Christmas tree debate

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  1. Well folks, it's the time of the year when we get together wit our family and put up a shiny green tree and twinkly lights and deck the halls with holly and mistletoe. So the real question is..

    Artificial Tree?


    Real Tree?
  2. Artificial. Because...

    #1: Artificial trees are reusable. Rather than inspiring my neighbours to full genocide half a forest every year, we can just buy a fake tree and reuse it every year. Environmentally friendlier.

    #2: Cheaper to use an artificial tree each year then go get an actual tree every year. It also takes less effort.

    #3: It serves the same function either way. You can even get artificially scented trees so if you miss the smell of fucking rotting shit "pine", you can get it with ease, cheaply.
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  3. Artificial!

    I spent good money on a really nice quality artificial tree. One that is going to last many many many years. O_O

    And I don't like pine needles and bark everywhere. D: I have cats and they make a mess enough as it is.
  4. Artificial. Don't have to lug in the tree, clean up, risk the cat eating the pine, don't have to dispose of the tree, can lazily leave it up as long as you like, reuseable. Yay, plastic!

    The lovely thing about real trees that I wish you got consistently with fake ones is how imperfect they are. Plus, the fake ones are too cone like while the real ones seem a fit fatter in the middle and don't perfectly slope up.
  5. Artificial because of allergies. I wish I could have a real tree. :(
  6. Growing up, we had a real Tree. And It was a lot of fun going out and picking our tree out. We would work together to cut it down then bring it back. For Nostalgia, I would say real tree.

    Although fake tree is the way to go as far as money goes. Yay money.
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  7. I'm extremely allergic to pine trees. So artificial it will always be.

    Well, actually, I've done okay around blue spruces by comparison. But my sinuses still get all swollen and gross, so it's not even worth it. Even if I could stand to be around plants though, I probably would stick to artificial. We should be growing trees to raise them and help da Earf, not to chop them down for our amusement. :/
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  8. Artificial
    • Less cleaning required.
    • Ours have lasted like 15-20 years and is still looking good. So they can be reused, a lot. (Depends on where you buy them for how long they last)
    • Costs less money in the long run (Probably in the short run too)
    • Saves time (especially during years when reusing them)
    • No problems with allergic people coming over.
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  9. My family pretty much uses the same artificial tree every Christmas. One year we did use a real tree, because, I don't know, we felt like it?
  10. Artificial that LOOKS real :3

    Take that pine tree suckers!
  11. He wrote it so I don't have to. Not much to debate. Plus you don't have to water an artificial tree and you don't get pine needles everywhere.
  12. Neither, use the money to buy pizza instead.
  13. Artificial tree all the way. It's just less effort and it can be reused over and over again.
  14. Real men kill their own trees for Christmas.

    Hike out in the woods, Paul Bunyon style, with an axe?

    Hellllll yesssss!
  15. I always grew up with artartificial trees, but my bf grew up with real trees. The last 2 years we went out to cut our own tree. It's kind of sad because you search and search for the prettiest tree you can find then you cut it down. Kind of a waste for sure.

    I don't like watering the trees, I don't like the pine needles, or possibly bugs in the tree! >. < but I do like the outing of getting the tree. I think it's more exciting for children though. I wouldn't mind getting a real tree when we have kids so they can experience it, but I'd like switching over to a fake tree eventually.
  16. this surprises me, considering you're basically a dude with tits and go fishing, hunting, and killing things

    so cutting down a tree is what takes the cake?





    I'm going to go uproot some rosebushes just to annoy you now, Hope.

  17. I am not basically a man with tits... T____T I have a feminine side too...
  18. Real tree all the way, baby. Nothing can beat the smell. Besides, it's like the only day in a year when I'm allowed to wield an axe, so that counts, too!
  19. Real
    Sure, there is some work to it, but I think it's worth it in the long-run. Christmas should be about putting in effort to show that you give a damn, like finding a good present or treating someone well. Everything is far too easy these days, going out a getting a tree is so very satisfying. As kids, me and my sister would go out and pick out one of the trees around the yard that both of us helped plant years earlier, and we would help cut it down and set it up. That was awesome man!

    Of course, this is less about trees for me and more about my urban vs. rural ideologies. Because I am a weirdo.
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