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Though usually busy on the weekends, I've free time during the weekdays to roleplay. Currently, I'm only in a couple active ones and am interested in taking on some more. If you've read through my preferences and think I'm an okay partner for you, but haven't any interest in the plots or pairings I've listed, you can pass an idea of your own by me. I'm always wiling to hear you out and give it consideration.

  • I write usually 2-3 paragraphs or more if the scene calls for it. 4-5+ paragraphs often feels like an excess of superfluous detail to me unless of course the scene is longer or needs such detail. I’d say I prefer quality over quantity, but quality is rather subjective.
  • If you’re 18+, then I’m up for homosexual encounters and scenes. I’ll try to accommodate certain kinks as well if you’re interested in any. I don't rp cisgender heterosexual romance or sex.
  • I happen to be fond of gore and human anatomy in general. It would be best if you’re okay with any possible graphic depictions of such.
  • I’m fine roleplaying over PM and/or threads.
  • Depending on my character, their dialogue will have curses or vulgar pejoratives. It would be best if you were okay with such language.
  • I don’t mind you abandoning the rp. If you become bored, our writing styles don’t mix, or our time zones are just incompatible and you aren’t comfortable telling me, I’m okay with you not responding.
  • I’m not strict on grammar. I like run-on sentences and fragments. If you know the difference between their, there, and they’re then you’re probably set.
  • I prefer written descriptions of characters over pictures, but am not opposed to using them.
  • Some of the plots may be tweaked to fit either a modern or fantasy based setting if you'd like.
  • You can message me or post here for me to message you, whatever you prefer.

Plots and Pairings
Necromantic (Stalker Friend / Dead Friend)
Character A has been infatuated with Character B since grade school. From secretly licking their food, candid photography, and internet stalking, it’s reasonable to call A’s interest obsessive and ultimately unrequited. When B dies in a macabre automobile accident, A doesn’t even wait for grass to grow over the grave. A quickly exhumes B and, through various attempted rituals, manages to resurrect them. The problem is that B is still a corpse, slowly decaying and falling apart. Fabreeze and baseball sutures can last only so long before A needs to find a permanent cure, either a ritual to swap B’s conscious with another human’s or a ritual to rejuvenate B’s body. But which is A more infatuated with and what problems does B face psychologically being reanimated?
Hook and Sink Her (Troubled Friend / Loser Friend)
“Remember when we joked about who we’d call if we killed a prostitute? Yeah...” Character A accidentally find’s themselves with a dead hooker, either due to overdose, kink, or out-right murder. Unable to dispose of the body themselves, being without resources in a motel, A calls Character B for help. B still lives with their parents, but is clever and knows how to keep a secret… because no one listens to them. As they rid themselves of the body and try to keep suspicion off, A and B bond over the gruesome act.
Cosmic Foil (Pedantic Nagger / Movie-holic Slacker)
Character A and Character B are sent on a recon mission in the cosmos, their duty is to monitor and maintain the station systems while robotic units gather samples. It’s mundane, monotonous work. A is sent because people can’t stand their constant nagging and attention to detail. B is sent because they never get anything done. The dramatically disparate pair is stuck in space together, working opposite shifts, for an entire year before they can return home. B just wants to catch up on their media back-log, but assiduous A insists on them making rounds and frequent maintenance procedures. Over the course of time, the two rejects bond.

I would prefer to be the pedantic role. The slacker’s penchant can be in anything you desire, not necessarily movies. This is very light sci-fi, nothing fancy.
Decadence (Cannibal / Hunger Striker)
The aristocracy’s debauchery and moral decay has led to an outrageous economic inequity between the classes. While lords live in opulence, the peasants who work the land are barely able to feed their families. After watching their younger siblings starve, Character A takes a stand outside their lord’s manner, refusing to eat until change is made. Nearly three weeks pass without word. It’s then that Character B, a bourgeoisie artist, expresses their interest to A. B offers A the opportunity to become their assistant and cannibalize the very people who would see them starve. With hesitance and moral ambivalence, A accepts to seek revenge. Together, their cannibalism becomes both ritual and religion, and they spiral into the very decadence they feed on.
Prurience (Closeted Homophobic / Cross Dresser) Taken
Prurience is a combination of host club, strip club, and bar, providing cross dressing entertainment for a homosexual customer base. Character A works there, performing on weekends and hosting during the weekdays. He isn’t the top earner, and tends to be overlooked in favor of more ostentatious and resplendent cross dressers. That’s why he takes note of a repeat high tipper. Character B never misses Character A’s shows. B is there every weekend, silently watching from a distance. B denies his attraction to other men, and hates them for the arousal they evoke, cross dressers especially. So when A approaches B, either offering extra services or a relationship, B reacts violently. Despite injuries, A refuses to report B or even have him kicked out of the club the next weekend. Whether masochistic or infatuated, A continues to pursue B and resulting is a relationship to end either in murder or psychological healing.

