Cirque du gothique (Gothic Circus)

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  1. Plot (open)

    Welcome to the dark fantasy Cirque du gothique. This story is basicly about a dark circus. All who are here are not here because they want to be more or leas its because they have no where else to go. Living conditions are harsh and most are beaten if not done what told. Let's just say its not all fun and games. Though some will say they like the particular job they don't like how the higher up treat their workers. All will agree that this is their inescapable fate.

    Jamie looked at the mirror and sighed. It was that time again. Time for their last preformance in a particular city or town. His platinum hair was straight around his porcine face. He pulled on his red top hat with a corset design and stood up tying his wipe to his side. "Well he goes nothing." He muttered putting on a smile, which was of course fake. He wore red and blackattire to match his hat. Black lace up boots to match his black button down shirt under his red coat. He was the type of man depending on the clothing you put him in would depend the sex he looked.
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  2. The crowd was getting quiet as they waited for the ring leader to come out and greet them. It just another faceless crowd to her, nothing special. While Jay greeted the crowd to get the show rolling Sophia was sitting in front of a mirror putting on make-up for the show. She took a deep breath and closed the make-up case. Sophie was wearing her black and white buttoned up vest with a pair of black shorts and lace stockings. The simpler the outfit the easier it is for others to see her body move and contort. It also makes the performance easy on her when she's up in the air. While she waited for her usual cue Sophie stretched herself and made sure there wasn't anything that would hurt during her performance.
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  3. Jamie made his way center stage. The busy sound of the crowd grew loud then quite once the lights dimmed to a black. He stands center of the ring and cracks his whip against the floor. The same time you hear the crack of the whip lights spotted him. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! I humbly welcome you to Cirque due gothique. Before we start the show we ask you to turn off anything that might distract others or startle the animals. Also we do appreciate if you would not throw food or feed animals." He says with a friendly smile "now without further ado I welcome Sophie."
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  4. In some off area waiting for her turn to shine, the lovely beast tamer Sable was cuddling with her favorite tiger. Her name was Monica. Sable did not name this tiger, when they had bought Monica she had already been given a name by the previous owner. This did not matter, Sable liked the name Monica. Sable probably should have been getting ready just about now. The show had started and both their ring leader and a girl named Sophie started the performances. Sable was just after Sophie. For whatever reason, the circus heads bunched all of the performers with S names together. Sable was already in costume, but Monica was not. So she started to get up and put Monica in costume. Monica acted like a pampered princess as Sable dressed her. This made Sable giggle. Monica had quite a personality.
  5. Jamie walks back to the dressing rooms. Sable was next so he walked to her dressing room. He guessed she would be with Monica so walked towards the cages. "Your up next Sable. Make sure everything is ready." He says watching her dress the tiger.
  6. The show was starting and others were getting prepared for their acts. Tonight she was starting first and needed to make sure the cloth straps was going to drape today. Last time they couldn't because one was torn while moving so no aerial tricks. It was the fun part about her role, to fly about in different forms before leaving in the small suitcase she was strolled in and out of. Sophia got into the suitcase and had it zipped before her name was called. Once it was her cue Sophia was lowered down to start the show.

    With the spotlight narrowed on the suitcase she unzipped herself and untangled for all to see. As long as the idea of people watching was far from her mind she could do the show without a problem. Sophia continued the show allowing others to see the odd ways her body could bend before climbing up the cloth straps high above the ground. It was another night for her, people oohing and aahing as she preformed. Her favorite was scaring them when she pretended to slip and fall but catching herself in the end. With that some would scream other would close their eyes and some simply couldn't look away. But they always clapped when her performance was over as she climbed back into the suitcase and had it carried away.

    Finally out of the spotlight Sophia was able to relax a little. Her performance went well and that was all that mattered.
  7. She listened and nodded as the ring leader warned her about being up next. Once Monica was all dressed and pretty, Sable stood up and held a loose grip around Monica's leash.

