Circle Of Divinity

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  1. This is a Roleplaying site for anyone interested in Fantasy, we accept nearly any species of mythical being as long as it is somewhat humanoid.

    The site consists of three clans, each leader accepts different species and exhibits different training methods of their subordinates.
    Each of the clan leaders have formed a treaty to keep peace across the clans, however, breaking that truce would most likely result in a blood bath.

    Shall you obey the treaty?
    Or does your fate lie in the graveyard?
    It's all up to you, destiny is in your hands for the moment.

    As there are three clan leaders, this group is known as the Circle of Divinity
    While their clans are known as the Divine Clans

    Please check us out, we are only a very tiny community at the moment, help expand our numbers!
    If you have any questions at all. any one of the members would happily address your doubts.