Chronicles of an Apocalypse

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  1. Greetings and salutation, I am here tonight for a very specific reason; an idea that sprouted from my mind and won't let me be before it is made real. Th following will require us both to be dedicated, thorough and, above all, creative and able to share ideas. The part of history, that it may be past, present or future, this will originate will widely vary between the different lives this project will undertake, and as such, a basic knowledge of the era is a must. Now, to the meat of the matter;

    I want to document an apocalypse, from the initial news preceding the cataclysm to the end of the last human on earth.

    Morbid? Of course, but this is a great way to work on world building and the simulating of both the media and the public outcry of such a tragedy. We will need to be extremely thorough, as I said, and that will be a lot of work. It will, however, be worth it in the end, I am sure of it. Neither your gender nor your age mean anything to me, your dedication does. Now, here are a few examples of man made cataclysms that could happen and be of use to us for this project:

    Some airborne or pest-spread disease, like the Black Plague.

    A massive nuclear war.

    Pollution from an overuse of coal and gas.

    A barren land, borne from too much resource gathering and toxins.

    The melting of the ice caps.

    Those are not the only way we could go about it, but it is a start for our eventual brainstorm. Now, I do have a few requirement of my partners, and hope you can abide to them. I shall make a short list of it, and leave it there for your perusal.

    Plot extensively and have fun with me.

    Have a proper grammatical knowledge as well as a good vocabulary and spellchecker.

    Don't be afraid to suggest things or to explore new areas of the project.

    Do love what we do.

    Post at least two hundred words per post!

    This is it, I hope for a fair amount of interest! It doesn't have to b dull and dry, we mus have fun with this!

    Good evening.
  2. ... I could be your bird. Worldbuilding is my greatest passion.

    But I do have a few questions first.

    Does the apocalypse have to be man made? Is this story going to be purely realistic? Are we going to be following the events from the eyes of two characters, or from the perspective of multiple characters, as all-seeing narrators writing commentary, or is it actually going to be documentation, as in newspaper articles and radio shows and tv programs? I'm not quite sure what you mean by a "knowledge of the era." Is this not starting in the present day? Are you going to want this story to take place all over the world, or only focusing in on a part? Are we going to be posting chronologically, or as we feel? How long is it going to be before the last human dies?

    Yeah... just a few. :smile:
  3. I'll try to answer these to the best of my abilities.

    No, this does not have to be a man made cataclysm, though this would add a layer of doom to this, I think. As for realism, we can never be 100% realistic, but nothing too far fetched and instantaneous in result of the end of the world would be nice. For the POVs, it will be a mix of documentations and first person accounts of the events, I mainly want to try something new to show a story. This can start in the past, present or future, depending on the nature of the cataclysm, thus, if past, "knowledge of the era". All over the world would be best, but it can also be from a specific area. As for chronology, a bit of both, I think, we can add to the past events but we should probably stick to mostly linear a timeline. Finally, how long until the end depends on the fun we have, it can range from a few days to a few years.

    Feel free to contact me if you are still interested!
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