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  1. Cirque de l'ombre

    Dark shaped line the horizon casting ominous shadows that stretch across the green grass. Their flyers had appeared against doors and against windshields without anyone seeing the soul that had placed them there. Couples and brave lone comers flock towards the shapes, eager to see what the shadows hide. Smiling faces stand next to the black and white tents. They watch as more and more people gather. Following the fairy lights that guide the, would be, visitors to the entrance of the show tent. The stage lights only illuminate what needs to be seen, and leaves everything else covered in darkness. Gasps sound as faces appear and disappear. Bodies fly through the air their target invisible. Applause sounds as the body swings into the air and does another death defying leap. Roars and snarls are heard from big cats as they emerge from the darkness no fences or chains holding them back. They move with such agility that the crowd is stunned to silence. A surprised yell sounds and a clown suddenly appears next to a couple, his smile almost to wide as he pretends to watch the big cats. He sit's there dressed in a sleek black tux, accented with bright green and purple cuffs and a neon tie, that hangs loosely around his neck. He looks the crowd over his eyes glinting mischievously as his smile widens once more. “Never get too comfortable in the dark, because that’s where the monsters hide.” With a hollow laugh he suddenly disappears, leaving only the goose bumps, his words had caused, behind.

    They are known as the traveling circus of shadows. A dark and sometimes unnerving circus that attracts not children but, the other generations. Word about the circus has spread around the world attracting more and more people. Their acts are breathtaking and dangerous. Acrobats, lion tamers, magicians, knife throwers and clowns all call the circus home. They have trained for longer than most humans have been alive and they are the best. Mystery surrounds the circus as those who have watched the acts try to explain what they had seen only to fall silent as they become amazed yet again. No one knows the origin of the circus or the true names of the people who entertain them. All that they know is that it is a once in a lifetime chance. For seeing it twice will be your death.

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  2. Would the Leviathan be involved? (flesh-eating, formless beasts that inhabit Purgatory) And khan worms?
  3. It all depends on their act but both seem fine.
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    Plain and simple count me in~!!!

    **Will sleep on this and in the morning I will edit with questions that may or may not be of any help**
  5. I'm very intrigued with this idea.

    My first concern is what sort of lore are we basing these vampires off of? For me, the one thing that can kill a roleplay faster than anything is overpowered vamps. Also, is this roleplay focused entirely on the troupe as they travel or is the roleplay going to be centered in their latest stop so that locals are reasonable to play as well? And I'm assuming this is a modern setting?
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