Christmas RP!... In November. (Filled Request)

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(I know it's November but screw it, I'm in the Christmas spirit dammit!)

Alright, so this idea is a bit of a mixture between "Elf" and "The Santa Clause", but I thought it could make for a rather sweet romance story so I thought I'd post it! Plus, Christmas. 'Nuff said.

So the Santa we all know and love is actually less accurate then we believed. Sure he wears the red suit and a 'beard' (ever wonder why mall Santa's put on fake ones?) and lives at the North Pole with all of his elves, reindeer and, of course, Mrs. Claus, but there's certain things we don't actually know about him. For instance, the fact that the magic he is bestowed keeps him from aging 300x slower than a normal human, or the fact that he looks about forty years old rather than the eighty we've come to believe. Further more, a few Christmases ago Santa and Mrs. Claus had a baby boy. This, is where the story begins.

The child aged a little slower than his parents at first, taking a little closer to two-hundred years to become an adult rather than the standard eighteen (he looks about 18-19). He grew up only knowing about the North Pole and never got the chance to venture outside like his father did a few times every year, ranging from events like having dinner with his in laws, visiting a mall to ask the children what they wanted that year, and of course, the big day: Christmas Eve. His only friends are elves, some woodland creatures, a few magical Christmas entities and a few reindeer, but the son of Santa was okay with his life. He did want to eventually see the world one day, but he knew his time would come when it was his turn to take over as "Father Christmas".

But this year brings an unexpected twist to the North Pole, as Santa announced that this year he will let his son take care of the big day. But the Head Elf has brought something of utmost importance to Santa's attention. Now that his son is a man, he is ready, according to the 'Santa Clause', to take on his first Christmas. But, before he can take on the role of Santa, he must find a wife before Christmas Eve, otherwise he will never get his chance to continue the family legacy and future Christmases will have to be cancelled, as only a Claus can become the next Santa.

Knowing that they have close to two months time until the big day, the son decides that he will venture out into the real world and find himself a wife before Christmas Eve.

So this idea can be a bit more fleshed out once we get around to talking about it, but I think it's pretty straightforwards. There's a few things I'd like to add onto the pile, such as the fact that I will be playing The Son and I'm looking for someone to play His future wife. I also want to add that MC has a limited amount of magic that he can use while in the real world (for arguments sake, let's say he can use magic once per day for 12 days), but he needs to save at least one more wish, otherwise he'll have no way to get back home in time for Christmas.

I'd like this to be a very kind of sweet and lighthearted romance, but we can definitely throw in some drama (maybe the girl he finds is having some trouble around the holidays like her mother's sick or she's got some kind of holiday-angst from her childhood). As for the 'smut', we can definitely have it, it probably won't be there until they get further into their relationship (and of course their wedding night). I'd say maybe 30% Smut, 70% Plot :3

Anyways if you're interested, shoot me a PM and we'll get talking!
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