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  1. After it exits your stomach.

    Uhm, I'm not new to roleplaying, but I'm new to this site, and thoroughly confused [that seems to be my natural state].

    So, hi.

    I like bears. And cannibals. I'm in high school, a senior. I get really awkward when people I barely know unleash the inner workings of their mind onto me. Though, I think that's normal. I think.

    Oh, and my English isn't the best because I was raised in a household where I had four different languages coming at me at the same time, so my to, two, and too stuff can get confused, as well as my knows and no's and knews and news.
  2. Welcome. That name is astoundingly beautiful and gross at the same time. Bravo.

    Yay for bears. What is it exactly about cannibals, and you like them as an enemy to hunt or your own persona?

    Well kudos to you for picking up so much of language - useful amounts of the other three? - and having only a few nicks and chips in your English than most single-language users.
  3. Thanks!

    Yes, yay for bears! It needs to be said with gusto.
    And I enjoy writing for cannibalistic characters. It's been a long, two-year obsession that I don't think is going to go away. I wouldn't say it's my persona though. Mostly because I'm not entirely sure what that means, and I think my persona is already a sloth/sun bear hybrid.

    Yup, I've got a good understanding of two, as they're my parents' native languages (I should say dialect, but the difference is more than just an accent), the Spanish and English are something I'm still refining.
  4. I used 'persona' to mean 'represents yourself'. And hmm, sloth/sun bear sure stands out from all the wolves and cats, so cool for that.
    People will RP animals here if you're into that, and furries seem to get either a HUGE thumb's up OR thumb's down reaction in potential partners. Or at least I've not seen many people shrug in middle ground.

    Cannibals, have you read Anita Blake books? The shapeshifters there react to meat (human and shifter too) the way vampires react to blood, when they get out of control.
    Myself, I have one character so hardened that dead is dead and meat is meat, though since he's technically the only one in his species that may not qualify.
    You might find people willing to write gruesome stuff with you in Mature forum though not only there. Mature includes crime and disturbing, not just sex.
    If you have plot ideas, you and I could talk. Maybe you're blackmailing/threatening me into luring/kidnapping people for you to dismember.
  5. Oh, I'm not a furry. I don't have anything against them, I'm just neutral. The only way I relate to bears is because Winnie the Pooh and Old Baloo were really big things for me when I was a kid, so yea. The Jungle Book is just something I really love, even the Disney version that kind of strayed a lot from the original.
    Animals with personality can be fun to RP though, I've done it a few time as a sort 'insert' between really action-filled and dramatic scenes.

    I haven't read those, though that sounds cool. I'll hafta to look into it. I'm bigger on classics like The Three Musketeers and whatnot.
    Oh gosh, I have several. I won't go into them at the moment, because I'm attached and tend to ramble on the topic.
    Okay, cool. And I figured Mature meant as much, though people seem to take it mostly as sex.
    And that would be interesting. I have a character that would definitely do something like that, even if I did, I'm not beyond coming up with a fellow or lady like that. Though I don't actually have any plot ideas in particular.
  6. Okay. If you have existing characters you want to bring out, how about you post here or message me them? I'd like to play with one of yours. In general I'd like to be an unwilling accomplice. And you can always take a day or so to brainstorm specific plot and setting - single city like Sweeney Todd or living on the road? Modern or swords-and-horseback era?
  7. Well I'm not sure if people use pictures here or not, but I don't have an image drawn up for him anyways, so I'll just describe him.

    Okay, so his name is Fritz. He's in his mid twenties, sort of a scraggly guy with a real scruffy beard. He's caucasian, pale, and his eyes and hair are just a mousy brown color. He's emaciated due to bad eating habits and an inherently overactive metabolism. He usually comes off as a fairly meek, nondescript person with little to say about anything. He's one of those people whose "just there". He's an observant guy, and he stashes anything and everything useful that he sees and hear away in his mind for later use. He survives off the information he hoards, and it's also how he manages to keep his taste in meat secret. He knows how to behave normally, and he knows not to over indulge. Though he definitely has a hoarding personality, and he likes to...stock up on meat in case a time comes where he won't be able to go out and retrieve some himself.

    So for the base idea you've got, I guess I can make use of Fritz's tendency to be religious, as he desires stability and some sort of insurance that he'll be in alright in the afterlife. Maybe he catches wind of some foreign (and thoroughly feared) god/goddess, and in order to become a disciple, he has to give an offering. But he's not physically suitable to give up fresh offerings, which is where he starts to go hunting, figuratively, for someone who he can get to kill for him. Which is where your character would come in. I suppose he would be witness to something they did that they'd want to keep secret and he uses that to his advantage.

    Also, I like to make up stuff as I go. Usually thing manage to connect so long as I have a motive for my characters already in hand. But to answer your questions, wandering the road on horseback with swords at their side sound pretty good to me. Some ambiguous or AU setting would be good to so that details can be based on both research creativity, though it should probably be akin to some known era. Maybe something medieval or Renaissance-like.
  8. Wow for the detail and depth.
    It blows my mind that someone who commits one of the most offending taboos is concerned for his wellbeing in afterlife. Although in other cultures and fantasy settings what he's doing might make him a spiritually powerful person, hmm.

    Agreed that we can be vaguely medieval/Renaissance and add features as needed; I like flexibility rather than a network of factual rules.

    I'll have to think about the specifics of my character and get back to you the next day, although the coersion is something I've wanted to experience for a while. A male and female pair, where it's not clear in the beginning whether they're childhood friends, siblings, or a couple. The male would be the silent and tough sort, while the female might be more expressive and even cheery during good times but more likely to slit throats.
  9. Thanks, I think.
    Exactly. Really, though, I just wanted a nervous sorta character who was inclined to eat long pig. He turned out to be religious, and so long as ya' think that's interesting, then I guess it works out fine.

    Cool cool cool.

    And once again, cool. Feel free to get back to me when you're ready.
  10. Welcome! :D As a former Biology class taker, I knew that already! :D

    My name is Mittens! I also love bears and I don't see why I can't hug them in the wildernesses of Mittenland. :< As for your languages, I think you are lucky! I love languages and am constantly trying to learn new ones! ^^

    I hope you find Iwaku and its' people wonderful and I'm excited to see you in the future, as you are currently not online! :D If you have any questions, feel free to contact Staffies or Admins, or even myself! ^^
  11. Wooo, Biology!

    Nice to meet you mittens, and thankyou very much. I'll make sure to keep that in mind, as I'll likely have questions. And thanks again!
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