Cirque de l'abattage

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  1. Cirque des Merveilles

    promotional flyer

    "Welcome to our wonderful circus, here you will find amusement beyond your wildest dreams we put our lives on the line to bring you the experience of your life. Enjoy the our wonderful trapezist as the dazzle you with their high flying acrobatics, be amazed by our lions tamers as they continue to battle back and forth with man eating lions and tigers, tremble in fear by our master illusionist as they take you into the dark abyss, and become awe struck by our master knife throwers as they expertly work their knife skills. As for all you night owls out their we have a very Special performance set aside just for you! Yes, at Cirque des Merveilles is so amazing some would say it's to die for"


    Yes Cirque des Merveilles is a wonderful place to have a great time, be sure to bring the whole family for a wondeful time see all the atractions and have fun, because as you know this is the last time you'll ever be with them.......Cirque des Merveilles is a traveling circus that moves from town to town through out Europe, they mainly stay near old abandoned buildings or in large fields miles from the city limit. They only ever stay in town for one night after that they mysteriously disappear as if they were never there to begin with. Yes they put on an amazing show, but that's only the tip of the iceberg the night show is where the real fun begins. Those dumb enough to stay for their late night show are hunted by the performers and killed, these blood thristy side shows freaks have no remorse for what they've done. Each coming from a life more horrible than the last, these people are psychotic, deranged, and murderous people will stop at nothing to spread their misery to others. So sit back relax and enjoy the show, because it'll be the last thing you ever do.

    Character sheet:

    Reason for coming: (an act or customer)
    abilities: (anything to help them kill or stay alive)
    Weapons: (performers only customer will have to find something useful to survive)
    Hometown: (where they lived before coming to the show)
    Other: (anything else you can think of)

    Do not join if you don't want your character to die, there is a likely chance that they will no matter what side your on.
    If you come to a point where you and another rper are fighting ask before killing their character off don't just assume you can
    Above all else Have fun

    Also I do have some positions open that I need filled

    • ring master (only one)
    • lion tamers
    • knife throwers
    • clowns
    • trapezist
    • illusionist

    If you have any other ideas for characters let me know and I'll see if we can work it in
  2. You got the idea from Cirque du Freak, right? XP Well it just so happens that I love that series, so this caught my eye. I could use the chance to bust out one of my particularly murderous characters! X3 I have a question before I sign up, though: Am I allowed to use someone who isn't human, but has a human form they can use to disguise themselves during their act?
  3. Name: Shawn Smith
    Age: 19
    Reason for Coming: Costomer
    Abilites: He is strong from weight tranning and is a fast runner from track.
    Weapons: None yet
    Hometown: Brooklyn, NewYork
    Bio: Shawn grew up in a rough home. His father was either drunk or in jail and his mother was left to raise him by herself. To keep him off the gang life streets his mother but him in sports such as boxing and track. After a few years of the sports his father came back as a supposed changed man. His mother took him in instantly but shawn hardely called him a father. After two years he slowly began to trust him. On his nineteenth birthday his parents decided to take him to a circus which he wasn't so sure about but went anyway.
    Other: He tends to get uneasy quick about certain things and he always skeptical about weird things.
  4. Sounds intersting. :]
  5. Totally interested! :}

