Christopher Hitchens has died

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We'll probably be hearing some crackpot 'deathbed conversion' stories religious institutions like to circulate about such individuals after their deaths within the next few days or so, I reckon. Given that the only people in attendance at the time of his death were close friends and family, however, we can all call bullshit.

For anyone who's not heard of him, Christopher Hitchens was an author, journalist and antitheist well-known for his criticism of organised religion. I can happily name him as one of my major influences on the way I view life. So yeah, consider me suitably gutted.

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My roommate and I wailed our lamentations when we heard the news.

This is one of the last articles he wrote. It is beautiful and starkly lucid--a blessing (if I may use that word) for a person in his condition. It will strike a chord for those who have ever suffered a major illness, or have had to watch a loved one struggle with one.