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  1. I just recently finished watching all of the "Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions" series, and thought that an RP based on a group of Chunibyo would be very entertaining, and I wanted to see if anyone else agreed. If I get 3 others with interest, I'll work upon further details.
  2. I would be interested, though I have only finished the first season so far and have yet to watch the second if that would be okay.
    Chuunibyou is a personality trait. You don't need to watch a show to know what a specific personality trait is.
  4. D: I was expecting some roleplay full of chuuni! And not a roleplay based off Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai ._.

    Nowadays Chuuni is also used to describe a certain weeb genre, which I thought this rp was about!

    Edit: Educational Link
  5. Chuunibyou is basically this thing where you think you're some cool thing that shoots lasers and all that stuff, or think you're some amine character with a cool sword.

    Despite its name, some of us, unfortunately, develop it before 14.
  6. I know what Chunibyo is, I mentioned the anime because that's what he had just watched before putting this up. If it's just a rp about whole other characters not connected to the anime then I'll be fine. I just wanted to make sure I had let him know that if he wanted a fandom of the anime and it's characters I wouldn't know everything since I've only seen half of it and I wouldn't want to be a hindrance for him.
  7. @ScarletNova The only thing you need to know for this RP is what a chunibyo is.

    As for the info I promised, I'll try to put up the OOC once I have access to a computer tonight.
  8. My apologies, I've been procrastinating on top of my schedule, which is why I haven't gotten the OOC up yet. I'm working on it, just... slowly, that's it.
Thread Status:
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