out. When the other's figured what had happened they were too late. Sophia was free, but without a form of shelter and it wasn't easy. Stealing was the only option she had to eat, but it didn't take long for her to be snatched up again. This time it was a circus. There was food and shelter but for a price. This price was doable since it wasn't the last one she paid.
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  11. Name: Junak Acinger

    Alias/Nickname: Spot

    Name pronunciation: Yoo-nawk Aht-zeen-gair

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: As a younger boy, Junak has a soft, rounded face with large, innocent-looking eyes. Long, dark brown hair clings to itself in matted locks, reaching to his chin and often hiding his face unless he brushes it out of the way. His olive complexion doesn't burn easily, but a family history of vitiligo hasn't left him untouched. (See markings.)

    D.O.B: April 3rd

    Age: 13

    Role: A member of the freak show, advertised as "Spot, the Boy Raised by Dogs." The tagline isn't true of course, but he does exhibit some oddly dog-like mannerisms from time to time, and exaggerates them for the show. Though much of what the public sees is an over-the-top version of his real behavior, in secret he has the ability to speak to animals with a form of telepathy. Only Junak and the beast can hear the conversation.

    Sexuality: Straight so far, but he's just 13. He doesn't have much figured out yet.

    Blood type: B

    Ethnics: Junak, as suggested by his name for anyone in the know, is almost entirely of Croatian descent.

    Hair color: Dark brown

    Hair Style: Chin-length

    Eye color: Blue, but they look faded, with a dark ring around the outside of the iris.

    Body Type: Thin, simply by virtue of not eating enough while at the circus.

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 79 lbs.

    Markings: Vitiligo is a skin disease in which the body's producers of melanin -- the stuff that gives your skin, among other things, its color -- stop working properly. Though it's not immediately obvious at a glance, there are large patches of Junak's skin that are a much lighter color than the surrounding areas. These patches are mostly focused on his face and arms, and the disease is where his nickname comes from.

    Personality: Most people say Junak can be a bit of a downer, way beyond his years. He wishes things could go back to the way they used to be, before he came to the circus, but that's just not an option. That said, he loves glory and attention, so at least there's that.

    Stereo Type: Loner

    Family History: Junak's parents emigrated out from Croatia as soon as they learned that they were going to have a baby. Even though they weren't very well off, they gave their son the best life they could afford, spoiling him with all kinds of toys and treats. It was absolutely imperative that Junak grew up not having to worry about money. Their marriage was strained by their financial troubles, however, and culminated in disaster when Junak's father got in a severe drunk driving accident, passing away in the hospital hours later. Heartbroken, Junak's mother committed suicide, leaving her only son to fend for himself.

    Personal History: Junak always identified more with dogs than people. His parents couldn't possibly afford a puppy on top of their son, but they took him to the local park, where he was often allowed to play with the dogs being walked there. After his parents passed away, he spent a lot of time in that park, taking whatever scraps of food he could and seeking company from the dogs he saw day in and day out. It was from one of the dog-walkers there that he got the idea to join the circus. It's a hard life, especially for a prepubescent boy, but he gets food and shelter, so it's better than living on his own.
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  12. If their are any qustions let me know okay?
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  13. Okay well we have enough that we can start but keep in mind new players will be allowes.
  14. Photo:(without the bunny ears) [​IMG]

    Name:Kaida Yeager
    Name pronunciod: kai-da
    D.O.B:June 19
    Role: knife thrower
    Sexuality: straight
    Blood type:O-

    Hair color: light pink
    Hair Style: long straight and curl up a little at the end
    Eye color:red
    Body Type: thin

    Markings: Kaida have a dagger shape birthmark on her right hand and a cut on her left cheek
    Personality:cold, independent,short tempered,quite,nice, daredevil but to most people she seems emotionless
    Stereo Type:Loner

    Family History: Kaida's parents loved travel with Kaida and her twin sister.When they was in Florida both of her parent die in a accident. Both of her parent die 30 minutes later. Leaving Kaida and her sister together. Her sister left after she was going to the store. Her sister body was find in a ditch. Kaida's sister dead by someone chocking and raped her. Leaving Kaida alone for a long time.

    Personal History: Kaida watched her parents die in the accident , when she was 3 years old with her twin sister.Kaida and her sister live alone together. Until one day her sister left to get something and didn't come back. When kaida went for a walk.She found her sister body in the ditch.When she was 5 years old.She had to bury her own sister. Kaida wants to kill to person who killed her sister. So when she was 7 years old. She throw daggers and knifes at things. Kaida learn that she had a very good aim and she could hit a targets with her eyes closed. So she had a idea to join the circus.


    Name:Toma Josher
    Name pronunciation: Toe-ma
    D.O.B:March 19
    Role:Fire dancer
    Blood type:B+

    Hair color:blonde
    Hair Style: short and stops at the neck
    Eye color:gold with a little green
    Body Type:masculine

    Markings: A heart shape birthmark on his right cheek
    Stereo Type:Loner

    Family History:Never had a Family

    Personal History:Toma was a orphan. Until he was 8 years old. He ran away from the orphan and live on the street for a long time. He found a house and live in it. To him that was his home and show a poster for the circus and start to learn how to do things with fire . So he wanted to join the circus.
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  15. Go back and look at some things like name pronunciation. Toma doesn't sound like flames. It be Toe-Ma
  16. Um...? Name pronunciation means how you say it.
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  17. Reserve puppet and puppeteer, I'm going to bed but I would love do to the pair!
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  18. Well you heard the lady!