Christmas Karaoke!

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  1. At this point in time this is just a discussion. Wrong and I are hosting karaoke together since I run the even and she wanted to do a Christmas version. Since we want a decent turn out we need to know when y'all are available. Wrong and I have narrowed it down to any date after December 16th since that is when things will be settling down for us.

    Which date will work for y'all?

    Like I said before, this is just a discussion. Keep checking here to find out the actual date.

    Link to the group
  2. I am totally for this! And it's after the 16th! WHICH MEANS I CAN GO!

    Any day besides Wed Night please :3
  3. Any day works for me~ I have a flexible schedule. Though weekdays are better than weekends.

    I will totes be there if this is happening :3
  4. OKAY! We have a date! How does December 18th sound?
  5. I will so be there! 8D
  6. Blast, I will be unavailable anytime AFTER the 16th. *sigh*
  7. Oh lame! D: No good... maybe we will do another special Christmas Revi time -nods- for whenever you're available!
  8. It's okay. I'll just try to make it the next time you host one, Celesti!
  9. I WANT IN!

    I really want to be in this because I missed the last kareoke night, and as far as I know there hasn't been one recently. Anyway, weekends are pretty much always open, especially Sundays.
  10. >.> erm i probably won't be around for any christmas singing XD you can drag me in but i doubt i'll sing more than one thing *ahem* although i'm working on a small project with my christmas parodies : D so keep eyes open on my blog post for edits with erm...ear shattering things >.>; anyways i'll keep my eyes open

    Tuesday, December 18th!

    8:00 PM Iwaku time!

    This night will be full of Christmas carols! ^.^

    If you want to join then you need to message W or I your Skype name. Recording will happen. If you DO NOT want to be recorded then shoot me a PM and let me know; we will edit you out. Listeners are welcome but prepared to be hassled to sing anyway :D

    No bad attitudes! No judging! Just fun with your fellow members! ^.^
  12. k count me in. I believe you already have my skype name already tho. also I might be late about 30 minutes
  13. You've already got my Skype~ :3

    *goes to research awesome christmas carols*
  14. you'll have to remind me Cele cuz i work that day but i'll be home around 7 eastern time :p and I have wed off so i can stay up a bit ^^
  15. I wanna listen :D
  16. I wanna join! If I feel brave I might just sing a bit, too!

    I'm gonna have to stock up on the eggnog.
  17. Christmas Ckaraoke Update!!!

    Iwaku People!
    The scheduled time of 8 shall continue the same, but due to certain circumstances
    W shall be starting off the Karaoke and Celest shall be joining in with us later.
    For people who are attending, please message me your Skype name if i don't already have you added.
    Thank you for your Understanding


  18. do you have mine miss W? I may just listen for a bit as I JUST got home X_x need to unwind some first