Christmas Wish list

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  1. Why not tell me what you want for Christmas?
    I know that most of Iwaku peeps are old enough to buy whatever you want.
    But you are never too old to atleast wish for something!
    Or whats something that you never got as a child, but always wanted badly?

    I dunno about the rest of you, but W has already made up her list
    And it is very long due to very picky parents.

    W's Christmas List (open)

    1. Job
    2. Money
    3. Car Stuff + Car Wash + Gas
    4. Sunglasses
    5. Set of paints, Drawing Pad etc.
    6. PINK PONY
    7. Lingerie
    8. Clear Phone case x2
    9. Caulk with Silicone Super Glue
    10. Many girly> Small Plastic charms (Micheals Store) Cabochon
    11. Bunny Rabbit
    12. Laptop Cover (Maybe)
    13. Headphones (Nothing over $100)
    14. Ellery
    15. Hair products (other than a brush + comb) + assecor.
    16. Black Heels (to customize + sell)
    17. Fabric (To make stuffed animals , already have sewing things)
    18. Giant Teddy Bear
    19. Giant Earrings
    20. $25 IMVU card
    21. Cute Skirts + Dresses
    22. Leather Clothes
    23. Corset
    24. Girdle + Push up bra
    25. Cute Clothes
    26. Sweater dress
    27. Sweater Poncho
    28. More Jeans, leggings, Jeggings
    29. Leather, Fur, Ugg, Rain, Cool Boots
    30. Sexy Pajamas
    31. Overall / suspender type clothes
    32. Cool Hats
    33. Fake mustache
    34. Alot of Sweets
    35. looong necklaces
    36. Baggy Sweaters + shirts
    37. Henna Tattoo
    38. Many Big> Cool rings
    39. Cute little stuffed animals
    40. Two Front teeth
    41. Robe
    42. Cool Knee socks
    43. New Wallet
    44. New Backpack
    45. Safe?
    46. Small cute Pillows
    47. Cute earmuffs
    48. Barnes & Noble gift card
    49. Graphic Tees
    50. A working Dishwasher
    51. Fashion Ear Hook
    52. New PJ Bottoms
    53. Victoria Secret undies
  2. Baked goods. A ham would be nice too.
  3. I was the kid who's mom was n government assistance that asked Santa for "Peace on Earth."


    But the selfish side of me wants my passport, a destination and a travel buddy.
  4. Items are nice, but the non-material is attracting me more these days. Not really good at materialism anymore. Most if not all the stuff I request now are items that have a purpose and that would be used into the ground.

    Parson's Wish List
    - No stress
    - No anxiety
    - No mood swings
    - A calm Christmas holiday without the bullshit
    - A viable plan to live without money, out of the city, away from all the bullshit
    - Buyers for all the stuff I need to sell on eBay and other places

    Very me-centric when compared to "Peace on Earth." Though I second Ocha's "My passport, a destination and a travel buddy." I'd love to be able to just travel and not worry about anything. Working in countries for a bit then move on to another destination. -sighs- One can dream.
  5. A job would be really nice xD I don't think I'll get that in Christmas present though x3

    *Sound horizon CDs/DVDs
    *A Japan trip
    *Awesome horror games
    *awesome horror movies
    *Awesome vampire books
    *Awesome books!
    *A lot of new interesting roleplays (I think of iwaku too :D)

    That's it. x3
    But I don't really care what I get, I always becomes happy with whatever :9 It's just funny to unwrap the presents then it doesn't matter whats in them xD It could be air and I would still be "YAAAY, I WANT TO OPEN MOOORE" xD
  6. Hm... my list is probably selfish. AND Miles long... but I'll try to be good -snicker, cough-

    Let's start with:
    A Job that I can like.
    To be able to do something good.
    A stable, safe home.

    Now my bad list: :D
    A Totally awesome make up kit.
    New clothes.
    New Shoes.
    A really good tablet.
    A brand new skype headset.