    "I'm sure, I was just trying to get a little time with Monica in before the show. I'll head out now when they need me." She says with a slight smile and then confidently starts walking in the performance waiting area. She took this opportunity to watch Sophia in her act. She always admired how well Sophia could work with her own body, it was absolutely amazing in Sable's eyes.

    Once the claps sounded that Sophia was done, Sable made the signal for Monica to run out all wild like. This always gave the crowd a bit of a shock. It was to make things seem like a tiger was on the run, when Sable would then run out and they had dance like move to follow. Sable had a baton that she would wave around to make Monica do multiple tricks and jumps. Monica would jump through flaming hoops, over pools of water, and around all sorts of hazards. It was always a fun performance, especially for the children who loved animals.

    Once she was done and the crowd had had enough, Sable performed the last trick with Monica. Every hazard Monica would go through, Sable would follow. Then they ran off the center stage and back to the behind the scenes area. Monica had done well, so Sable rewarded her tiger with treats and neck scratches.

    "Good job, Monica!"
  8. "Well it seems your gentle hand has calmed her. I remember when I was the anime tamer. She was cub and did as I asked but she wasn't to friendly with anyone really. Though most would say she was with me. Then again she knew I was the trainer. She has a nice juice steak in her cage waiting for her." He laughs lightly before waving them off. Jamie was not really a mean person but he could be.
  9. Sable was out doing her performance and was doing quite well. Monica really liked her and it showed. Some nights Sophia would watch the act and her favorite part was the beginning. Having Monica chase her as if the tiger had gotten loose would always scare the audience. They would really believe the tiger had gotten loose and was ready to maul the tamer herself. But it's always fun to scare the audience, giving them a jolt after being mesmerized by the act. It made her chuckle, the few times you could actually her chuckle since she was a bit quiet.
  10. Sable listened to the praise that she got from the different circus workers, laughing slightly at Jamie's comment. Trying to brag did not impress Sable. She was most impressed by the lovely Monica that did quite well this show. It was their last in this town, so as a reward Sable was going to give her a nice juicy stake. Monica did love those, as Jamie joked.

    "Well weren't you a good girl today, Monica?" she said happily, leading her tiger back to her resting area. Sable then got a nice treat for her beautiful tiger, tossing it her way and then clapping as Monica caught it.

    "Bravo! Bravo!" She cheered. Sable always believed that animals responded well to praise, like children or most human beings.
  11. George watched his sister powder up her face and made herself look beautiful, he grinned at her. This was their first real show after being captured by the circus and they didn't want to disappoint. George and Maddie didn't love the fact they were forced in this place but it wasn't exactly worse where they were before this. Maddie smiled up at her brother and stuck her tongue out at him, he chuckled and shook his head. The pair moved closer to the stage, Maddie had the strings tied to her wrists, ankle, and waist. The strings were detachable, and tied to a cross that was big enough that George would have t use two hands just to hold it. "Do you think we will be next George?"

    He smiled and patted her head, "I'm sure we will be up soon. Don't worry Maddie we will do great I just know it, we are active with the crowd and your beautiful so we should do well."
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  12. Kaida sits down in a chair sharping her daggers "wonder when I will go on " she sigh and point the tip of the dagger making her finger bleed a little then lick the blood and touch the cut on her right cheek.

