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  1. I stepped out onto the stage. "Welcome, one and all, to the Grand Re-opening of Cirque De Monstres! The last owner, Sam, unfortunately had to leave. Along with the..." I counted on my fingers... "I'd say five or so freaks that were left. I am Madison! I hope you enjoy our show. If your lucky enough, one of my beautiful Monstres may come out of their tents after the show!" I chuckled. That What's-her-name vampire HATED it when I said that, because boys thought she was cute and they tried to peek through her tent at her last circus. With Sam, she never said that. Darla had come back to the circus after Sam and the others left. "Now! Let's get this show started, shall we?" I boomed and the crowd cheered.

    I was FUMING. MAD. She said it! After DAYS of asking her not to she DID IT ! Those boys will be peeking again! Oh well. I needed to practice with my poor little baby. He missed Lycus.... And Charolette who was always so nice to him! I hugged him. "I miss them too. But I had to leave. When they left, I felt it was my responsibility to come back with a new ringmaster! I could have killed them though. You remember. You were there. I almost killed Lycus." I started crying. Lycus was my ex. I had decided to leave. Charolette was my ex BFF, I guess. Madison stormed in, beaming. "OK MY MONSTRES, GET READY ! Darla, your First Act tonight." She laughed and I glared, then took my bat in. Waiting for the others to crowd to the tent where they could see before stepping to the stage.

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  2. Alucard set in his almost throne like high backed chair with a wine glass filed with blood in one hand and his orange sunglasses sitting on a table next to the chair. He was in fact wondering how he got roped into the circus gig when he was hunting his own kind for the head of the hellsing organization. But all the same, he waited for his turn to get on stage and show what he could do.
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  3. Backstage Amadahy was waiting for her turn together with the other acts. But instead of dwindling around she took care of the last little things that were neccesary to put on a goos show. While brushing the last bit of dust from her horse she looked at her sister. Ayita was doing nothing as usual, though she seemed strangely interested in the showcurtains. Amadahy sighed and stopped brushing the horse for the moment. "Ayita, shouldn't you get ready? You don't even have your show outfit on." Ayita looked up from her mind game called shall-I-burn-the-tent-or-not and smiled at her big sister. "You should just mind your pets, your kitty is trying to run off." She pointed towards a big black cat with red eyes who tried to get out of it's temporary cage. The woman just tossed a small snack in the cage and it started to behave. With that over with she glared at her little sister. "Get ready, NOW." Ayita put her hands up as if she gave up. "Okay, okay. Just give me a sec." Fire sparked from her hands and with a fluent movement of her arms she burnt away her own clothes and replaced it with her show outfit. "Done. Happy now? Or shall I give you a show outfit too?" With flames in her hand she came closer to her sister. "Don't you dare. I'm going for a calm look today and flames would ruin it." With a big bright smile she dashed to her sister. "TOO LATE!" But instead of getting closer to her sister she got too close to the horse. With a swipe of the horse's tail did Ayita fall on the ground. A second later Amadahy was floating above her. "I warned you, now that you have your outfit on and calmed down just look at the act that is performed now." "Fine." With a grumble Ayita stood up and walked to the curtains to look at the act. Amadahy turned around facing the other circus members. "Excuse me once again for the wild behaviour of my sister." With that said she went back to taking care of the animals.
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  4. (Good enough for me....!)
    I chuckled. What a sucker. HAHA! LITERALLY! I'M HILARIOUS!!!! Whatever. I stood by the flame Monstres, unable to recall her name, and peeked out at the thousand year old leach, which she told me someone called her that and she despised greatly. So I call her that. I peeked out at her show, anyways , and was pleasantly surprised.

    I glared at the audience, and the lights went dim. My glare turned to a dark smirk as I looked at all the people. I went in performance mode and chuckled to myself. "Fly." I told my bat and he started to fly. "Divebomb." I thought, directing my thoughts at him, and he did. He scared the living daylights out of the people he tumbled down at. It was quite amusing. Eventually I jingled my bracelets and he came back. I let him perch on my shoulder and he knew what to do. He bit into my arm and I shuddered. I always looked forward to this part, but hated it. The feeling of blood. Or rather, the loss of blood. I wonder what vampire victims feel like. But the shock on the audience's face just makes me grin evilly.

    (Ok, the thousand year old leach thing. On the original CDM, Darla's BF got taken over by a shadow... Ninja... Thing. And he started making fun of her, saying she thought he thought she was cute, but she was really a thousand year old leach. Plus it's annoying because she's actually 900. So.... There.)
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  5. Then, finally, Jeppetto would move, as a scraping of metal screached his story upon the floor of the circus.

    Every step, powerful weight was given out as a sound, a heavy, low tone as his feet met with the ground. His long, enormous sword was brought to attention, dragging behind him as he held it like a child and his father's hand, eager to go somewhere. But what stood out mostly, was the mast. Although his body was covered from rusted blood and dirt, the mask as such a dark and sinister representation stood tall. His body only moved a few seconds, freezing in place as one would dare come up to see him. Although the child looked to Jeppeto with strange interest, he had nothing but hatred for the pup. Even then, thoughts rushed through his head, to do the unthinkable. Kill again. He imagined at least thirty different scenarios on how he would end such a life as this child's.

    But as he came back into the real world from this strange, dark place, the child was gone. This allowed him to continue, his body slowly moving, spazzing out at times his arms would during the process. This was only the life of such a freak, torn apart and put back together to be a weapon. Now look upon him, a waste of his life, a ruined soldier. A soldier to a father. Oh how he would mourn over his father's death over and over again. He took another step, yanking the blade forward once more. How long had it been? Years? Tens of years even? He saw the other "Entertainers" for these people in the perifial view of his side eye, but paid it no mind, only to freeze in place.

