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  1. I've only got one other roleplay going and would very much like to start another centered around spies. I love a good spy story, conspiracy theories, and have been watching spy series on netflix so now I'm craving a spy RP.

    I do have an idea for one, and it goes something like this: You are approached in college by someone claiming to be from the government, he tells you that you fit a certain profile and that you have the opportunity to work for the U.S. government as a spy. Curious, you accept and soon find yourself taking a series of written tests, including rigorous physical training, and having passed them you are required to sign around 500 non-disclosure agreements to finally become a CIA operative.

    You start at your cover site, working under your specialize background skill, intelligence, forensics, medical, high tech, etc..., for an evaluation of 1 year. After 12 months, you are told that you are ready to transition to the real operations headquarters at APO (Authorized Personnel Only) - APO is a black-ops division of the CIA that undertakes highly classified missions (hidden even from Congressional oversight) and the reason why APO does not operate out of Langley, VA.

    The story arc, involves the investigation of unexplained phenomena, secret organizations, conspiracy theories, and UFO sighting investigation. All related to the intelligence that we are not alone and in fact have been visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms, but what your investigation reveals is far more dark, when you uncover that there are alien sleeper cells among us - even inside APO. The story moves forward into a more complicated plot that reveals a pending invasion. Our role, as roleplayers, is to tell this story through our characters. We won't just focus on the action but also on the lives of our characters outside their jobs and how they relate with one another. I will set up the missions, provide the plots, and drop little crumbs for you to pick up. It will be up to you how the story develops.

    UPDATE: The OOC thread is up and recruiting, head on over if you are interested.
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  2. I actually like this, alot-- seems quite in depth and engaging!
  3. Meee! C:
  4. Wow! Sounds awesome- count me in!
  5. Id prefer to play as a spetsnaz Zaslon operative of SVR RF
  6. Yasssssssssssssssss interested
  7. Yes yes yes. This sounds amazing
  8. Color me interested! :3 I absolutely love a good Spy roleplay.
  9. Glad to see there is interest. My last roleplay took a month to get set up, but I don't want anyone to lose interest while preparations are being made. So, I will ask you guys to help in speeding up the process of setting up the roleplay. I am now changing this to group RP plotting.

    I want you guys to be involve in setting up the rules; so tell me what sort of rules you feel the group should adhere to?

    Also, do you prefer we move forward together as one group against the plot, or shall I make two groups competing against each other and the plot?
  10. I guess it really depends on what writing level you're shooting for. Other than that, things like metagaming, godmodding, marysue/garystu, and such most definitely shouldn't be allowed. Iwaku rules apply, no one-liners, grammar and spelling mistakes should be done to the best of a person's ability, although I'd personally state that for a group roleplay that grammar/spelling mistakes should be few. No autohitting/killing/controlling another person's character.

    As long as it's made clear which subplot is assigned to who and no confusion is present, I like the idea of two separate groups competing against each other, but I'm not sure what you mean by competing against the plot.
  11. @SweetBloodVampyre I generally prefer advance writing and 3rd person perspective, and my rules are pretty much in par with yours.

    What I mean by competing against the plot - is the obstacles, the NPCs, and environment our character's will face as the story moves forward.
  12. Ah, well then adding onto what I think rules should be; a minimum of two paragraphs is expected. If we're competing against the plot I think one whole group would be easier to manage. (:
  13. Alright, I've started to write up the intro and rules for this. I hope to have the OOC up by the end of the week. :thumbsup2:
  14. Yay! I can't wait to start! :D
  15. I hope this roleplay isn't too advance enough to get me kicked due to my shitty grammar and sometimes lack of detail ;_;
  16. I've not forgotten about this. I'm working on the intro and doing research for the missions. The way I see it, this will be a quest driven roleplay. I set up the missions and send agents to investigate, and as you go about your work I provide obstacles and leave little crumbs, little details, for you to pick up.

    However, the one thing I don't want to do is hold anyone's hand, and even though I am leading you through a dungeon like adventure, keep in mind that I rely on you to add your own individual character goals to the story.
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  17. Name: Enrique Ortiz
    Call sign: Perro
    Born: January 29 1987
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 185lbs
    Hair: Stark Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Characteristics: Above average build, similar in physicality to that of a UFC fighter. Keeps his hair trimmed short.
    Training/Special Skills: Skilled in close quarters combat, interrogation techniques, advanced torture techniques, above average marksmanship, above average reaction time, skilled in parkour.
    Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French.
    Education: Meets all requirements.

    Family Information
    Marital status: Negative, prefers to keep himself away from emotional attachment so that he can be more effective in the field.
    Parents/Siblings: Arturo Ortega, Father, Deceased. Carlota Ortega, Mother, Deceased. Amanda Ortega, Sister, Alive.

    Early life: Raised in a barrio in San Juan, he gained his citizenship after his mother and father moved to the states in 1993. Since he has been raised in a lower middle class household, his father was hard and brought him up believing that he should strive to help others. Participated in football and wrestling as a teenager, excelled in history.
    College: Attended the United States Military Academy at West Point NY, excelled in marksmanship and espionage. Was approached three weeks before graduation.

    Enrique was sitting in an office wearing his PT uniform, he had been called in by one of his CO's and was told to sit in the chair and wait. He saw the handle on the door turn and stood from his seat, flattening out his shorts. He watched as a man with corrective lenses and a suit, he held a manilla folder under his left arm and shook Enrique's outstretched hand with his right. He gestured towards the seat behind Enrique and asked him to sit.

    "My name is Freidrich Werner," The man said in a vaguely German accent, "I am a recruiter for the Central Intelligence Agency, I have been through your file several times among that of others and I have to say you are an impressive candidate. While you do not excel in mathematics, chemisty, or many things most do, you are gifted in combat scenarios, hand to hand combat, small arms accuracy, your physical abilities rival those of your instructors. It's impressive a young man like yourself isnt in the UFC taking on Chuck Liddell."

    "Thank you sir," Enrique said sitting straight in his chair his arms at his sides, "If I may ask are you recruiting me?"

    The man smiled and tapped the table, "That is correct, I am recruiting you. Upon graduation you will be asked again if you wish to join a special operations unit of the CIA. While I can assure you that you will be capable of joining I must inform you we will ask you to do things many others are not comfortable with, you must take your orders above all else. Do you think you can do what is asked of you, anything that is asked of you, for your country?"

    "Yes sir," Enrique said forcing back a smile, never in his wildest dreams had he ever anticipated that this would happen but nothing could have made him happier. He was only 24 and he was already on his way to the career of espionage and serving his country dutifully and with pride. Since then he has been on several missions all of which written in black ink and covered up later on. In July of 2012 his father passed away, soon followed by his mother in August of the same year. His sister is still alive and lives in Austin TX, currently engaged to a banker.
  18. I'm interested ^^

    I have a question though. Can some characters have moved from another agency (like the MI6 or something)?
  19. Not possible because everyone was recruited right out of college - but, this does not discredit the possibility that you were approached by other intelligent agencies during your CIA training period or evaluation period. You can play a double agent if you want to go that rout, we just need to work together on who you work for and their goals. I'm working on the OOC at the moment, making it all presentable, it should be up sometime today. :)
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