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  1. Cigarette enthusiasts assemble. What's everyone's favourite brands? And why?

    Personally I've settled for Camel for quite a while now, which is unusual, seeing as how I usually switch up between brands every so often. I think I like the cleanliness of it, and the flavour feels smoother than what I've had before. I absolutely adored Lucky Strikes (Straight Red <3) in the past, but we've had a falling out.

    And what of menthol? I personally can't stand them; reminds me of eating candy when you're hungry. I need some raw, organic taste to keep me going.
  2. I'm the opposite. I can't stand regular cigarettes at all. They turn my stomach. =/

    I was smoking Maverick's, but they tear the hell out of my throat, so I had to switch to Marbolo menthol lights. I used to smoke Newports, way back in the day before they cost a kidney a pack.
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  4. I smoke the cigarette known as Not Smoking :D It doesn't taste like tobacco! :D
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  5. If I could quite without going through a homicidal period of.....well, months, than I wouldn't smoke either. :P

    I started smoking at 12....yes, I know, really, really dumb. It started by sneaking my uncle's half smoked butts with my cousin and escalated to a pack a day habit over the span of 20+ years. I currently only smoke about a half a pack a day, less when it's really cold or rainy outside. I actually did quick when I was pregnant, and for 5 years I didn't touch a cigarette. Then I moved into a really bad neighborhood, my nerves were frazzled beyond belief so I picked the habit back up.
  6. Something I find works for me when I wanna quit (for a certain period of time) is to always have a pack close at hand, untouched. Psychological, I guess. And the thing about smoking is, it just punctuates your day so damn well. I feel like my weekdays would be so barren without cramming in a smoke every once in awhile.
  7. The patch worked really well for me for a while, crazy dreams aside. However, I'm allergic to most adhesives, so whenever I put on a patch, I'd end up with a huge red welt wherever I wore it, and sometimes even had my skin peel off along with the tape. Pregnancy was the best for helping me quit and stay away from cigarettes. I couldn't even go near someone who smoked without feeling throwing up. Unfortunately it's not a very viable remedy, and I can't get pregnant anymore even if it was. XD

    My hubby and I are going to try Chantix when I go to my next appointment. With him it's a hands and mouth thing where he needs something to keep them busy to quit. I buy him sunflower seeds and that usually does the trick. With me it's more of a psychological thing. Whenever I'm stressed, and with my kids that's quite often, I reach for a ciggie and rush outside to chill before I give myself brain tumor from holding in my explosions.
  8. Maybe I should get pregnant...
    And yeah, same here. Stressed, lonely, angry, nighttime blues, etc - it always tends to assuage.
  9. I don't smoke, because smoking is expensive as fuck. o__o All that cash people blow on cigs can go to so many better things! @____@

    Last thing I smoked was weed and it was okay. Before that was clove cigs and I kinda loved them, but... I'm cheap and I didn't wanna add a new vice to my list. D:
  10. I used to smoke some pretty potent shit - straight from Christiania - but I hated what it did to my cognition, both short-term and long-term, so I usually stick to party drugs nowadays.
  11. 420 late nights after work to wind down and to help sleep.

    Otherwise I vape. But it's more of the act than any nicotine (which I use the least amount, like .01 or something) and max VG for big plumes of 'smoke'. I'm taking one semi-bad habit over chewing the edges of my fingers. It's worked quite well and relatively inexpensive so far.
  12. I dont smoke because my lungs get inflamed and my throat closes up. Kind of a pain to breathe. Really obnoxious to know almost everyone in the city smokes and i have to struggle to breathe outside :(
  13. Most I used to smoke was a cigar every week to "celebrate" the weekend, as it were. It was nice!

    A nice cigar with a good Scotch, to this day, is a lovely thing.
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  14. Did you wear a red velvet robe, and an ascot while doing it? If not, you were doing it all wrong.
  15. I don't smoke cigarettes, but I've smoked Swisher Sweets (grape flavour mainly) since I was twelve (seems starting at 12 might be a more common occurrence than I thought). Started smoking because I needed a stress reliever and as hard as it is to believe a twelve year old might not have the best ideas on how to do that, smoking was the only way I could control myself.

    I smoke every day. Love the grape flavoured one and the mild, haven't tried the black Swishers yet. Love the smell, taste and feeling.
  16. I got a Boba Fett bath robe and a do-rag. How's that?!
  17. Class for days.
  18. I don't smoke, but if someone offers me a Marlboro Ice Blast (unobtainable in the States and I think currently only purchasable in Asia), I will smoke that shit.

    Tastes like mint candy, nomnomnom.

    (Wouldn't smoke 'em while pregnant, though - fuck that.)
  19. I don't smoke, but I'd say whatever brand it is that lets you eat the smoke like a donut.



    These look pretty cool too though. :3
  20. I've only really smoked pipe tobaco, hookah and the occasional Cigar or Blunt. The pipe generally come out when larpin nad you been out in the forest under heavyrain for 5+ days and havn't slept for shit. Hookah is generally done with some good friends. Cigar only once or twice, purely special occassion stuff. I did smoke weed for a while during collage, mainly becouse my neigbour and classmate had some connections and would bring it to gaming nights from time to time.
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