    The end. :D
  7. When I think about it, there are a lot of things I want. And because of that, I tend to just say I want nothing, 'cause I don't really need those. But that list of things I don't need but want are: Snowball microphone, new headphones, more camera batteries for my SX230 HS (this baby dies out after like an hour or two of being on), a couple more memory cards for my camera (maybe a few 16GB and one or two 32GB), Natsume Yuujinchou merchandise, makeup (mm, makeup spree baby, too much to write down!), and cosplay stuff (wigs, clothes to modify to look like the charas' costumes). But I'm completely fine having none of those for now.
  8. Money
    Art books (im down to 10 pages left)
    More art books
    Prisma Colour Pencils (as many as possible)
    Someone to love (preferable NOT online)
    Flash Freeze revival!!!

    @redblood , I love Sound Horizon ouo
  9. All right, after some time spent thinking, here is my christmas wish list:

    1.) I would like to pass my exams with good grades
    2.) I would like to be able to finish university
    3.) I would like to celebrate the end of my exam period with my friends successfully, meaning that all of us have passed the exams.
    4.) I would like to stay together with the new friends that I made

    And I think that is pretty much it for this year. Huh, I was sure that my list was going to be more materialistic, but oh well.
  10. A dog. I know it's kinda silly but I've always wanted to come downstairs on Christmas day and find a puppy under the Christmas tree. XP
  11. Money
    A new passport
    2 tickets to Japan
    a WiiU (plus games)
    a Kindle
    New kitteh tree
    Good grades
    A better job
    My fine in Utah paid off

    Ugh so much that I won't be getting. :(
  12. I/m not old enough to by my own things, i am only 17 and i live in a quite town with very little opportunity for jobs until you can serve alcohol.
    despite being young i am very old school, i have a turn table so for christmas i want a few good Vinyl Records like Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Motley Crue, Uriah Heep, and a few new Vinyls like Black Veil Brides, Avenged Seven fold ect.
    i am also a musician so i want Neon Green Guitar Strings and a Dunlop Cry Baby Pedal.
    other than that it is manly clothes.
    i might get some Angle bite Piercings
    and my main Present is a tattoo of the Sophie Lancaster logo in between my shoulder blades wich will cost me around £50
  13. Well there are things that I would like for Christmas that I just know won’t happen but its fun to say/list them anyway. Some are real and others are totally just things that I long for and just might happen someday so here goes.

    1. I’d like a phone call from my son. (I love to hear his little laugh)
    2. A puppy (like Zen)

    3. Jeans that fit
    4. New socks
    5. New undies
    6. New shoes
    7. Bike shoes
    8. All new bike gear (water bottle ect)
    9. Sheets that stay on the bed
    10. Our place (not apartment but small cottage or cabin on land)
    11. A laptop backpack
    12. Blue Ray Player
    13. Nightmare Before Christmas on Blue Ray
    14. Swimming Pool
    15. Heffalump tattoo
    16. Trip to California
    17. See my Grandparents again
    18. In n Out Burger
    19. In n Out Burger T-Shirt
    20. Trip to Disneyland
    21. DVD tower
    22. Body massage
    23. Laser Hair removal (secret location)
    24. New job
    25. Host massive family reunion and not have the cost
    26. Trip to the Zoo
    27. Tickets to the Butter Fly Dome
    28. My own bowling ball
    29. A bag of holding.
    30. PlayStation 3
    31. A vintage pin ball machine
    32. My own recliner
    33. Dyson Vacuum cleaner
    34. Life size cut out of Mike Rowe
    35. A preserved dodo skeleton
    36. Belly dancing lessons
    37. Lifetime membership to NRA
    38. My own Hello Kitty SIG


    39. My own hearing protection
    40. New bag for the range
    41. New cleaning kit
    42. Scuba diving lessons
    43. House keeper (at least 1x a week to come clean)
    44. To never get another mosquito bite
    45. Swim with Dolphins
    46. Go whale watching
    47. Ride an Elephant
    48. Learn to Ice skate
    49. Hold a baby Koala
    50. Backpack around Europe
    51. Trip to Venice
    52. Another pair of glow in the dark slippers
    53. Free food Gluten Free from Udies for LIFE (for Melia too)
    54. For everyone on Iwaku to be safe and happy on Christmas.
  14. New coat, and boots (nothing fancy, just suuuuper warm)
    Yummy fresh goods
    and new toys to spoil my dog with. <3

    And on the more greedy side....
    Fancy bedding
    And king sized bed so both my dog and my bf can sleep on the bed! haha