Chrome Razor: Wrath of the Titans

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  1. The old ages were times of true warriors--the skilled and natural born killers among all. As time passed on, war grew into a business, into a challenge to see who possessed the better hardware. Skill had fallen behind in the race of warfare. Because of this, the last of the experienced have gone into hiding, awaiting the day their skills would once again matter.

    Knights, Ninja, Samurai, Musketeers, all have been forgotten. But the years soon remember the values of their skill. Governments around the word are upping the ante with bioweapons, nano tech, advanced robotics, physical augmentation, and even DNA splicing. These have led to incidents such as civil war across countries, leaving areas ground-zero within hours.

    With how common warfare has become it has been impossible to overcome one another. The rules need to be changed again..... Communist countries have teamed up in a new union and called themselves "Basilisk." Thanks to the Truman doctrine, to prevent communist influence the other nations have banded together in attempt to win this war. They call this union "Atlas." They've sought out the warriors of old and called for help from the most qualified they have. Knights, ninja, samurai, etc. They have returned to war and with the assistance of new technology. We bring the skill, they bring the equipment.

    We've adapted to using cybernetics and augmentation, nano-machines and aircraft. But regardless, our skill stays the same. Splicing, augmented bodies, super suits, battle mechs, nano technology, and the most up to date weapon systems known to mankind. Join us here at Atlas, show us your stuff, and choose your poison.

    Welcome to the war



    Race:(Japanese, American, Russian, etc)

    Class:(super soldier, cyborg, mech pilot, splicer)

    Weapon(s)/Mech Type:

    Brief History:



    Name: Carter "lightning" Frost.

    Age: 25

    Race: Half Japanese, half American

    Class: Cyborg/Ninja

    High Frequency Katana: Here
    Brief History: Carter earned the name lightning from his skill as a swordsman and natural born agility. The name became his call out after going through the surgery in order to become an even stronger ninja. His reason for signing up is the loss of his people. The day he was recruited was the same day Basilisk troops left his hidden village extinct. Only with Atlas for about year, he is known as their newest recruit especially due to his whole year being spent in minor missions.

    Bio: As a cyborg his body is pumped with fear suppressants and pain inhibitors. His real flesh is replaced with artificial nano-mass which enhances the body's strength and speed output to abnormal levels. He makes use of next-gen type of composite armor capable of enduring the harshest of trauma. He is not invincible, only difficult to over come.

    Appearance: Here
  2. Name: Miles "Mouth" Valdez

    Age: 21

    Race: Puerto Rican/African American

    Class: Supersoldier/Brawler

    Bare Hands~!!!

    Brief History: Miles earned his nickname through his tendency to speak before thinking, and almost never knowing when to shut up, which has gotten him into lots of trouble in the past. Born into a family of fighters, who have a vast knowledge of unarmed fighting styles, he has trained since he was young to carry on the "family tradition", only to have everything he has worked for taken away by a gang war in his home town, that left him paraplegic at the age of 18. A year later he was asked to take part in a experimental "Super Soldier" program that could fix his legs, and increase his physical capabilities as well. The procedure took a year to complete, repairing his legs, and increasing his speed, agility, strength, and endurance by 20 fold. Joining Atlas shortly after, who gave him his "uniform" and he has been on board for just over a year now.

    Bio: Thanks to the experiment he is easily physically 20 times that of a normal human, with extensive knowledge of unarmed combat. Not only that but Atlas has been kind enough to give him an extremely durable light-weight armor to ensure he doesn't kill himself off to fast. Though his bones are also much stronger than that of an average human, his skin isn't, so if anything punctures the armor he will bleed like anyone else.


    (hope it's okay)