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  1. And suddenly─A talking Fish appears!
    It flails around in excitement! You?

    Eaaaaaatttt ittttt─throw pokeball
    Pikachu, use thunderbolt!!

    Hello, I'm Fish (or Fisheh, Fishy, Red, Little Red, etc.), and it's a pleasure to meet you! I have come from great distances to this unfamiliar land! I do hope you may allow me to hop upon your shoulder and ask for some nourishment and shelter so I may continue on wayward until I stumble onto a piece of shiny that my fins can bring back to my Lord and lay at his feet with pride. I'll make sure to bathe in sweet fragrances if my smell is unpleasant to the senses!


    ③ kajshdbvkjhsfkjhabkjvhbkfjhsfkjhnvfkdjhnvbvfgJKDHBJVHSFDBG

    ④ Oh.. okay...[​IMG] I know I'm a dork, but, but, but

    Um, okay.. So a normal greeting would be hello! I'm excited to be here! Hopefully I can contribute to the many roleplays already in the works!
  2. The most creative introduction I've seen so far. Welcome to Iwaku, my dear. ^ ^
  3. Pff just being my dorky self haha. Thanks, Rokku!
  4. I agree. It's nice to see something different. Welcome!

    -throws bait- >w>
  5. Thank you! Lol
    //swims about bait and takes it just cos :Ua
  6. [​IMG]

    Magikarp used to annoy me!

    Then all of a sudden my Sashimi turned into a Gyarados!

    Then it got real. Lulz.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. FFF I remember those days. I never did understand how to level them up back then though.. xD
    Anyhow, thank you! ♥