Chronicles of The Black Hand

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    Dawn approaches the horizon as you stare upon the immense manor that stands before you. As you walk toward it you see the dense forest surround the manor like a babe hugs it's mother. You keep walking towards it moving through the thick brush of the forest. Finally after treading through the forest you stand at the doorstep of the manor. You hear many swords clang and men shout at each other. "This manor is incredible" you think to yourself, after that thought you pull from your waist a map. You skim over it seeing that this is The Head Quarters of The Black Hand. These men are an elite group of warriors who are called on during war to assist the kings and queens of the kingdoms to win the battle. The closest town near here is Falkor, which is a small trading town that doesn't have many travelers come through it. You sit there thinking about what this manor will have in store.

    History (Two to three paragraphs long):

  2. Name: Eldric DeWayne
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Profession: Traveling Merchant
    History (Two to three paragraphs long): Eldric DeWayne was born in to a very kind and gentle family. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister, and he was older than both of them. His mother and father were both farmers, and his family did not have a lot of money, but they had enough to support themselves and pay their taxes to the ruler of their land. One day it seemed as if his mother and father were both struggling to pay their taxes, because birds came and pecked at their harvest. And the ruler of the land was not a nice one, he was a greedy man, usually sending his guards to retrieve people who didn't pay their taxes on time. Their punishments were usually being beaten in public, or being sentenced to death.

    Seeing that his family was having trouble paying the taxes, he put on his blue cloak, old tattered pants, and dark leather boots before setting off with his hood up. He told his family he was going to travel around the lands, searching for valuable things that he could later sell along the road for travelers, and maybe come back in the next month with enough money for them to pay their taxes. He would rather have them alive then dead. And out the door he went, with a goal that would determine whether his family would live or not.
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