Church Shootings

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  1. I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread on this yet O_O I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the church shootings that happened in Charleston, SC and Memphis, TN (where I'm from). This is some scary shit for me because the fact that those shootings happened not too far apart from each other in terms of time just screams something big happening. As a black woman who grew up in the church, I always felt safe and loved there. Well most of the time anyways. Church in general is very important to the black community and it’s a safe haven for some people. If that’s taken away from us, we have nothing to make us feel safe. This is just fucking insane and ridiculous and I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the world today. My heart definitely goes out to those poor people and their families and I hope those heartless, demonic bastards get the maximum punishment and a good beating!
  2. Hatred breeds hatred.
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  3. Which is why certain people should never have kids
  4. Personally I believe that there shouldn't be race/sex/sexuality barriers. However, that sounds extreme. People just need to start accepting people who aren't homicidal/rapists for who they are.
  5. Hatred is a virus of the mind: It just as easily spreads from one adult to another, as it does between children and adults. This is a tragedy, but focusing any emotion on it beyond pity and empathy for the victims merely gives the malady of the mind a venue from which to spread itself.

    I feel for the victims, and refuse to feel any emotion to the killer: Undue gravitas should be granted to meaningless things, like entertainment, not people worth less than the sum of their biological parts.
  6. Yeah it's a bit extreme but like Brovo said, hatred breeds hatred. Yes there shouldn't be barriers and everyone should be treated equally but the fact remains that racism and sexism still exists in the U.S. and all around the world. We aren't improving for shit. Instead we're getting WORSE.
  7. Not all of us. It seems rather cyclic to me. Whenever people get tired of hating something new, they go back to the old standards.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Source. Never let the tragedies of today cloud the bigger picture: We are making progress. Painful, bloody progress, but progress nonetheless. Change in a peaceable democracy takes generations. Again, I feel sorry for the victims, and I empathize with your pain, but... Take heart that things are actually improving overall. :ferret:
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  9. Damn it you had to ruin it XD Well I am seeing improvement but it's only amongst the youngsters. The middle aged and old people on the other hand....... They're the reason why racism still exists so much.
  10. Shootings? What's Charleston? Can I eat it? o_o

    -Swede continues to live in ignorant bliss in the peaceful but often cold North-
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  11. Agreed. Hatred is an exoskeleton that people pick up when they're missing other parts of their identity. Education and social progress will curtail these gunmen.
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  12. Aye, and over the generations as they die off, they'll take their hatred with them: So long as we, the younger generation, don't succumb to it ourselves. This is a painful tragedy, but you seem the sharp sort. We survive, we move forward, we improve. We have a ways to go, but I offer this: We're human first, and it should be carried with a mark of pride that for every genocidal madman like this amongst the youth, there's a hundred who would decry his acts to be disturbing and vile.

    Progress is on our side, we just have to let time do its painful reckoning. In the meantime, it's up to people like you and me to keep the light of hope going, and not to succumb to pain and hatred, to tackle individual issues as they appear with good virtues. If we fail, the racists, homophobes, sexists, and other disgusting elements of society win. We can't let that happen, not when we've come so far and had so many in our past before us die for a better tomorrow, so let's focus on the victims, and give them the attention: Sympathy, kindness, and mercy--the things this tragedy sorely lacked. :ferret:
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  13. This country has many problems with racism, gender inequality, and prejudice towards the LGBTQ definitely being at the forefront of popular discussion. These issues have been in this country for ever and they most likely will not be eradicated for a great number of years. I only hope that the next generation holds more hope for this country and no more nut jobs who commit these kinds of acts are born. I also agree that the older generation is much to blame for many of these issues as their ideas and morals are often taught to youngsters who take those values to heart and often stick to them for the remainder of their life.
  14. There will always be violent psychopaths so long as the human race and free will exists. Sorry. The penalty of freedom when coupled with intelligence is that some people abuse it for nefarious ends.
  15. The Church is a building just like any others.
    I don't harbor any extra shock or surprise at a shooting happening there over something such as a church.

    In fact I'm less surprised, because that at least suggests the shooting was motivated by religious reasons from another religion.

    But as pointed out above, violent crimes are also decreasing.
    So although terrible acts, we're slowly seeing them become a rarer thing.

    And any killers/shooters we have out there should be given adequate therapy and support.
    Our goal (after seeing to the victims, obviously) should be to understand what causes this hatred, and see if we can get rid of it, both in the individual and prevent it from spreading to others.
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  16. I don't know what to say about that. I hope that you're joking around. I just don't understand why you would post something like this...

    A church isn't just 'a building' to many people in the world. It's a place of hope and healing for those who go to one. For many people, religion has helped them with many things in their lifetime (like getting over with death in the family or accepting peace). There are people that just believe in God, because they can. But for many, they read the Bible or pray every night to help them. True, there might not be a God or Gods; but, you have to respect peoples' beliefs, not going around and saying that the churches are 'buildings'. They are building, true, but that church and many other churches mean a lot to people.

    I believe that there is a God or Gods, but I don't pray every day or go to church (last time that I went to church was last Christmas). I know someone that went to God, because they almost died in a car crash. Just be a respectful atheist not that asshole atheist, who shouts "GOD IS NOT REAL" every five seconds to people outside.

    Plus, the whole 'killer should get help not get sent to life in prison' is bullshit. We can't get 'rid' of hate, it's in all of us. We can't stop hate from spreading. This world is never going to be equal, you have to accept that. You can think about it, but that idea is just a distanced dream. There are going to be killers and shootings forever, even in the future. Why do you think that we can get rid of it?

    If you were joking around, then I am sorry for overreacting; but, this post just made me upset. If you weren't, then my respect for you just dropped.
  17. You can hold as much sentimental value to it as you want, but that's not what I was getting at.

    Church's structurally speaking are just like any other building.
    They have supports, bricks, wood etc.

    Nothing about it's build, design etc. would be able to protect someone from a shooting.
    Doors are open, windows everywhere.

    Someone could walk into it with a gun just as easily as another building, like a school or a mall.
    And no amount of "I feel churches are special" will deter a killer away, otherwise we'd deter them away simply by saying "I feel killing is wrong".

    Seriously, this isn't a hard concept.
    Churches don't tend to come with bullet proof glass, iron gates etc.
    Yet not all of us are running about killing people, are we?

    So clearly there's something going on other than "hate" causing these acts of violence.
    And it's these things that we can address, try to work on and fix for the betterment of society.

    For one big example, child abuse.
    You reduce the amount of child abuse and I guarantee the amount of shooting will also decrease.
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  18. I think the counter argument here is that churches have an additiional symbolic significance, even in the mind of a killer. The concept of the Sacred is a popular one in most cultures. At such it takes an extra modicum of hatred to commit attrocities upon that symbol. Of course, this killer may have no relational thinking; but many do. Symbology is important to numerous documented mass murderers. Hence the increased shock by people who cause church or school shootings.
  19. He made a choice to hurt people for his own gratification, I think he is beyond helping.
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  20. How come no one's talking about that hair cut?

    Admit it. If you had that cut you'd probably think; 'I'm gonna shoot someone today.'


    All in all, it sucks. The race baiters are going to use it to further their agenda. The religious zealots will use it as fuel for their persecution claims.

    He should be judged in a court of law, not a court of public opinion.
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