Chronicles of an Immortal Marriage (Historical Action Romance RP list)

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Alright. I am going to be posting a few one-on-ones based off of my King/Soul story and centered around the main character, Sean Hiruki and his wife. Each rp will take place at some point during their long history together., Starting with around 200 AD, China where they first met.

I leave the creation of the wife totally up to each person. I only ask that she be some form of Immortal being, preferably Chinese Immortal.

Basics on Sean: Name:Sean Hiruki AKA Zhang FeiAKA Sanjuro
Age:Unknown (Looks 25)
Fighting Styles: Drunken Boxing, Jeet Kun Do, Ju-jutsu, Bushido, Boxing, Street Fighting,Monkey style Kung Fu, Five Animal Style Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Muay Thai
Powers:Flight, Telepathy, Elemental control, healing abilities
Weaknesses:his love for humanity. Every time he heals his wounds unnaturally, part of a feather on his wings turns black. By now, three of his six wings have become fully black. When all six go black, he is cursed to go to hell for eternity. Also, depending of the severity of the wound, the longer it'll take to heal.
Personality:Kind and caring. Almost never angry. Sean has a good sense of humor and knows when to focus on his job. He also has a sarcastic side to him.
Bio:Sean has lived a very long life. After fighting Lucifer in Heaven, he traveled to Earth to watch over Humanity. He eventually became a warrior and traveled the world He eventually found himself in China, where he learned the Martial Arts. There he Met the two men that would be his Oath brotghers. Liu Bei and Guan Yu and fought for the State of Shu during the era of the Three Kingdoms. Sean later moved to Japan and met the Sword Saint Miyamoto Musashi, whom taught him the Way of the Samurai. Around 1775 he found himself in what would soon become the United States of America. Sean joined the Army and fought in the Revolution, Civil War and both World Wars. During the second World War, Sean freed a Concentration Camp that was apart of what would later be known as The Holocaust. Upon seeing the horrors in the camp, Sean was filled with a rage and sadness he never felt before. Many Nazi were killed in his outburst of fury. Sean would never again be filled with that level of anger.

When Sean got back to America he helped create the KING/SWORD. He has been an agent ever since
Theme Song: "Supercrush!" by Devin Townsend Project

RP 1: Fateful Marraige/ Romance in the Three Kingdoms (Tai-Chan and Myself)
Setting: Xuchang, Late Eastern Han Dynasty 183 AD, June.
Sean, going by the name Zhang Fei, was once known as the Seraphim class Angel, Samael. His memory of Heaven and of being an Angel is lost. All he knows of himself is that he is not totally human. He has lived an ageless life since Adam and Eve lost God's grace. He has fought in countless battle over the centuries. He enters the great Capitol city of Eastern Han, Luoyang. There he meets an amazing young woman. The strongest woman he will ever meet. The woman who will always fight along side him. The woman who is fated to be his wife for many millennia to come.
A year into their marriage, a war ignites. The Yellow Turban Rebellion begins and the couple is called to protect the Empire. This war is but the first in the long line. The Three Kingdoms Era hath begun.
This RP follows the couple through the Chinese Three Kingdoms Era

RP 2: The Soldier and the Nurse/ From Normandy to Berlin (Elektra & Myself),
Setting: World War Two, D-day onward
Sean has had his memory back for a few centuries now. Upon the Attack on Pearl Harbor, he joins the army to kick some Nazi ass. He becomes a Major in the 1st Infantry Division and takes part in the Invasion of Normandy on June 6th, 1944. During D-day Plus One Sean becomes injured and reports to the Field Hospital where his wife happens to work as a Nurse.
This RP follows the Couple through the Second World War

RP 3: Kiss Bang, Mafia Kings/ Romance and Alcohol
Setting: The Transcontinental Train, the L&N: New York City-Chicago , Summer 1930
Wanting a break from the normal grind and needing money, the couple joins a mafia and bootlegs liquor during the Great Depression. They get sent on a mission to Chicago, sneaking crates of alcohol onto the train disguised as Military Rations. The couple treats themselves to an extra crate and romance ensues.
This RP follows the Couple during the Prohibition Era

RP 4: Sengoku Lovers/ Everything Zen
Setting: Kyoto, Japan, 1580, Oda Nobunaga's Fiefdom
Sean, now going by the name Sanjuro (Means 30 year old) and his wife are under the command of the famous warlord Oda Nobunaga. The tale begins the night before a skirmish with the Takeda Clan.
This RP follows the Couple during the Sengoku Era

RP 5: Re-Courting one's own wife/ Camelot Romp
Setting: Camelot, England, unknown date.
Sean, having taken the name Sir Gawain, has become a knight under the legendary King Arthur Pendragon. Merlin plays a joke on Sean by turning his wife into a hag, whom he must marry for the good of the Kingdom. She becomes herself again in the night. Sean must choose which form she is to take during the day and which in the night. Either way, their second marriage night will not be one to forget.
This RP follows the Couple through the King Arthur legends.

RP 6: Motion of the Ocean/ Who says Piracy isn't Romantic? (Affably Evil & Myself)
Setting: Bermuda And Tortuga, Age of Piracy
In the late 1600s , the only way to rebel against the tyrannical King of England was to become a pirate. So that is what Sean and his wife do. After a little time, money and help from a friend named Edward Teach (Better known as Blackbeard), they gain a Schooner class ship and set sail. Stealing from the evil, giving to themselves. Turns out making love on a sailing ship is a pretty interesting experiencing.
This RP follows the Couple during the Golden Age of Piracy

RP 7: What it Takes to Build a Country/ Don't Tread on Me
Setting: The United States of America, The American Revolution
The powder keg has been ignited. The King of Britain has been ruling through tyranny. The American Colonies have sent Representatives to Philadelphia. During these talks, the people of Boston have been defending their homes against the British. Sean and his wife are among them. Even as they help create a country to call their own, they still find time to be with each other.
This RP follows the Couple during the American Revolution

RP 8: A House Divided/ A Marriage Still Stands
Setting: United States of America, The American Civil War 1861-1865
America is divided. Sean joins the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry to defend the country he helped to create. As it is customary for soldiers to have their families with them at camp, his wife is with him. The couple watches the future of war from the battlefield of this bloody conflict.
This RP follows the Couple during the American Civil War

RP 9: Journey To the Wild West/ Gunslinger Romance (Cheshire Cat & Myself)
Setting: American West, 1890, Road to Deadwood
The road of exploration has opened once more, and our intrepid couple sets out to the town of Deadwood for a bit of adventure. Six Shooters and Repeating Rifles in hand, they dare to challenge the dangers of the Wild West as they quench their thirst for exploration and enjoying their love making through the unknown.
This RP follows the Couple through the Westward Expansion.


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