    But then again, there would be a strange feeling. Something, someone with power, darkness even. Was it that man in the stunning suit, red like blood? Or was it that pumpkin man who he had watched endlessly during his time of pause from the real world? He didn't know, but froze in place as if he were to swing his sword, a monument of sorts as he waited for eyes to leave his place in the world. The world he didn't belong in.
  6. Misster. V lazed about on Jorgun's Homunculus shoulders. He tapped his right arm and Jorgun turned so that they were facing the curtain that separated the freaks from the crowd during somebody else's act. He whistled a haunting melody, filling the mind of Jorgun, his closest listener, with images of destruction and bloodshed, madness and impossible things. His song carved lines of death through those images, but after the death, there was life again. Life that would only be followed by more monsters of immense strength, giant magpies with twelve eyes, tanks that were half panther, and spiders the size of shanties.

    Jorgun smiled happily, waiting their turn to go up and amaze the crowd.
  7. Madison: I looked around. "WHERE ARE ALL MY MONSTRES?! THE NEXT ONE UP IS THAT JOKER DUDE AND HIS FRIEND! Where are they?!" I called and frowned. The girl vampire came out and I high-fived her. "Good job, leach." I chuckled, and she looked upset.
    Darla: I hissed at Madison and ran off, tears in my eyes. She knew I hated being called that. She didn't know why... Nobody did. I summersaulted into my tent on purpose, the bat following, and I cried next to my bed, crouching over a small piece of paper... A photo.
  8. Misster. V dropped from Jorgun's shoulders and picked him up. As Jorgun was picked up, he shrank. Misster. walked over to Madison and snapped a sharp salute. "Jorgun and Misster. V reporting for duty. Sir!" He dropped the salute and grinned at her wickedly.
  9. Madison: I chuckled, "There's the spirit, Misster. V!" I glanced at Bella (ha, twilight) as she ran off and shook my head. "I don't know why she's so sensitive. Someone should check on her." I muttered aloud, so the whole tent could hear.
  10. "Do you wish for me to go on after that brute with the knife," he asks? Fiddling a coin between his fingers.
  11. Madison: "who, what? The vampire? No...!" She said, uncertain.
  12. "Jeppetto." He responds, gesturing to the long, and oddly described act the one mentioned just put on.
  13. Madison: "Oh! Haha... Yes, of course, dear!" She laughed awkwardly. She called them dear only when she messed up.
  14. Misster. V waited until Jeppetto was done with his performance. The lights over the ring went dark and the crew worked at setting it up for his next act. When the ring was ready the lights came back up and he dances out onto the stage. "Hello all you fine patrons! And even those who aren't so fine!" The crowd laughed, and he nodded. He pointed across the stage and a spot light highlighted a larger glass tank of water. He spoke up and held his tiny Jorgun aloft. "This is no ordinary doll! Watch what happens when I put it in this regular tank of water!"
    He walks over and tosses Jorgun in. Rapidly the doll starts growing and soon reaches full size. The homunculus hits the wall and the tank falls open. He steps out of it and raises his arms, trying to raise a cheer from the crowd.
  15. Jorgun raised his huge arms and threw a punch at Misster. V, who ducked and rolled away. "He doesn't like being turned into a doll!" He skips back and flips a coin at Jorgun, the coin explodes on flash of light and Jorgun roars. They spend the next few minutes fighting each other, complete with goofy sounds effects. Jorgun picks up a weight, which has a ludicrous amount of weights on it, and starts swinging it around with one hand. V lets himself get hit and goes flying into the back, and out of the big top. Jorgun bellows and jogs after him his footsteps pounding even after he leaves the tent.
  16. Misster. V runs back in, from the side, and is being chased by Jorgun, he flips a large coin and catches it. Looking at it quickly he yells, "Heads, freeze!" Jorgun stops in his tracks and the crowd ohhs as ice rapidly builds on him, soon encasing him in it. "We'll let him chill out, hopefully by the time he defrosts he'll have lost that temper." With a bow the lights go off, a crisp tink can be head and the lights come on to an empty ring.
  17. "Let a vampire deal with another vampire." Alucard said as he put his wine glass down and rose from his seat before walking to the other vampire's tent and said "get up. You are one of the Nosferatu. ignore what that human calls you. you are stronger than she is and you own the night. do not throw a fit. it is very unbecoming of a vampire."
  18. Madison: "impressive." I muttered, beaming from ear to ear. I heard Edward over there say somethin' 'bout vampires and I shrugged it off, still watching.
    Darla: I looked up when someone entered my room, clutching the photograph close to my chest with tears streaming down my face. I yelped and his behind the bed. "A-Alucard!" I gasped, recalling his name. Madison had told me all the names of those who are joining when I returned, and, unlike her, I remembered them. "Wha.... I'm not throwing a fit!" I argued and sniffled. "I TOLD her not to call me that! She doesn't know it brings back terrible memories! Now leave me alone and mind your own business! You obviously don't understand!" I hissed angrily.
  19. Misster. V waltzed around after his performance. Jorgun stood in the middle of the break room. Misster. V felt like his act neededto change, but he didn't know what to make it into. He didn't hear the arguing and vampires since, that all happened during his show.
  20. "SILENCE! This is exactly what I'm talking about. You are older and wiser than that mortal. Crying after running off. Don't tell me you aren't throwing a fit. Take this information from a much older and more powerful vampire. I also have memories that bring me pain. Memories from centuries ago. I put them beind me. Why should we who know not the restrictions of time stay stuck in the past when we have ages ahead of us?" Alucard asked with a commanding authority. "I left my servant back in England and she wanted to come with me. Someone needed to stay behind and look after my master. Now get up and dry your eyes. You are a vampire and vampires don't let humans upset them."
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