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  1. [This is a re-format of a current RP, if you are seeing this you have been redirected correctly]


    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages!Welcome to Circus of the unnatural! Here will be the show of your life! Here many creatures come to perform for your pleasure! Whether they were abandoned, lost or rejected from society they are all here to perform!

    -after the show-

    Ahem, hello. I am Capiro De Majalo! The ring leader of this supernatural circus! I see you have come to be behind the scenes, very well then! Here we take the rejected, orphans and lost beings so they can have a JOB and a place to live. They all have a specialty and they each are unique. Here is an example: Lajrick the psychic lass! She was born from supernatural powers and was abandoned when I found her. She was the first "phenomenon" that I had rescued.She has many psychic abilities and is one of the main acts. We have ,any others but we should be going to our next destination shortly.

    Rules of this RP:

    Rule One: First of all, no godmodding or controlling others characters without permission.

    Rule Two: No overpowered characters. As simple as that.

    Rule three: No going to play with a character without me or another GM approving his/her bio. This is not a jump in roleplay. Atleast two GMs have to approve your CS before RPing. Just a like from a GM should suffice.

    Rule four: No sexual plots, AT ALL. That means the most you can do is kiss and flirt. If you really need to then take it to the PMs.

    Rule five: If you are going to be gone then please say it in the OOC. If you do not notify us that you are gone and you are not responding then we will PM you first if it has been a week. Then we will leave you a week to respond. If you take more then that we will remove your character. If you come back and an incident had left you completely unable to respond then we can try to make a compromise.

    Rule six: Be sure to discuss major plot elements in the OOC before putting them in the IC since we might get confused if not notified.

    Rule seven: HAVE FUN!

    Punishments may vary depending of the offense and the intensity of the offense.

    The GMs: Infinatis | KayLove | Smdzhansen


    Please use this format for characters:

    Full Name:
    Circus nickname:
    Appearance (A photo would be nice but not required):
    History(You can leave it for the RP but atleast say you are here)

    If you are here from the previous format, all 3 of you then repost your characters here.

    Capiro De Majalo - Infinatis
    Lajrick the psychic lass - Infinatis
    Flame Kid - KayLove
    Hank the Tank - Smdzhansen
    Time Master - Darkstar
    Lillie - Darkstar

    This thread also serves as OOC so prepare for randomness!
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  2. My CS reposted just because

    Full Name: Frank Hendrick
    Circus nickname: Frank the Tank
    Age: 13
    Personality: Shy, quiet, doesn't talk much, isn't athletic and doesn't workout (still has those abs though)
    Appearance (A photo would be nice but not required):
    Skills/Talents/Powers: Invincible, so if you shoot him or stab him, it wont hurt him and no wound will be left. Areas that have been wounded will sometimes be lighter then ones that haven't, depending on the thing that left the wound (If a bullet hits him, no mark, if his belly was ripped open, mark) He is also good at video games and fighting other people for the greater good
  3. These are my CSs from before the reform]

    Full Name: Capiro De Malajo
    Circus nickname: Capiro the ringmaster
    Age: 43
    Personality: Kind, loud, talkative, dramatic and can be a bit very cold to those that don't know him well.
    Appearance (A photo would be nice but not required):[​IMG]
    Skills/Talents/Powers: He has no inherent abilities other then being a good organizer and can put up a good show.
    History(You can leave it for the RP but atleast say you are here): Capiro was abandoned at a young age by his parents. His parents were a rich family but thought Capiro was not good enough to inherit their riches. He then lived off of the streets begging and sometimes stealing food to survive. In this time he learned how to run quickly and jump things that no ordinary boy his age could. One day he was found by a ringmaster when stealing some bread from a baker and running off. The ringmaster adopted him and used him in his circus. Capiro became the best acrobat in the circus! But when he was 23 he had just been promoted to co-ringmaster. Suddenly that year a massive shooting occurred during a performance. He ran off before he could witness the murder of his adoptive father. He came back to a horrible massacre. He tried to create a new circus but since the shooting it became highly unsuccessful. But then one night he found Lajrick and this gave him enough confidence to start again, and this time it succeeded.

    Full Name: Lajrick
    Circus nickname: Lajrick the psychic lass
    Age: 17
    Personality:She is very quiet and emotional. Lajrick keeps quiet most of the time and only talks when she feels the need. Though don't let this as a way to do anything you want. When Lajrick isn't talking she is always analizing everything: surroundings, people, expressions, etc.
    Appearance (A photo would be nice but not required): She is tall in a white suit with two tails at the back. She wears a white mask that only leave room to see her green cat like eyes. Lajrick rarely takes it off. She wears a white top hat and white gloves. Her skin is perfectly normal except for her face which has a mouth fully of sharp teeth and her ears are tipped at the ends. Her blue hair flows out of her head along with an earing on her left ear made out of a blue crystal and small roots covering the top letting it dangle from her ear.
    Skills/Talents/Powers: She has immense psychic abilities such has telekinesis, telepathy and the ability to turn invisible at will. She also has an unmatched skill of deduction.
    History(You can leave it for the RP but atleast say you are saving it): No one knows much about Lajrick's past. All anyone knows is that she was found alone in the woods being almost starved to death before Capiro found her.
    Other: Eyes can flick blood red when angered, when this happens your best bet is to run.
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  4. full Name: Dante Romano
    Circus nickname: Flame Kid
    Age: 15
    Personality: Hot headed (Haha see what I did there) short tempered, Doesn't like people or crowds, hates performing.

