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  1. Hello and welcome to my search thread!!


    My name is Cirilla and I'm on a fandom RP hunt!

    I am a gamer and anime lover who also reads to many comics haha. So feel free to shoot across suggestions.

    My rules

    - have fun
    - no one liners
    - be up for occ
    - post relatively regularly (once a week minimum)
    - if your below the age of eighteen I will not do smut rps.. I don't really feel comfortable rping with younger members.
    - be up for the possibility to double up. Yes I can play any gender ECT though I tend to end up as the male far to regularly.

    Okay back to RP lists, this post is for my fandom searching at the moment original plots shall come later.

    <3 : How much I want to do the RP.


    - Bleach <3 <3 <3 dying to do Grimmjow x Ichigo or Orihime x Ulquiorra <3 but I'm up for many other things too oc's included. (Grimmjow x Ichigo or fem ichigo <3)

    - Naruto <3 <3 love Naruto, I grew up with the series and will always love it. I'm up for any pairing within reason.

    - DuRaRaRa <3 another anime I love though am not up to date on the anime yet.

    - samurai champloo <3 <3

    - sengoku basara <3 <3 <3 So many pairings I would be keen for.

    - legend of Korra <3<3

    - Arrow <3<3<3

    - Avengers <3

    - Kingsman <3

    - Star Wars <3 <3 (Rey x Kylo Ren)

    - resident evil <3<3<3

    - Far Cry 3 <3<3 I have a crossover plot in mind with Tomb Raider.

    - Witcher 3 <3<3<3 I love this game way to much and the books! Would love to do a RP on Triss x Geralt but I'm flexible XD

    - Jak series <3<3 I have a plot in mind

    - Assassins Creed <3 <3 <3

    - The Darkness <3

    - Supernatural <3 <3

    So far that is all I can think of from the top of my head. Feel free to give suggestions by posting here or pming me XD​
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  2. Star wars rp? With OC?
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  3. I'd be pretty interested in the Witcher RP
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  4. I wouldn't mind a Star Wars or Resident Evil RP! Please PM or reply to this post if you're interested too!
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  5. For sure!! :) we can do star wars with ocs

    <3 I could hug you! I am very excited to do a Witcher RP.

    Thankyou for your interest hun but your a bit to young to RP with me I'm sorry I don't really RP with underage members.
  6. Great! How do you want to do this? PM or thread?
  7. Eeeep! I am sorry! umm lets go to pm to plan this, if your still keen :3

    Updated and still looking everyone ^-^
  8. Could we possibly do a DRRR rp with OCs as well? I have no trouble doubling up. :]
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  9. Ok.
    Just shoot me a pm
  10. Sure!! Pm me and we can sort it out ^-^
  11. So much YES!

    I'm totally interested in either:

    Star Wars
    Witcher 3
    Jak and Daxter series

    Star Wars and the Witcher 3 are pretty tied, my only thing is that I prefer Geralt x Yennefer (I read the books so I have a bit more of insight, and since Triss basically manipulated him after his memory was lost I stopped having respect for her. In the game I pushed her away when there was supposed to be the fountain kissing scene LOL), but I was thinking of a plot that didn't exactly encompass Geralt relationship with his significant other but rather reforming and refining the schools to start distributing the trials again. As for Star Wars, I haven't seen the newest movie but I've seen the rest of them. I was thinking a padawan x Jedi sort of ordeal? More like the relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka in the Clone Wars, but obviously the padawan would be older. But for the Jak one I'm not sure, I was hoping you had something in mind lol.

    Again what's above is just concepts off the top of my head, so if it's a bit shitty you're probably right. Let me know if you're interested in PM (I don't go on here often so I won't see a reply usually) please!
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  12. I would be happy to play Yen lol just pop me a pm and we can plan what we are going to do! ^_^
  13. Updated once again and also back on the search!!
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