    Toma plays with fire a bit and spins some fire around his fingers without burning his fingers.
  13. Jamie was lowered down from the top of the stage on a giant ring. "Up next ladies and gentalmen we have Maddie and George!" He calls with a smile. He spun around in the hoop before falling off and grabbing the hoop. He threw the ring up and it fell around hi causing flames. That was when he vanished off stage.
  14. Angel listened from the performers prepping area. Sounds like a big crowd, "Hope the new act isn't intimidated by the customers," he says to no one in particular. He's busy making sure he looks fabulous, dusting off his outfit and tightening all his straps. Except for the ones that are supposed to be loose. He listens to cheers for the first two acts, as he styles his hair. He grins sharply and winks at his reflection, "Such a fetching young man. I wonder if he's busy after the show?" He puts on his hat and spins away from the mirror to get his gloves, the final piece of his ensemble. "I'm sure they'll be fine," he answers his previous question.
  15. Angel watched Kaida and Toma from atop a stack of crates. He had one leg dangling over side, and the other was bent between his crossed arms and his chest. He smiled to himself for a few seconds before he spoke, "So Kaida, you ready to stick me with a couple of those?" He tilted his head and gave her a lopsided grin, shuffling a deck of playing cards.
  16. (Sorry my watched thing never said anyone posted!)

    George smiled and Maddie was behind him, the light shinned on the two and Maddie pretended to be a doll being dragged behind George. A small ooo was heard, he bowed and went up stairs and tugged on the strings. Maddie smiled brightly as she was swung around doing dance's that made her swirl around until she paused over a small group of men. They laughed and pushed one guy forward which places a small kiss on Maddie's lips. She shuddered slightly but took off her strings and grabbed the guy drawing him onto the stage. They started to ballroom dance, they shared loving glaces and when the clock first struck 2pm she started to become stiff. She ran for her strings and attached them again as the last chime chimed and she pretended to be a puppet again, the crowd clapped and whooped as George came down the stairs and bowed.

    He smiled and dragged her along again until they were off stage, Maddie turned and touched up her make-up. They would have their booth up when the main circus was done trying to earn side money. The pair left and headed outside setting up their tent and the two small puppet.
  17. Dourado Viganna hissed happily in her friend Brare's face. Dourado's excitement had her shaking, but she needed to calm down for the act to seem legitimate. Brare then took her slender, bronze fingers and scratched Dourado's chin making kissy faces. Young Viganna gave Brare a big, toothy grin and closed her eyes trying to relax. This calmed the massive snake's nerves and Brare whispered soothingly, "That's my girl. Now, it's time to shine."

    Just then Brare tossed the rather large and intimidating viper outward from the shadows into a massive screaming crowd. Dourado landed in the isle on the steps of the circus ring, joyously terrified fans squirming on either side to give her room. Dourado worked the crowd by occasionally lunging at the braver fans trying to hold fast and stay in their seats.

    Brare quietly waited for her cue sneaking to the other side of the stadium where she would make her entrance. Brare went completely unnoticed because of the spectacle her beloved old friend was making. The lights dimmed, and the music became slower and almost sinister sounding with a hint of tropical witch doctor-esque tones for effect. Not a minute later the spot lights found her and Dourado. Brare's hips began to sway and Dourado started mirroring her movements, dancing to the wild music. The idea was not to charm the snake tonight, but to charm the people staring.

    Brare and Dourado were beautiful. They both appeared golden in the low brilliance of the yellow lights that shined from above and despite their elegant yet exotic tribal dance the snake and snake charmer resembled the solid gold idols of Brazilian temples.
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  18. Jamie did as he always did while others preformed. He had stayed off to the side and watched the crowd and the performer. He had to make sure it was a succses. If it wasn't the masters which none see will be up his ass since he was the image of in charge. "Times like these I'd rather be a camar tamer." He muttered.
  19. "Alright, Quil," Aquila muttered to herself, Latin accent strong, "Your up soon. Be ready. Prepare yourself. Water escape last." She murmured, pacing. She clutched the small bear close to her chest, fearing to let go. She was the Escapist. She had been forced into this by some bastards, of course. But none of that mattered now. What mattered was pleasing the crowd. The ringleader, Jay. The higher ups.
  20. Birdie was sitting ontop of a platform high above the ring. She was smiling happily being in the air was her life. Birdie touched her top hat that was securely atop her head. Her white hair was short and whisping looking like feathers. Her red eyes looked for Jay in the darkness