Christmas/New Years releases

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  1. are there any movies, episodes, books, games, or other media releases coming out on Christmas or New Years that you're looking forward to?

    It's BBC Sherlock for me :3
  2. Looking forward to the Steam Sale in a few days. My wallet is going to die. :D
  3. I am excited for this one too, but also super sad, cause they took the time to shoot this special, but we won't get season 4 before 2017 T-T CLIFFHANGER DAMN IT!
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  4. Sherlock and Doctor Who are the only two I've heard of that I care about.
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  5. Steam Sale,

    Where my money goes to die.

    Also Doctor who and sherlock which is pretty neato...
  6. BBC Sherlock for me, definitely. Which is hilarious, considering the twist is the original on a twist of the twist...

    I'd say Doctor Who, but I haven't seen a single episode of the latest Doctor. Not that I haven't because I don't want to, I just... haven't. It doesn't help that I don't quite like Clara...

    WAS looking forward to the new Star Wars, but I already saw it, so HAW HAW! <3 It lived up to expectations, I must say!
  7. ^me
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  8. Tuesday.
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