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  1. So, I've gotten slightly nostalgic, and since The Saga of Darren Shan is one of my favorite book series, I have come to the conclusion that there should be an rp based around Vampire Mountain and such.

    Basically, it would take the ending of the 12th book, where Darren changed the timeline to where he never even went to the Cirque du Freak and subsequently saved Mr. Crepsley. It would be based around the same time the first book took place, when everyone was still alive. Characters could be vampaneze or vampires, or something else if they had a good idea with it. The storyline could be anything. On a different website, I once did a roleplay like this, but most of the people had never read even the first book.

    I'm not asking for everyone to read the entire series, but there will probably be spoilers if not. Maybe. But in the roleplay, it quickly got really crazy.

    The roleplay would stick heavily to the customs and traditions of the vampires and vampaneze as seen in the books. As such, there wouldn't be many females in either of the clans, and if there were, they would be a lot like Arra Sails. Vampaneze would always kill when they feed, vampires would be very honor-oriented, and during Council, everyone would be participating. Unless you're Kurda. If that's the case, I'll tell you to die at the same moment I hug you.

    We'd be using OCs, but occasionally one or more of us could play a canon character in order to create the plot, like Mr. Tiny screwing around with destiny again or Evanna giving cryptic advice to everyone.

    As a fair warning, there would be death, violence, and drinking, not necessarily in that order.

    Is anyone interested? I think I would be.
  2. Very much so! I read the entire series, oh god, I think two years ago now. I loved the whole thing though and it was actually what got me interested in vampires to begin with. Then because of it I had to read the Demonata books and fell in love with demons, even if I don't play much of either in Role Plays.
    Count me in ^^ and sorry if my memory isn't so sharp. If I remember correctly, Arra Sails is the girl Darren fought on that pole in front of a group of Vampires inside the mountain. Kurda is... gah... that grotesque, reincarnated guy who became his friend? But he had two names. Mr. Tiny is of course Desmond while he also has an either elder or younger brother who runs the Cirque. Evanna is that witch woman, I believe, who also gave Crepsley those scars.
    I think.
  3. You remember correctly, except for Kurda. He was the guy near the Lake of Souls, who was all crazy and whatnot, but he was also a vampire in the Mountain whotried to make vampires and vampaneze get back together, but was seen as a traitor when he killed Gavner. He was Darren's friend, but when his motives were made clear after he killed Gavner, and was almost made a Prince, Darren returned to the Mountain to expose his deeds. He was executed and that was why he was sent to the Lake of Souls, because he didn't die honorably. And with Mr. Tiny, he had children, not a brother. His children were Evanna and Mr. Tall, who were bred with vampire blood and a wolf.

    But I'm glad that someone's interested :D I read the first book so long ago, lol. But after I read Cirque du Freak, I read the Demonata series and loved that too. About a year ago I picked up Shan's newest book, The Thin Executioner, and fell in love with it too. However, I've yet to read the book that came out last fall, Zom-B.

    Hopefully we can get more people interested in this, or we could just do it as a one x one. :D
  4. Right! Got it, got it XD Then at the Lake of Souls, Mr. Tiny brought Kurda back as *googles name* Harkat, who then went back there with Darren. They found Kurda, already dead but inside of the water enduring torture, but one of them had to die (Harkat or Kurda) because they were actually the same person. It gets a bit sketchy concerning him after that. ><' Right. Mental corrections have been made!

    I never got to read the Thin Executioner... My dad saying that I had already borrowed enough books from my friends to last a life time, although none of them had that saga yet, he sadly went against my want to buy the books. I absoultely love the finale with the Demonata, making it in the top 5 for favourite book series. It was just so creative and unexpected!

    Hopefully ^^ Both are totally fine with me.
  5. I'd be interested too. I've read the Saga (even own the books so I have a reference if I forget something).
  6. I've read a few a while back but I'd still like to give it a shot!
  7. Okay, that's fine! I think if we get one or two more people to join, we'll be good to go!
  8. Since no one else has expressed interest, I think I can begin the thread. Unfortunately, I will not have time to do so until late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Please be patient!
  9. Here is the link to the OOC thread!