Chrome Shelled Regios RP

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  1. So then, Chrome Shelled Regios. Light novel, anime, manga. If you're familiar with it, read on. If not, read this. I can't remember for the life of me where I found the episodes, but you people aren't THAT lazy, right?
    Anyway, I was thinking that a platoon of five members would be a comfortable size for an RP, something we could manage. It'd be n academy city, named "Iwaku," and the plot would basically place us s far away from Zuellni as possible. The basic mechanisms of the universe would be in play, but no canon characters would appear - maybe a brief mention of them would be placed here and there, but nothing big. I'll work out a plot, if people are interested.

    Note: I'm not explaining the series to you, because frankly, there's far too much to.
  2. Interested.
  3. Excellent, anybody else? I'm terrible at playing more than one major character, couldn't you lot help a brother out?