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  1. So I know that this has been attempted twice already, but nonetheless I'd like to start up an RP based on the series "Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai". From my understanding the last two attempts died off primarily because of GM inactivity, but I can ensure anyone reading this that it won't be likely for me to suddenly disappear and I also have a lot of experience GMing various other RPs on different forum sites. If anyone would be interested in joining this RP I'd love to hear from you! :D

    Also, I myself already have a couple characters for myself in mind, both of which I am working on already. I'm nearly done with one of them, and the other is developing steadily.
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  2. Well, it's been ages since I explored the concept and I haven't seen the anime itself, but I suppose I can give it a shot, again.
  3. Cool! :) And while you don't necessarily have to, I do recommend watching the anime at some point for the simple fact that it is a great story and has some really cool and funny scenes. Plus, Rikka is adorbs <3

    Anyways, welcome to the party! :D
  4. I'm interested! Let me know when this happens!!
  5. I reeeaally shouldn't join another rp but forget it I'm interested. :D
  6. I'm interested! :D
  7. Yay! I'm glad so many of you guys are interested! :D So to those 3 that were in the first attempted chuunibyou RP feel free to use your old characters or make up new ones, though if you do choose to use your old ones I think it goes without saying that their slates would be clean being that it's a whole different RP. In order to sort of plan something out with this, since I want it to have a similar feel to the anime, I'm going to just give a quick summary of my characters and the setting I have developed in my head.

    My first character I created is a former patient of chuunibyou, but his coming to the normal side was anything but orthodox. He's currently a second year in high school, but around the end of his first year of high school, while he still had chuunibyou, some graduating senpai that were members of a chuuni-based club called him out for a battle since they were on the side of darkness and he was on the side of light. They had an epic battle in a building that was under construction, and while the senpai were celebrating their victory Ryuu Harada (my character) managed to slip free and shoved them all away just before a pile of I beams that had fallen off a construction elevator fell on them. The shock broke their connection to their chuuni selves and they called an ambulance (albeit completely losing their heads the whole time) and afterwards they swore of chuunibyou and advised that their kouhai that were in the club do the same for their own sake. Ryuu survives the incident (obviously) and walks away with a few broken bones and a concussion that rattled his brain around giving him temporary amnesia. He initially forgot everything, but slowly regained his memory over time up to pre-chuuni, and his family hid all his chuuni stuff in storage. With this I kinda want their to have been one remnant of the chuuni club who for whatever reasons didn't/couldn't let go of her chuunibyou despite all the upperclassmen doing so. This girl would be in the same year as Ryuu, and "coincidentally" be in the same class and go on to influence his behavior, without really trying to, as she would only see him as the archangel persona he used to have and do whatever she can to stay on guard around him in an over dramatic chuunibyou way without really specifying in a way he can understand anymore as to the reason why. Obviously given his past most of the rest of their class would look down at him and sort of shun him, so he'd be most drawn to her chuunibyou group that she's trying to reform via frequently bugging her upperclassmen that quit and recruiting younger members to her club. In this RP I was also open to having a connected junior high school like in the anime for anyone who wanted a younger character or for younger siblings to your character as side chars.

    My second character is a first year with chuunibyou who lives on her own due to her parents having busy lifestyles and she see's herself as a descendant of the goddess of ice and snow Shiva, though her profile is still in the works. Also, characters who don't have chuunibyou are very welcome in this RP, especially if they're like Kumin where they don't necessarily have it but are curious, because Kumin is a doll! XD <3 I'm thinking either 2 or 3 max characters per person, depending on your skill level and how much you personally think you can handle. Also, sorry that ended up being so long; I really did try to summarize it as much as possible ^^'
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  8. by the way, I plan on holding up this post for about a week before I begin setting up in order to see if there are more people interested. I might also have some other people in mind that might be interested, but I'll get to them in due time
  9. I'm interested in the theme.
  10. I'm interested in this~
  11. Sounds cool, but could you link the old thread?
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  12. OOOOH I thought this was a reboot of another rp that died, but yeah I'm still up for this one! And I'm definitely going to use my old character!

    Convenient Link!
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  13. this sounds fun
    and i think i have an oc somewhere on google docs that would be a good fit!
    sign me up =w=)Y
  14. @Mundane Monster oh, yeah, no. I'm a new member on this site so this is my first thread; I've just been thinking about this for months is all. And since there have already been 7 people posting their interest when it hasn't even been a full 48 hours since I initially posted this interest check thread, not to mention I have another 2/3 people I know IRL who will likely also be joining in, I think I'll just go ahead and set up the OOC thread soon. This is still open to anyone interested, and I will comment a link to the OOC after I make it later.
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  15. I'm still in! we can play non-chuunibyou characters too, right?
  16. @Banana-senpai most definitely! You could have characters who used to be chuunibyou or who never had it to begin with; totally up to you
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  17. Awesome, I'll have a relatively normal character (or two) to throw in the mix, someone to look after the bunch.
  18. Nice! :D you could even make a third year that used to be in the club but quit after the incident involving Ryuu :) just thought I'd put the idea out there, not really a necessity. Heck there could even be a third year that sees the girl that kept her chuunibyou bugging the former members who feels sorry for her or something and tries to help or whatever, but we can figure all that out later after I set up the OOC (I'm currently posting from work on my phone)
  19. Awesome, thanks! I'm so excited!
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