    Name: Luella Dalue
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long, golden hair, coffee-colored skin, and with wicked green eyes; has a tall and voluptuous figure, smooth skin and lean muscle.
    Reason for coming: Master illusionist
    Abilities: Come one, come all to experience the mysterious Luella's terrifying, stupefying, horrifying illusions! Will she take you to the deep recesses of hell? Or to the sunny skies of heaven? Either way you'll end up begging for reality ... If reality ever existed, that is ...
    Weapons: The enchantress always keeps a wooden staff on her person, which, unknown to everyone but herself, has a small dagger hidden within its head.
    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
    Bio: Luella came from the vibrant city of New Orleans, although to her it was much more sinister than bright and cheerful. Her father, a business man on vacation, deserted her mother before Luella had even been born, starting a chain reaction that would eventually result in the rise of the enchantress. Luella's mother went a little crazy after being abandoned, coming to resent her daughter and the world in general. She turned to alcohol for comfort, and often tried to drown, strangle, and slit her daughter's throat ... but every time the girl somehow came out unscathed.
    Eventually Luella grew so sick and frightened that she turned to a witch doctor for help, who taught her everything he knew. He tainted her mind with dark magics, visions and fantastical plots, passing on his wicked legacy to her young and eager soul. Armed with illusionry and voodoo, the young enchantress led her mother to a cold and watery death, unaware that her mother had merely needed help and love. When the circus rolled by, Luella survived and joined it, claiming the spot of Master Illusionist.
    Other: Has a pet alligator that follows her everywhere.
  6. Name: Nolita Celi
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Stands at 5'1" with dark brown hair that looks black with natural red highlights. She has soft blue eyes that go well with her vampire-like white skin tone complexion. Though tiny, her body is in shape.
    Reason for coming: Knife thrower.
    abilities: Beware her throwing capabilities. Though she doesn't look like it, she has a keen sense of getting her target or missing.
    Weapons: Daggers and throwing knives.
    Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Bio: Coming from the busy place of the strip Nolita knew how to survive at an early age from the bustling place. Her parents abandoning her at the age of seven, and she began living on the streets and became a street performer to gain money that she needed. She also learned how to pickpocket people if she was low on funds. Being a small height she could easily run away and escape from people who either found it fun to chase her. Either be from people she stole from or customers. Aside from the street performers, she also began prostituting herself to help sustain her living. At first she was reluctant, but she began to grow use to it.

    As the years went by, she continued prostituting and performing. During the time she was ten, a new costumer she'd never seen before appeared to her while she was in an alleyway. Not feeling in the mood that day she declined lightly, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. So, when she was walking away he yanked her back and raped her. After he finished, she realized who it was. Feeling disgusted by it, she took out one of her daggers she used for performing and slashed his throat. Her eyes were distant while she looked down upon her father bleeding on the ground. Letting a smile play on her lips she straddled him and began mutilating his face till it couldn't even be distinguished anymore. During her time of leaving the alleyway, the circus was in town and she gladly accepted the position of the knife thrower.
    Other: She secretly has a soft spot for stuffed animals.
  7. Eh, nevermind, I'll just nerf a bunch of things to give her more of a sideshow freak sort of feel.

    Name: Emelia Reragon
    Age: 19

    Appearance: Pale skin. Straight black hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Piercing red eyes, unnaturally bright. Hands covered in scars, with long fingernails trimmed and sharpened into points, making them more like claws. While performing, she wears a short, formfitting black dress with dark red high heels, but during the final act, she switches to her more casual outfit: a light purple t-shirt with an outline of a cobra along the bottom, black silk pants that flow with every step, and dark blue sneakers. Her casual outfit has several dried bloodstains all over it; she rarely bothers to put extra effort into washing them out.

    Reason for coming: Animal tamer. She has a flock of ravens that she seems to be able to communicate with, leading them through all kinds of tasks, from mundane things like flying through an obstacle course to something far more violent...

    Abilities: Don't let her cliched appearance fool you, this girl is fast and highly determined to see her kills through. She likes to toy with her prey, and once she's got you in her sights, she doesn't give up.
    Weapons: A special pair of gloves that have hidden blades running through the fingers. She just needs to slam the release triggers on the back of them, and the metal claws shoot right out, extending where her nails would be. The gloves are crafted in such a way that ripping the blades from them isn't exactly easy.

    Hometown: Camden, New Jersey
    Bio: Even though most of the Reragons grew up in the crime-heavy city of Camden, safety was never the biggest priority with them. Many of them ended up living off the black market, or similarly unscrupulous "occupations," cutting a lot of their lifespans particularly short. Emelia lost her mother in a tragic accident involving a pyromaniac and a gas station, leaving the then-five-year-old girl in the care of her mentally unstable father, Exunde. In Emelia's eyes, he was a controlling, racist pig, and was weak enough to let society warp his perception of fitness until he developed anorexia. Exunde was a very spiteful man who often took his anger out on his daughter in a series of fights that culminated in him outright kicking her out of the house, forcing her to carve out a life on her own at the age of eighteen. It wasn't long before she found the circus...and discovered quite the passion for killing.