    Skills/Talents/Powers: Has the power to make symbols and pictures with fire. He can shoot fire and even turn himself into complete flames
    History(You can leave it for the RP but atleast say you are here): leaving it for RP
    Other none
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  5. (heeellooo, not really sure if this is where i was meant to put it, but all well)

    Full Name: Rose Parker

    Circus Name: The Great Seeker

    Personality: Always smiling, mysterious, good with children and animals, always up for talking to people, knows how to helps those who need it, easily frightened, at times over excitable, forgiving and almost always kind but if ever made mad she is veryintimidating, loves to giggle, can't always understand sarcasm and sometimes takes things literally - e.g. random: Well that really takes the cake. Her: What cake?-

    Appearance: Bright Red hair, pale complexion, very very fragile and weak looking -but really strong- always having dark circles under hers eyes because of lack of sleep. Always wears a long loose black dress

    History: Not much is known about her past other then the fact that her parents died when she was very young and is almost constantly walking around at night because she can't sleep which is caused by nightmares. She is extremely afraid of heights and small spaces

    Talents/skills/Powers: She has the ability to contact, see and bring back the dead,but can only bring back the dead if their sprit hasn't already left. The power of manipulation (although she barely uses it because of the guilt she feels after)
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  6. May I join? I would like to make a hypnotists and a strong woman!
  7. Sure, just try to segway into the RP, we're currently setting up the tent. Oh and @SophieGrace and all future CSs. Could you try to think of a side ability like acrobat or something.
  8. Ill get my CS up later today! Thank you very much!
  9. Good, nice to have you onboard.
  10. Would it be alright if I make a lizard charmer instead of a strong woman?
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  11. Sure, we already have a strong woman! It's more like a strong toddler but Dark didn't re-post his CS.
  12. Full Name: Raven (last name she stopped using.)
    Circus nickname: The Great Hypnotists
    Age: 16
    Personality: Raven is a selective mute. She doesn't speak much, but when she does her voice it rough and scratchy, and she prefers not to explain why that is. She doesn't interact much with strangers except when shes working. She communicates a lot through sign language or writing things down.
    Raven has strong magical powers. Her strongest though is manipulation. Her second strongest would be dream walking and her final would be fear manifestation, but she hardly ever uses the last one. She dreams of learning more magic from Lajrick and Rose, but is often too shy to ask.
    History: (Most will be left to the RP) Little is known about herself and her past. What is known is that her mother was an alcoholic who couldn't raise her and gave Raven up. Raven had always known about her ability. In fact, she doesn't know a time when she hadn't had her abilities and hardly remembers how she discovered them. Growing up, Raven struggled with depression and suicide and during a failed suicide attempt she ruined her voice, which is why its so rough and scratchy. No one knows how she ended up at the circus, except for her and the ring leader of course. All they know is she just showed up one morning and went about her day like she was there the entire time and always knew the role she played.
    Other: She has a major soft spot for anything she finds cute, even if its an ugly toad.

    Full Name: Cynthia Snake (she chose her last name)
    Circus nickname: Cynthia Snake the Lizard Charmer
    Age: 23
    Personality: Cynthia is very adventurous. She loves trying new things and impressing people. Due to her past, at night when they aren't performing Cynthia is not afraid to use her body to seduce and trick men and get what she wants which she is often found doing so to local men, but she would never do so to the men in the circus. Though whenever the circus is open and in full swing, she is all business almost to a point where she isnt herself. She becomes very serious and a no nonsense type of person. She has a deep love for all reptiles and finds traditional cute animals ugly.
    Work Outfit (open)

    She can communicate and read the minds of all reptiles. Her favorite reptile is Jinx, a red snake with black spots (on the picture) who she always has either slithering beside her or wrapped around her.
    History: (Most for the RP) Cynthia grew up in a rough neighborhood full of drug dealers. Growing up, she watched her whole family be addicted to drugs and alcohol which caused her to follow in their footsteps as a teenager. She would do anything to get the drugs she craved. Eventually, she was sickened by who she became and ran off. She learned about her ability later in life in a rather simple way. She found out by going to the zoo for the first time as a young adult and visiting the reptile center. No one believed her when she claimed the snakes were speaking to her. Eventually, she heard about the circus and found her way there.
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  13. Good.
  14. Just make Cynthia a bit less... Sexualized I guess. There are children viewing the circus too.
  15. She won't do anything inappropriate during the circus, and she'll be fully clothed xD. Mostly the behind the curtains at night stuff she takes advantage of people if she wants. Though really I wont add any detail. Just that suggestive like in the morning someone leaves her tent kinda thing. But ill add that during performance hours she's all business.
  16. Okay, but I don't think Capiro'll let anyone non circus in the private tents since they perfer hiding their selves like Lajrick. She wouldn't want anyone that isn't in the circus seeing her face.
  17. Alright. Ill post now!
  18. Yup, they're busy setting up the tent. Also I like that lyric below your name. Can't remember the song.
  19. Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon!!
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