Christmas Kiss (Maniac x Green)

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  1. It was cold. The snow was falling in layers. Shivers rand down her spine as she waited. The tree lighting was soon, he had told her he'd be their right before the opening lights. Tossing her long amber hair she sat down the cold seeping into the thick jacket she wore. Shivering she wrapped her scraf tighter around her neck. "Hurry." she whispered eyeing the small coffee shop across the street. HEr mouth watered for the heated drink thinking about a hot fire and marshmellows. "Oh he's not going to be here anytime soon might as well." she huffed storming over to the small shop to order a large mocha frappachino with miniture marshmellows.

    That first sip was bliss, a soft moan escaped her lips as the heat of the drink warmed ever inch of her belly. "So good." she purred turning to walk back to the bnch they assigned as their meeting spot, but then she ran into him the hot frappachino burning her fingers making her cry out in suprize and pain. "Watch where your going." she sounded pained fighting away the tears that burned her blue eyes.
  2. *Sosuke had been walking up to the meeting area, his hands behind his back. He was hiding a special gift for his special secret sweetheart, he had been crushing on his childhood friend since they were children and had always been too shy to admit it. He had finally decided to get a gift for her to show his feelings, he smiled when he saw her walking from the coffee shop so he walked to her happily.*

    *His deep green eyes widened in pain as coffee spilled all over his black and green plaid jacket, his black hair covering his eyes as he bent over a bit and groaned alittle, dropping her gift as it's still well protected in a box* "Oooowww, danggit! You spilt it all over me!" *He laughs a bit as well as grimacing in pain*
  3. She gasped seeing who it was, "Sosuke! Oh my god! I'm so sorry." she fumbled for napkins her fingers already starting to blister. She tried hard to clean up his jacket her fingers shaking. She muttered before noticing her jacket was stianed as well. "Oh." looking down at the ruined clothes notcing a small box laying on the ground. "Someone dropped this." she her fingers brushed it wincing.
  4. *He gasps quickly, pulling her hands away from the box* "Do-don't open i-it! It was su-supposed to be a surprise....and you can't open it till tomorrow! It's only christmas eve...." *His face darkened red at the thought of the christmas eve kiss at midnight he was planning to steal from her tonight* "S-so uh, yo-you spilled some on your hands, here Nai..." *He pulled off his thick gloves, placing them on her burnt hands*
  5. She blushed at his nice gesture, "T-thank you Sosuke." she pulled her hands away her blue eyes curios of the small box. "Oh my Frappachinos gone i wonder if they'll let me have another." she mumbled looking away hiding the blush that showed her embarrassment. "Sosuke, I-I'm going to try and get us coffee." she fled her mind wondering to the box christmas was only an hour away.
  6. *He quickly chases after her, taking her hand in his as he smiles happily and hands her the box, mustering up his courage as he kisses her cheek softly as his own blush deepens and spreads* "Don't w-worry Nai~ I'll get it for us! after all the guy should pay, it's manners right?" *He smirks softly as his remark saying this was a date and hurries to the shop*
  7. Her jaw dropped as the small box was placed into her stinging hand, his kiss burning her cheek as a deep blush srpead over her face. "Sosuke!" she called after him but he was gone already inside the shop. Glancing down at the box she unwrapped it but yet didn't open it her thoughts racing her heart speeding in her chest. "A-a d-date." she muttered before sitting down on the bench. "I should wait till he comes back." resting the box down in her lap she waited using the heat from her lungs to keep her face warm. 'I should have brought his gift.' she thought thinking of the box she had left on her bed side table.
  8. *About fifteen minutes later he came out of the shop, wearing a new bright green scarf he had bought while waiting for their coffee, he was carrying a new mocha frappichino for her and a caramel blitz for him. as he got is eyes widened and his blush returned, gasping slightly at the sight of the unwrapped box* "Yo-you opened it already?...." *He bit his lip in nervousness, thinking what he should do. /Danggit!!! My whole plan in ruined now!! Ugh what should i do, what should i do?! should i just skip ahead and kiss her now?!/ He wondered quickly, trying to decide what his next move was*
  9. She shook his head, "N-no i only took the paper off." she always had a thing about paper it was her enemy always cutting her when she least expected it. "You know I don't like wrinkly things." she stuttered smiling up ath im reaching her hands out to take the frappachino from him. "I was waiting for you."
  10. *His blush drifted away on the cold breeze, his face breaking out in a relieve smile as he sits next to her and drinks his caramel blitz as dozens upon dozens of other couples gathered in the park for the newyears couples movie the park holds each year. This year it was the movie "Frozen"*
  11. SHe leaned her on his shoulder for warmth as the movie played whispering along with the songs her gfavorite being 'Let it Go' by Demi Lavatto. She'd watched it 38 times after it came out knowing every word a smile drifted across her lips. "This is my favorite part." the part at the end of the credits where the giant snowman put on the tiara made her smile.
  12. *He smiled happily as the disney movie played, his arms wrapped around her as he leaned on a tree, sipping his coffee throughout the movie. As the credits played, all throughout the town could be heard a loud chorus chanting TEN, NINE...* "EIGHT SEVEN, SIX..." *He joined in, leaning in slightly, as his blush darkened and his smirk widened*
  13. She blushed as he moved closer chiming in with the rest of the town, "Four....three...two.." she looked up at him her cheeks growing red.
  14. *He smiles happily, running an ungloved hand down her bright cheeks and leaned even closer, their icey warm breaths mingling in the air* "One....Happy new years~" *The rest of the couples cheered, and then embraced in the witching hour kiss couples share on newyears, and he eagerly joined in. Pressing his slightly blue lips to hers, pulling her closely as their chests pressed together*
  15. HEr eyes cloed in his sweet kiss her face blaring in heat. HIs lips were warm aganst hers, leaning forward she kissed him back. Years of being his friend she would have never guessed he had feelings for her, like she had feelings for him always being the rebelious teen she was she was lways in trouble havng him bust her out, years of their friendship flashed befor her eyes.
  16. *His eyes closed blissfully, his mind swirling with all the times she had teased him about not having a girlfriend, then all the times they cuddled by the fire and played videogames on weekends, he really loved her and greedily held his lips to her, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist*
  17. She was engulfed, her breathing hitching as he took her breath away. suddenly she pulled away. "Sosuke..." she whispereed aganst his lips her blue eyes looking up at him. Waiting for him to voice what she thought the kiss ment. HEr thoughts pleading hoping that it was what she thought.
  18. *His eyes opened a bit as he stared lovingly at her with slightly glazed over eyes* "Hm~? Why'd you stop Nai? I've been waiting for this for years~" *he pulls her closer and nuzzled her neck softly with his nose*
  19. "Y-you have?" she blushed looking up at him, "Why me out of all the girls at shcool all the girls threw collage and on the streets." she whispered wanting to know why he would pick such a girl as her a clutzy, nerd who loved video games and horses. A girl who didn't keep a secret and blurted out in 5th grade she had started her period.
  20. *He smirks and laughs as if she had said the most idiotic thing in the world* "Hahahah, don't be silly Nai~ I loved you!! I have for years and years, i've planned this for months~ And now you're all mine~" *He leaned in, pressing his lips to her once more, deeply and passionately kissing her as he pressed his tongue to her lips, wanting access*
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