Cirque de Monstres

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Are you weak stomached and sensitive hearted?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

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  4. I love animals and bunnies and flowers and.... Sensitive.

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  1. Ok so I'm basically taking this from an old website I used to play on.... Here: WELCOME, Ladies, Gentleman, both, neither! Welcome to the Cirque de Monstres! We have some very, very special people here! All of them will perform tricks and possible blow your mind! They all have abilities beyond what you can imagine! Just think; Vampires , Werewolves, Ninjas, Aliens, anything! They're all here! This isn't like the other circus "freak" shows. We don't beat out entertainers and force them here. They can roam free and live lives! Let me warn you; this show is not for people with weak stomachs or sensitive hearts! This show is not for small children, unless they don't get nightmares... So come one, come all, see my Cirque de Monstres! And you never know who will be in it or what will happen....
  2. Releasing control art restriction systems level three, level two, situation A release level one. The Cromwell invication is now in effect. Hold release until the target had been silenced. Now I'll show you how real vampires do battle!
  3. Sorry, just had to pull that out of thin air. Lol. You now have a vampire in your show. ^.^
  4. Smart. *=needed!
    Character Skelly:
    How are you a freak?:
    *What is your act?:
    Personality (opt.):
    History (opt.):
  5. RULES:
    1- don't be a jerk. Unless your character is a jerk. Don't be an OOC jerk.
    2- you will get warnings until I'm sick of you face.... Or profile photo, really, and don't like how your acting /not following rules.
    3- no god modding! Obviously.
    4- if your actually reading the riles write "the loli is the ruler of all" in either your skelly, starter post, or something in between.
    5- have fun! It's mandatory! But that information is beyond your security level. Time to die. *pew*
    6- I felt like adding another rule to feel powerful.
    7- follow Iwaku's rules.
    8- I AM THE OWNER. I will give you warnings! Don't be a jerk!
  6. *Name: Alucard
    *Age: unknown
    *Appearance: alucard.gif
    How are you a freak?: I'm a vampire.
    *What is your act?: Hypnosis
    , defying death, and Marksmanship
    Personality (opt.):You'll
    find out.
    History (opt.): Too long
    of a story to tell.
    *Weapons: A Casuel long slide and the jackal.
    (the loli is the ruler of all)
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    OOC Madison: pshhhh.... That guy looks like a jerk.
    OOC Darla: *whispers to Madison: he's hot....*
    OOC Madison: NOPE!
  8. Me: I think they like you... Accepted <3
  9. (I look forward to the start of this rp. ^.^)
  10. I'll work on a character.
  11. *Name: Amethyst
    *Age: 1,265 years old, appears 22
    *Gender: Female
    *Appearance: images-17.jpeg
    How are you a freak?: she is a mermaid/Siren
    *What is your act?: Aquabatics
    Personality (opt.): TBA
    History (opt.): was captured when she was young and raised among scientists. She joined the circus to escape being experimented on.
    *Weapons: Seductive music and long fangs
  12. Woah. How awesome. Accepted !!!
  13. Name: Jack
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male(?)
    How are you a freak?: He's a living Jack-o-Lantern
    What is your act?: He can breath fire and remove his head
    Personality (opt.): He's very strange, having a unique view in most things
    History (opt.): After a group of young kids were killed while carving pumpkins, it's thought their souls became trapped inside a Jack-Lantern one of them had carved, they say the souls of all the kids are inside of it, and anyone who dies nearby is absorbed into him too, the more souls he absorbs the brighter his flame can burn and the more intense the fire he can breath becomes (Starts with 25 souls)
    Weapons: Fire Breath, Sickles
    (The loli is the ruler of all...forgot to add that...hehe)
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  14. *Name: Jeppetto
    *Age: 25
    *Gender: Male
    How are you a freak?:
    Explained within History, he was made a freak. All that can be claimed now, is that, he's not, human anymore..

    *What is your act?: Controls a mirror house, capable of creating false realities within the mirror realm. As well as this, helps run a small amount of the food stands. As well as this, he is capable of defying death, as well lifting large amounts of weights, almost and if not inhuman amounts at that. He is also a source ofthe small marry-go-roud, powering that with his physical strength, a small station below such a machine for him to operate and make the machine spin.

    Personality (opt.): Strange, all that is known at this time. Is that he doesn't talk, his apperance seeming only to entertain. Upon breaktime, he'd just, sit there, staring in a frozen pose as he could be just dazed or thinking much within his own mind.

    History (opt.): Jeppetto was once within a strange place, known as the doll house. Run by a mad man, he was kidnapped at the age of only 3, mutated, forged with sewing and limbs, adding and taking muscles as he was created to be his own personal weapon. He soon would continuously be brainwashed to this man being his father. As this occured, soon these "dolls" or other people kidnapped, revolted. Teenagers untouched, only to be looked at and admired, killing the man after placing Jeppetto into an unconscious state from a stale, poisoned food and a large rock to the side of his head. He woke up later, to the appearance of a dead man and police officers suddenly aiming pistols at him, disgusted faces as they finally realized he wasn't some sculpture. He was real. They continued to look for a home for him, and soon decided to place him within such a freakshow, as he deserves to be as the monster he is.

    But what isn't known to his past is of the source of his creation. Mad man, yes, forging him together like some puppet. But as well as this, Necromancy. His body becoming a lifeles vessel, almost. He was created as such a satanic creature, now having no soul. His being is controlled by the possession of his "Father's" orders, which are, to follow orders Ironically. This is the only reason he lives at this time, only to follow orders within his home, which happens to be now known as the Circus. But as well as this, his own desires are held back, destroyed at time sby higher authorities. His lame mind fails him, not knowing he isn't allowed to create things disturbing, in front of the children he'd been ordered to entertain. But.. as well as this, his previous homes have held incidents as well, which have been kept secret for the sake of the children and others.

    *Weapons: As seen within the picture, he wields a large sword, within the shape of a massive knife, and a helmet to protect his head. His body carries a very high pain tolerance, however. Helping him with his slow, lame attacks and weak armor apparel.

    (Loli is the ruler of all! Hoorah!)
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