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Circus De Starla!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LifeAsALittleSister, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. Everyone that had a passion for Jymnastic's want's to work at School of Magica, a place where Jymnyst's come to enrich their knowledge in the the performing arts. Once you felt like you were ready, you would preform for the owner of the school to see what place would best suit you and anyone who had such a passion for the arts knew that the best place you could go to was Circus De Starla! The best circus worldwide because it's very exclusive, only accepting the best of the best! Everyone in the school want's to get into Starla and will be willing to take anyone down who stands in their way! Do your best...and remember, play nice! (That was a joke actually be cautious because people are jerks here)

    Sofia McCloy smiled, looking up at the School of Magica. She spent her entire life's work on preparing for this day, she even did extra sit-ups and pull-ups for luck...or was it nervousness? Nervous that she was never going to be good enough.
    She couldn't think like that, not now...not when she was so close to her goal, it was either go big or go home!
    With some forced enthusiasm, she walked to the school which was bigger up close. The walls were white and vast, the plants at the entrance way were a light purple and gorgeous. This place wasn't that exclusive but it seemed as if they planted these flowers here to make this place seem more inviting, which was odd.

    I felt my legs shake as I gripped the metal door handle. I need to do this she reminded herself and with a deep breath she opened the door and walked through a long hallway until she faced another door. Through it, she could hear elegant music, she took another deep breath and held it as she opened the door. There were a lot of people sitting in white plastic chairs, they looked like performers. In the center was a huge shiny wooden stage and in the back, sitting in front of a blue table were judges, one of them was the owner of the school Judy Kane. She won 5 Olympic metals when she was only 17, preformed in Circus De Starla until age 40 then retired. She was the daughter of the woman who originally owned this school beforehand. The original owner...Jessie D. Kane. That's right, Judy never married, she was married to her work...and right now she was watching a young Chinese girl perform. Her leaps and kick were beautifully done, her elegance was that of a swan.
    The music stopped and she did her final finishing pose. The contestants clapped for her out of support but the judges looked displeased.
    "You call that a show? Get out of my sight!" Judy snapped and the girl walked away looking like she was about to cry. A knot formed into my stomach and I took a seat at an empty plastic chair, waiting for my turn.
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  2. Natalia "Tanya" Mitchells couldn't help but her excitement at bay. This was it. This was definitely it! She was going to prove to her mother that she could make it. She winced as the unexpected cruelty of the Madam. The Chinese girl was brilliant, but clearly there were faults in it that no one else saw.

    Oh dear! That girl was so much better than her! How was she going to make it if someone so much better than her failed?!

    Calm deep breaths, Tanya, deep breaths. A girl sat beside her and she offered one of her nervous half-smiles. It wouldn't hurt to be friendly right? Even if she doesn't make it?

    "Tanya." she introduced herself, "Excited?"
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