    Other: Emelia has a close friend by the name of Kelkov Aerio who often attends her performances and occasionally helps to boost the scare factor by playing hapless victim. He's very much in on the circus's dark side, and while he always leaves before the final act, he has no intentions of spoiling Emelia's fun by turning them into the authorities.
  8. Name: Erik Frans
    Age: 35
    Reason for coming: Ring Master
    abilities: A great crowd manipulator, can easily convince people to believe his every word as truth even if it is a lie
    Weapons: Cane sword and whip
    Hometown: Helsingør, Denmark
    Bio: Born within the circus Erik had been the target of constant abuse by the other performers suffering from countless beating and burns his life was not an easy one. His parent were even worse subjecting him to the curelest and most demeaning torture they would take their time making him suffer day and night. At the age of six they forced him to take part in the night shows killing off anyone too wounded for the performers to use in their games, the snapping point was when his father decided to put him in with the knife throwers as their target. Unknown to Erik his father bribed them to purposely "miss" he suffered several life threatening wounds that night only to stiched back together for more abuse. At 15 he'd had enough and killed his parents thier sleep, after that the beatings from the performers stopped it was as if he'd gone through a right of passage the performers now welcomed him as one of their own. He'd finally been accepted into the circus, he soon adopted his own act becoming one of the circus's most popular attractions. At age 23 he became the new ring master...after killing the previous one in cold blood.
    Other: He is a cynical scheming man who likes to exploit those around him, also he has a soft spot for the weak he kills them quickly.
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  10. am I the only costomer??
  11. Are there any chances that I can still join? If so, can I have two characters? I would like to explore both the circus life and the one of being a costumer :)
  12. of course you can! we needed a few more characters anyways
  13. Hey, thanks. ;) I'll have my characters up in a couple of hours.
  14. Name: Zacharias Brooks
    Age: 26
    Appearance: 71560240.png
    Reason for coming: Trapeze Artist.
    Abilities: Good coordination, fast reflexes, strong and great hearing.
    Weapons: spear.jpg
    Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Bio: Zacharias doesn’t know who his real parents are, since he has memory he knows that he was brought up in a foster home by strange people, being around other kids that made mischief when no one else was looking. He was bullied by the older boys and even girls, being called names for no reason and sometimes even getting locked up in a closet or a bathroom for hours until an adult found him. When he was 9, a woman in a nice outfit entered the foster home and adopted him. Zacharias felt relieved that he was finally going away from that horrible place, but the feeling was long forgotten after he was shoved into a car and later thrown into a dark room with other boys his age. The woman went around from foster home to foster home, adopting boys and girls to later use them as minions in her drug dealers’ gang. Zach had no choice but to work for the lady and other people, if the work wasn’t done right, he would be beaten and even left to starve at night. At the age of 15, he was traded for a deal and went to work for a man in Portugal, he learned to speak English while on Europe and his work made him stay fit, he later ran away when he found the chance. His main job was in the streets, juggling for a living and selling objects he often stole. One night, when he was 22 and lived in the German streets, he had a fight with a street gang. They tried to steal the money he had gained that day, but Zacharias got so mad he started to thrash around; the fight had occurred in an alley, he had caught a staff of the sort and started to beat the gangsters until they moved no longer. After this event happened, he started to train so nobody would catch him unprepared. The Circus had stayed a night or two in Paris, the same nights he had been there; he caught up with them and was able to survive the night act. Since then he’s been in the killing business, enjoying it until the last second.

    Other: On his back there are some tiger stripes tattooed. Each of them signifies a kill. He gets a new stripe every time he has killed another customer. He likes to use his spear on the night shows and also likes to do some acrobatics to keep himself entertained, almost like a monkey on a pole.


    Name: Amelia Carmichael
    Age: 17
    Appearance: 4181312_f520.jpg
    Reason for coming: Customer.
    Abilities: She is in the cheerleader group, so the gymnastics are on her side.
    Weapons: Anything useful.
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Bio: Amelia lives a normal life with her mother. Her father left the house when she was 14 to go help the army and hasn’t returned since, but keeps contact with them. Her good looks make every boy go after her, every of them being turned down when they ask her out. Since she was little she has been practicing gymnastics, so her physical condition got her directly into being the leader of the cheerleader group for the support of the school team. Her mother works as a waitress in a close restaurant and likes to take her daughter to different shows that happen around town or in the country. This time she was lucky enough to find the Circus des Merveilles and was excited to take Amy there.

    Other: Fear paralyzes Amelia. She doesn’t bother with the small nerves she gets when about to do a presentation with the cheerleading team, but any other thing gets her glued to her spot until she snaps back and starts running away.
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