I would prefer to have the role of the homophobic.
Oblation (Mythic Being / Offering) Taken
A collective of small villages rests peacefully in the shadow of mountains. Among the peaks lives a being, hailed as a god, and revered by the people of the villages it protects. Annually the villages offer produce, wine, crafted works, and animal oblations in return for the being's succor. It is not unusual for the being to take human form and make supplications of its people, but what it asks this year is most obtuse. A human offering is required, and not the most skilled or beautiful. Demanded is the most genetically aberrant among them, prized by the being for their uniqueness. Despite reluctance and resistance, a human is given as an oblation. Our story revolves around the human and being's developing bond in the mountains and the pressure of growing dissent among the villagers.

The offering's difference can be anything. They may be albino, intersex, blind, deaf, have webbed digits, missing limbs, cleft pallete, etc. Likewise the mythic being may be designed however one wishes.
Familial Affairs (Private Investigator Step Sibling / Serial Killer Step Sibling)
After failing the NPOST multiple times, Character A gives up on their childhood dream of becoming a police officer. Instead, they become a sleazy, underpaid private investigator, spending their days following cheating spouses and photographing people who feign disability. Not to mention incensing the very law enforcement they would have been part of by frequently trespassing, loitering, and going through peoples’ refuse. It’s unglamorous and unfulfilling work.

So when a client asks A to investigate the disappearance of one of the client’s friends, A is eager to shirk their other engagements to try their hand at actual detective work. Due to the missing person’s vagrant lifestyle and drug use, the police aren’t even considering the case. It means there isn’t a paper trail or internet history to follow either. All A has to go on are eye witnesses describing a hobbled semaritan that occasionally picks up drifters in the area.

That person happens to be Character B, A’s step sibling and stepfather’s son. Growing up, unable to express their anger towards their mother about her new marriage, A used to take their frustrations out on B. Rarely did A’s ire go beyond malediction and passive inconveniences, but what should have been a harmless shove in the hall resulted in B permanently damaging their knee.

B now walks with a brace and occasionally a cane, suffering chronic arthritis in their damaged joint. The siblings have since settled most of their differences, A now treating B with civility, but B is still plagued by those childhood memories. B can’t understand why they were the target of their sibling’s malice. Desperate for their sibling’s approval, but unable to garner such, B has found another outlet for their psychological needs. B periodically imprisons vagrants resembling their sibling and tries to find affection in them that B never received from their step sibling. Against good intentions, it always ends in blood. Worse, A is gradually narrowing their search and will eventually uncover B’s secret.
Swindlers (Rogue/ Flea Tamer)
A rogue soldier, forsaking both law and loyalty, is set on seeing the nobility in pandemonium. Bloodshed isn't their goal, but if it's spilled in the plunder of riches, the rogue is not burdened with regret. But there is an impasse in attaining what is desired. Though the rogue possesses both martial skill and strength, they are without the wits or means of infiltrating a noble estate. That is accomplished by the flea tamer, capable of ordering their miniature army of hemovores to open locks, distract patrols, send messages, and cause general discomfort. Together the odd pair bring a city to it's knees, one noble at a time with their eyes eventually set on the royal family.

I would prefer the role of flea tamer.
Misc. Pairings w/out Plots
Hermit / Stranded Guest
Bounty Hunter / Outlaw
Hunter / Werewolf
Adventurer or Scholar / Tribal Native
Survivors in a Zombie Apocalypse
Paranormal Investigators
Psychologist / Serial Killer
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Hello! My name is Avanna. What a pleasure it is to make your acquaintance! Anyway, I'd love to roleplay the necromantic plot with you! ( I originally was interested in the prurience plot but that seems to have been taken unfortunately. ) (▰˘◡˘▰)


Original poster
Hello! My name is Avanna. What a pleasure it is to make your acquaintance! Anyway, I'd love to roleplay the necromantic plot with you! ( I originally was interested in the prurience plot but that seems to have been taken unfortunately. ) (▰˘◡˘▰)
I may have good news for you then! Allow me a moment and I'll message you.