INTEREST CHECK Chronicles: The Paragon Effect

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  1. There's a lot to this series I'm working on, so I'll do my best to condense as much information as possible into an interest check and still try to give it the ol' hook-line-and-sinker.

    Some Prefacing Information (Spoiler)

    The Knight Protectors of the Sagen Order (open)
    The Sagen Order has existed since the Crusade of 1101, during the reign of King Baldwin I. Two military orders, the Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitaller uncovered an entrance to the tell below Jerusalem, tunnels and basements that made up the streets and ancient buildings of a city that has long been rebuilt above itself. In the ruins below, in what is thought to be the remains of Solomon's Temple, destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II in 587 BCE, the orders uncovered twelve small crystalline spires, no larger or taller than an adult human, and each one was a different color. Upon contact with the crystals, the knights gained the incredible power to control the elements that the crystals stood for. Red for Fire, blue for Water, and so and so forth.

    Now (present day), the Sagen Order, as the few knights that had been gifted with elementalism came to call themselves, are a secretive organization of several thousand. Sagens can be born with their parents' ability to control and manipulate the elements, or they can be granted by the Elders - the governing body of the Sagens - to touch one of the crystal spires and become one of them.

    Each Sagen is gifted with the ability to quickly learn and master one of the twelve elements from birth or gifting. This is known as their "signature element", and the coats they wear until mastering all twelve are the color of that element. When they have demonstrated their mastery of every element, they are granted the white and gold-trimmed coats of the Elite.

    Over time, Elites developed the phenomena of infusion; a process in which the combination of massive amounts of Light and Spirit energy "infused" together into a human target would result in immortality. A risky operation, with a great reward. While infusion sounds like the power of a god, it only negates two of the three faytes. Death by age and illness are no longer a factor to those that are infused. They can only die by actually being killed. Such a powerful gift is only granted to a Sagen when they join the ranks of the Elite. When they are infused, they stop aging, forever trapped in their body and with the spirit (maturity) of their age. They can succumb to no sickness, and they fear no outbreak or plague. "By mine or my enemy's sword, shall I die," is their oath.

    During the Renaissance the Sagens had become a proud collective of powerful people that enjoyed many freedoms and dignities that the rest of the world of their time could not. Women were accepted and treated fairly, allowed to hold high positions of power and opportunity. Doctors used advanced forms of herbal and practical medicine, even dabbling in surgery and studying the human anatomy. Scholars taught science, rather than alchemy; and language and mathematics were arts that all Sagens are well-versed in.

    Most of the Sagens currently live inside of a nether realm called the Shadow. Nether realms were discovered shortly after 1200, when the Sagens of that day stumbled across a rift portal phenomena that led to an "earth inside of earth" type world. Nether realms are typically very small regions of floating land mass surrounded by a misty abyss on all sides and below. This abyss is thought to be limitless, as well as the blue sky above the floating islands. The Shadow is only one of many nether realms thought to exist, and Sagen historians have deduced that the Celtic myth of Avalon - a legendary paradise island protected by an internal mist - is actually a nether realm accessible by a portal somewhere in Brittany. Overtime, the brightest of the Sagens managed to forge pieces of silver that contained enough Sonic energy to create a portal leading to the Shadow, as each nether realm portal operates on a frequency that determines which specific realm it will lead to. The Sagen, whether they know how to use Sonic or not, can use these pieces to open a portal at any time, any where.

    It is within the Shadow that the Sagen Order had chosen to build their home, a fortress-like city with high-reaching towers and impenetrable walls. Though their home will likely never fall under attack, it offers a great sense of security and comfort for the hundreds of Sagens living within. The Order has come to call this home the Citadel. All Sagens are welcome within its hallowed walls, and may practice their faith in whatever manner they please, and go about their daily lives without the world interfering. Many Sagens are born and raised inside of the Shadow, and trained to master the elements at a steady pace.

    Gist of the Story

    This is a modern fantasy that capitalizes on elementalism and secret organizations. There are two major "good guy" factions in the world that work together: the Sagen Order, and the Lux Veritatus. The LV is a non-Sagen organization that works to protect the secrecy of the Order outside of the fold. While they are not elementalists themselves, members of the LV utilize "E-Tech" (elemental technology).

    I've been working on an entire series for this story since I began role playing many years ago. I'd like to create a new chronicle that focuses on the Lux Veritatus and I'd like to do this with some new authors I haven't RP'd with yet. If anyone is interested, I have a document that I've titled The Compendium that acts as an encyclopedia of sorts about the world. A quick read-thru will tell you everything you need to know to get started

    As with each of my Chronicles arcs, this story will serve to support a greater plot (which will be referred to and hinted at during this story multiple times). However, it will have it's own focus and point, also like the others:

    A mysterious, heavily protected chest has arrived at the Praesidium, the underground headquarters of the Lux Veritatus. It's contents are highly classified and unknown. Only the LV's elusive leadership is aware of what's inside, and it's because of their knowledge that they have become extremely paranoid for its utmost security.

    You are either a new Lux Veritatus recruit or a veteran member undergoing your usual training routines in order to keep your body in shape and hone your skills with your E-Tech equipment. While you are curious about the case, you know fully well that getting too close may result in your death at the hands of your superiors; so you direct your attention to everyday tasks to keep your mind off of it... but it is useless.

    Several weeks ago, the Sangriel family - the keepers of the world's darkest secrets - came under attack and the Sagen Order and Lux Veritatus scrambled to find out way. Demons started appearing out of the four corners of the earth, and now Fallen are posing the greatest threat to mankind since their first appearance thousands of years ago. Sagen and LV alike are laying their lives on the ground for the sake of protecting the world. A handful have already died.

    You know that case has something to do with everything that's happening...​