Cillian Murphy Films & Others (Looking for Male and/or Double)

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  1. Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! :) Well, as the title states I'm seriously craving something within any of the Cillian Murphy films I've listed below, and I will love you forever if you pick any one of them. :D Sadly, if not, I wrote down other fandoms and originals that you might be interested in. I'm only interested in MxF pairings and I'm willing to double too. Also, I only have a few rules to go over; no god-modding, one-liners, Gary/Mary Sues, and be able to post a decent size paragraph or more. As for me, I usually post around one-four+ paragraphs or more depending on what my partner gives me. Well... if that's it, feel free to message me or post here, thanks!

    28 Days later...****
    Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy****
    In Time
    Red Eye****
    Watching the Detectives****
    The Wind That Shakes the Barley

    27 Dresses
    Almost Human
    The Box
    Doom (film)
    Ghost Adventures
    Harry Potter
    The Irrefutable Truth About Demons
    Interview with the Vampire
    Lord of the Rings
    The Mummy/Returns
    The Notebook
    Star Trek (TOS/Abrams)
    Straw Dogs
    Superman (films)
    Top Gun
    Van Helsing
    War of the Worlds
    X-Men (films/tv shows)
    Xena: Warrior Princess

    Historical Romance (Highland/Tudor/Regency/Victorian/Old West/Civil War/WWI/WWII)
    Historical/Medieval Fantasy
    Political Thriller
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  2. YES. CILLIAN MURPHY IS WONDERFUL. I love In Time too, but I'd only prefer that you play Raymond for my character.

    Dark Knight is good too. I could play Scarecrow if you doubled as John Blake for me. Or, Inception if you doubled as Arthur for me. I'm even up for doing two separate rp's where we both play Cillian's role.

    Pm me if interested x
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