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  1. Hello!

    It's me again! As for today, I am bringing you an idea for onexone based game. Yes, the story-line is set in Ch. Paolini's world Alagaesia.

    Sooo, I need someone who knows the books Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr (Inheritance is not needed because I haven't read it myself yet) so that the person has real overview of the world, politics and other facts that are needful for this game. I also need someone who is rather active on this site but can compose well-structered and detailed answers. Yes, I prefer longer posts because that shows a certain level of imagination. Knowledge of elf language is not compulsory either.

    As for the game itself, I plan it to be adventure with romance and mystery. One character will be Eragon which would be your character. I will make my own character which is not mentioned in the book yet sets into the world perfectly. The story would begin before Glaedr and Oromis are killed near Gil'ead, precisely when Eragon and Saphira are heading towards Du Weldenwarden for their last studies. From there I would describe to someone who chooses to do this rp with me what would happen and how are characters would me. Yes, I have it all planned a little bit ^.^

    I hope that I got your attention because I would really love to do this roleplay. I love the world and the idea of the books as well as the story. Do not hesitate to ask me anything if you are being confused or do not have a clear idea of what I meant.
  2. Please, even though you might not meet all my requirements (except the knowledge of books) just let me know that you are interested so we can work the rest out.
  3. I know that this is a bit weird, posting in my own thread again but the truth is that I am trying to keep it on top so that you guys will notice and maybe someone within the crowd will be the person I am looking for. I just hope that I find that person soon enough so that this thread won't turn out as my monologue.
  4. I'll happily do this onexone with you :) I've read Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr and I have a lot of free time at the moment so I'm very active as a poster here. As long as you give me stuff to work with my posts will be long (I adore log posts and I've never really seen the point of short ones)
  5. Amazing! God bless you! I was slowly accepting the fact that I won't find anyone to do this game with.

    So are you happy with being Eragon as well? :)
  6. You're very welcome, it seems interesting, so I wanted to try it.

    I'm fine with it. I play males and females equally, so no problem there
  7. Good. Well, I think that I should tell you about my character so we can work out whether it is will suit or not but I think it will ;)

    She is going to be elf but she didn't live in Du Weldenwarden. There are two possibilities why:

    1. she went to search for dragons even though it is believed that they are all dead. On her journey she would eventually find some but they live far away from Alagaesia. However, she would make some sort of pact with them which would cost her either her soul or something else equally precious.

    2. (that one is a bit weird) she was a dragon rider herself once. But she had a huge fight with her own dragon. They got upset at each other that her dragon flew away and refused to come back until she apologized or whatever. For that reason, Islanzadi expeled her from Du weldenwarden and she is not allowed to return until she and her dragon are reunited again. She also forbid others to talk about her and whenever they would meet her to treat her like she doesn't exist (something that happened while dwarves were choosing their king and they expeled on of those clans because they intend to kill Eragon)

    So what do you think? Which one would fit in more?
  8. I'm not sure, both seem fascinating. I think option one might work best, but the final decision is yours to make, it is your RP after all. I'll be fine no matter which one you pick

    BTW, I love your signature
  9. We share the same opinion ;) And thanks, I am glad you love my siggy ;-D Yours is pretty good too.

    So, now I should tell you how I would like them to meet. Add anything you want to it or change it completely ;)I was thinking that they could meet after the battle of Feinster where my character would be fighting alongside with Vardens althought she didn't swear her loyality to Nasuada and she kept her identity as a secret (wearing hood). She might try to find Eragon to tell him about other dragons OR he might sense her because she would use magic for some reason. That would bring him to her and she will have to explain all the stuff to him, Nasuada and others. That could be the beginning. What do you think?

    Actually, I also think that we might need to play Nasuada, Arya, the blue elf whose name I can't write and Roran. It's two for each. I'll let you choose and I hope you don't mind playing more characters. Well, I think we won't need them that much it is just to be sure that when it comes to it we'll be able to carry on ;)
  10. Thank you

    Maybe a combo of both? She's looking for him but before she can find him she has to use magic for some reason and then she'll have to explain everything to him and the others.

    As to playing other characters, I'm fine with it. I'd like to play Roran and the blue elf, whose name I can't spell (though I'll Google it before we start), if that's okay with you?
  11. The combo sounds good. Yeah we'll do it like that.

    It's completely fine with me.

    I will post my character here before we start. But I need to wait till the headache I have fades a little bit. I hope you don't mind that.
  12. That's fine, take you're time. I'm in no rush
  13. Name: Seith

    Appearance: Seith’s height is average in the elven terms. She usually wears dark cape that covers her face and shoulders only. To make it more comfortable for her to run and fight she is wearing woollen trousers that had once been white, now they’re greyer, almost black. She wears high leather black boots with sewed shin-pads in them. As for her top, she is wearing sleeveless shirt of the same color as her trousers. She wrapped each of her forearm in pieces of fabric of different colours. She wears those crystals around her neck.

    Weapon: She carries with her a black staff. It is made from a flexible piece of wood though it is firm and doesn’t break that easily.

    History: Seith’s age could be compared to Arya’s though Seith is a bit younger than the ambassador. When she was young she learnt how to use a wooden staff, magic was something natural to her as to any elf. However, she was never a real magician. After the years of fight between Dragon riders and Forsworn when all the dragons were believed to be dead, Seith didn’t lost hope and even though Islanzadi refused to send anyone to search for surviving dragons, Seith decided to go herself. She spent months of reading myths and legends about dragon trying to figure out where they could have gone. Afterwards, she set out herself leaving her family, friends and her life behind her in Du Weldenwarden. Many decades no one knew whether she was alive or dead. All of a sudden, Seith returned to Alagaesia. Changed inside but remaining the same on the outside, she went to Feinster to secretly join Varden and find the new Dragon rider she heard about but has never met before. She had information only his ears could listen to.

    By the way, Seith probably won’t know about Oromis’s death. I hope you’re ok with the character sheet if you think that I should change something, let me know. I am open to any ideas.
  14. Seems good to me. She sounds like a feasible character, not like a Mary-Sue at all, so I have no objections to her
  15. Ok then. Should I make the thread? Do you know everything you wanna know?
  16. You can go ahead and make the thread, if I have any questions as we go along I'll ask them, but I'm good for now
  17. Great! I have to say once more how grateful I am that you decided to play. Thank you
  18. You're very welcome! I actually really wanted to do an Inheritance RP for a while when I found this
  19. I just got Inheritance to my Kindle. Gonna start it tomorrow. So actually, as we are starting it off after battle of Feinster we'll be more likely inclining to Inheritance.
  20. So here is the link for our game ;)