Cinderfella: A Coming Out Story

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  1. Name: Tate Anthony Johnson
    Age: 17
    Grade: Junior
    Personality: Tate is a shy, kind boy. He isn't one to make a scene or be the center of attention. He enjoys sitting back and watching more. If needed, he is always willing to lend a hellping hand.
    Bio: As a child, he always had a feeling he was different. In elementary school, he always wanted to give Valentine's presents to boys, instead of girls. He thought it was normal. Until he got scolded for it, that is. His parents have always been very religious. His dad always had a no-gay rule while his mom was more open minded about it, and he had been close to her. But Tate's mother had died from cancer when he was 7, and his father in his distress buried his sorrow in religion where he met Tates step-monster. When he was 10, he accepted the fact he was gay, but stayed in the closet for fear that his religious father would disown him. He currently lives with his father and stepmother, who's expecting a child any time now.

    Orientation/Status: Gay/Homosexual. In the closet.

    Tate sat in class, his fingers drumming against his desk. The teacher was giving morning announcements, but he wasn't listening. He was too busy discreetly staring at a boy up front. He was one of the popular ones, and Tate hated how much he thought that guy was attractive. It was such a romantic cliche for the shy wall flower to find the popular jock attractive, but what could he say? The guy sure did look good.

    The teacher turned off the lights, which snapped him out of his thoughts. He looked up to the front of the classroom as the teacher turned on the morning announcements video. It was the usual, sports games that were coming up, as well as scores. Upcoming plays and lunch today. And then the prom. The one every girl and guy was looking forward to. It was a mascarade dance, which was again a cliche, but it was exciting. Tate smiled slightly, but then dropped it. He began thinking of when he would see his friend, best friend, and pretend girlfriend to avoid suspicions from his step-monster. He and her had a locker next to each other this year and he wanted to talk her into going with him so he wouldnt be alone. She knew about him being gay. In fact, she was the only on who knew, since he knew her since the third grade. They had always been close, inseperable really. Of course, school asshats assumed he was gay, and loved kicking his ass for it. But he wouldnt give them the satisfaction of knowing he really was gay, nor would he tell anyone about it so they thought he was a "punk ass bitch" as they put it. But putting that aside, currently talking to her was the only thing he was looking forward to.

    The teacher snapped the light on, which was sudden. He covered his eyes, blinded by the light. He sighed, resting his hand on the desk and rests his head in his palm. The teacher started talking about some boring math problem while he went back to oogling at the jock again. 'Jeez, he's attractive.. why can't he look at me? Wait. No. He can't look at me. That would be emarassing. Him seeing me watching him? Can there be anything more creepy?' He rolled his eyes at his own thoughts, but continued watching him.
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    Name: Hayden Donovan
    Age: 17
    Grade: Junior
    Personality: Stubborn, down to earth, laid back, energetic, Hayden is a perfectionist, and always willing to help out.
    Bio: Growing up Hayden didn't have much to remember, he's always been popular, but he doesn't exactly care about that. He plays basketball, that's the only thing that has always been the same. He is a bit of a damaged goods kind of guy, not that he has ever told anyone that though.
    Sexuality: confused

    Hayden felt someone watching him, he wasn't uncomfortable with it, but the more he sensed it, the more he wanted to look around.
    He tried to focus on the lesson, than tried to focus on the book in front of him.
    He started fidgeting with his hands, but nothing helped.

    The girl next to him passed him a note.
    Hayden sighed and opened it up before shaking his head.
    He looked around and saw a boy he hadn't really spoken to before stare at him.

    Not sure whether to blush or look away, he smiled at him.
    Hayden wasn't the brightest light in the box at the best of times, but smiling seemed to be the best option.
    After looking back for a while, he couldn't help but notice that the boy was cute
    Hayden bit his lower lip, winked and than turned back around.
  3. Tate froze when the guy looked at him. And his face lit up a bright red when the guy bit his lip, which was way cute by the way, and winked at him. Tate quickly looked around, because he couldn't possibly have been looking at him, but saw no one that had any reaction similar to his or anyone looking at Hayden. Tate glanced back, then ducked his head and stared at his notebook.

    Flipping it to a blank page, he began quickly jotting down notes and occasionally doing a few tiny doodles. The only time he really looked up for any longer than a few seconds was when the homework was being passed out. Tate took the worksheet and looked over it. He glanced to the clock. There was time left over for talking and doing homework. Tate always used the time for homework, since he didn't talk much in this class. He got started on the worksheet, scribbling down answers in his neat handwriting, occasionally glancing up to look at the other students or listen in on the latest gossip.
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  4. Hayden finished his homework in about 5 minutes, he did good in school.
    Most of the days he wouldn't even need to try.
    He took his bag and put his books and homework in.

    Hayden always had someone to talk to, but even when he got up, and the girls watched him, he decided to talk to the guy he had some form of contact with.
    He grabbed a chair and sat down next to him "Hey, what's up.. Tate, right?"
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