Chrono Asylum: Madness Begins

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  1. Hi everyone!

    This is a reboot of an old RP from another site. We have released a soft launch of the OOC under the Modern Fantasy Sign Up, so this is a great time to join us! =D

    Here is a preview of our introduction. <3


    Introduction, Gold

    GM: Xodus
    Sub-GM: Ryvver

    Since the dawn of Mankind's innocence and subsequent fall, he has always sought dominion over that which lies beyond the perimeters of understanding. Always desiring more yet never satisfied, the endless cycle of gluttony in an eternal loop of irony. This unquenchable thirst for the taboo lead Man into discovering a force of change one that could transcend mortals from the restraints cast by Nature, Reality and Sanity. This malevolent force known as Alchemy which Man aimed to exploit so as to sever the chains of stagnation and usher in a self-proclaimed golden era, a utopia.​

    Though its origins still vague and shrouded in ambiguity, the certainty of its miracles were irrefutable and so quickly lured all those whose hearts had been tainted by ambition and lust. Many considered Alchemy to be some form of sorcery, a naive assumption. Alchemy is simply a harbinger of change by transmuting one's will and breathing it into existence, severing the chains of weakness but at a price. A basic principal dictates when something is acquired a compensation would be in order. Thus anyone who wielded Alchemy as the double edged blade it was, were doomed to sacrifice their very identity, their humanity. This self-destructive force later on came to be known as the Insannadiction Effect; where a process of digression would occur, leading to a "monstrous" state where Man's first and purest of carnal desires lay dormant, namely destruction and violence. This realization slowly began to arouse a sense of dread and that gave birth to fear. Alchemy came to be known as what it truly was, an opium so addictive that it poisons those who are seduced by its allure and without restrain slowly engulfs them in madness, an unnatural insanity. Due to this Alchemy was soon considered a forbidden art, immediately replaced by Chemistry which respected the laws dictated by Nature.

    The practice of Alchemy however did not stop; some stains can only fade but never wash away. Humanity's greatest folly is perhaps their stubborn inability to learn and such was the case with Alchemy. It did not stop; the forbidden art could not dissipate. While the knowledge of Alchemy remained scarce, those that possessed it wielded an uncanny advantage. There soon existed two kinds of people, those that remained unaware seeking shelter in their ignorance and those that were aware of the circumstances but lacked the power to make a decisive stand. After all what is a mere human in comparison to a Alchemist, for they are monsters are they not? However the world could not allow itself to descend into madness and thus near the fifteenth century a change occurred that marked a momentous era. An organization surfaced from the shadows, unbeknownst to the ignorant and a looming eye over the Alchemists. This organization was created to counter and monitor Alchemy in hopes to lift the curse it had woven upon the world. How one may ask? The answer quite simple, the only way to beat a monster is with another much stronger monster. And so the Alchemy Management and Restraint Organization (A.M.R.O) was born as a deterrent to turmoil.

    To fend of rogue Alchemists A.M.R.O gathered itself an army of trained and disciplined Alchemists, for humans had proven to be ineffective and incompetent, monsters were needed. Every Alchemist that joined the ranks of A.M.R.O was tasked to work in pairs, becoming taboo for the two to separate from each other. The reasons for the pairing was crucial, due to the dreaded insanaddiction effect, both alchemists were ordered to share a link between their sanity to halt and curb the curse. But the reality of this pairing was far more grim, simply if one of the partners were to fall victim to the curse than the other was to immediately kill him or her, preventing catastrophe.

    Over the centuries A.M.R.O's influence grew rapidly, so much so that it could indirectly affect the very economy of a state and its decisions. Over the course of time A.M.R.O even managed to excel in technology, creating weapons and machinery that surpassed the years, over a century ahead of its time. However their greatest and recent creation was undoubtedly the creation of anti-Alchemic ammunition, which gave an alternate source of battle and allowed regular human to join the Frey.

    But near the beginning of the 20th century problems once again started to rise, problems that after centuries posed a real threat to the stability of the world but more over the power that A.M.R.O held. For some reason the Alchemists in the world had begun to increase dramatically and what was truly shocking was the fact that a rebellion had surfaced where many opposed A.M.R.O and its monopolization of Alchemy and eventually all hell broke out and a war surfaced unlike any other, a world war. However the real threat came from the aftermath, while everyone was lulled into a false sense of security and peace with the aligning of nations and creation of UN, yet behind this facade storms were brewing for a feeling had seeped in that A.M.R.O was no longer the only organization of its kind. Its the 21st Century now and yet this is all merely the prelude!

  2. Awesome the Int. Check is up! Awesomely done Ryvvy.

    Spots are open, get em while they are fresh! =D We are looking for around 6 members.

    I am happy to discuss any queries that may arise.
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