Chronicle's Castle

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How does it sound so far?

  1. Interesting! Would join when it gets up and started.

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  2. Not my style but good luck though.

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  1. Brief Background: Owned by the enigmatic S. Chronicle his castle had been widely speculated over the eons. Similar to it's owner not many have seen the monolithic structure for themselves and those claiming to have, raised more questions than they answered. It had only been recently, give or take a few millenniums, that the mysterious castle had been opened to the public. It was an extreme shock when Chronicle had abruptly announced that he was for the lack of a better phrase, 'In need of some fresh air' and while on his travels, anyone that wished to take up residence could freely do so. It didn't take long before all creatures from distant lands, realms, and dimensions flocked to it's gate for reasons ranging to simple curiosity to being genuinely in need of a home.

    How the castle functions: If you've already got a grasp of how the iconic Hogwart's Castle works than you're already half way there. However this one is as meddlesome as it is helpful and actively interacts with it's residents on random whims. But since it's a naturally kind castle it never purposely puts others into danger and when things take a turn for the worst it's nearly always the cause of an inhabitants recklessness. Similar to the Hogwarts third floor corridor there are some areas that are off limits purely for the safety of others. While the castle can delay your arrival, dropping well placed and very obvious hints, ultimately by the laws of Chronicle himself you will be able to reach your destination. For the most part however it's a wonderful place to live and is very accommodating to everyone and everything.

    Castle Rules:
    Surprisingly the only existing rules are for the castle itself called the Chronicle Laws written by S. Chronicle himself. They are as follows~
    • All are welcome.
    • The privacy and boundaries of all residents must be prioritized at all times.
    • Any reasonable requests may be granted.
    • Every corner of the grounds is accessible to all.
    • If any disciplinary actions need to be taken I will leave it up to your judgement.
    Essentially you can purposefully blow the library to smithereens but keep in mind that you'd be making a magical castle very, very displeased.

    And that's about it! If there are any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them below.
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  2. I might take up interest in this... just need to see the rules on terms of character building.
  3. Since I was planning for this to be mainly a sandbox RP with occasional events (by the castle or anyone that wants to host something) I'm going to be very lax with character creation. Hybrids, demigods, anything that the imagination permits will be allowed. That also means that the occasional Marysues or Garrysues will pop in but as long as they are not affecting the quality of the RP then they are welcome.

    Even the future CS can be revised to have more info if needed. As long as everyone uses a bit of common sense I'd say anything goes right now.
  4. Totally loving this. Keeping a close eye to see if it takes off. Hopefully so i Love sandbox Rp's >:}
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