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  1. Merry Meet Lacy. It is wonderful to have you here. I am glad you are away from such a horrible situation. I wish you nothing but healing on your path. If you need anything dear don't hesistat to message me. I have been through the same things with my family.
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  4. White: People complaining about cards in the CAH threads

    White: Moretti making jokes about subjects she knows nothing about

    White: not having a Discord
  5. Black- ____s are better fruits than ____s!!!

    in honor of papayas being better than durians


    White- Sav playing all the RWBY girls
    White- Minato's sword skills
    White- unrelated but
    White- Bomb's ascension to meme status

    Black- Oh, don't tell me ____ is a meme, now!
  6. God Bless Dorkness and his ever lulzie posts under the influence of whatever shit he huffs.
  7. I'll post in a few.
  8. Meh, I was with a thick black hoodie, downing vodka with orange juice, and a tiny little bit of marihuanna, wasn't hot.

    Then again I live in the 15th floor, empty house, open windows, yadda yadda.

    Man I'm so never getting drunk with women again, fuck THAT shit, only bros above 15 from now on, turns out it can be a tad too early to drink.

    And the heat comes in the morning, ohhh boy how does it get to ya.
  9. lol Darkness.

    Christmas was wholesome for me.

    Good eatin's this year; Paella, Pasta, Italian style Roast Chicken, Canelloni... A Mediterranean feast actually.



    Shit man, I'm not even high, I just fucking love paella.
  11. Name: Reia
    Age: (14 by human standards)
    Appearance (open)
    Reia is the sexiest panther wolf out there. She has short soft snow white fur, this fur is by far the softest thing anyone has ever felt and glistens beautifully in the light. Her eyes are bright fiery orange, and she has adorable small rounded triangle ears. Her muzzle is long like a wolfs, and the tongue inside is long flat and strong like a wolfs but also slightly coarse like a cats, its not quite as rough though. She also has a long cat tail which is rarely dropped, almost always held high and wagging happily.

    As a panther wolf Reia is a large cat, large cat paws, powerful front and back legs, wonderful soft belly fur. She has no claws, and her paws are all extremely soft and fluffy with wonderful soft pawpads.

    Vagina wise Reia is between a canine and a feline, its a slightly protruding cone shape, slightly more of a Y shape inside, her clitoris is also located inside. However there was some slight alterations to her privates, first she’s been altered to be able to carry ten to twenty kitten-pups each go without any internal damages or issues during pregnancy (though she will need to eat a lot if she’s carrying that many) She is also in a state of near perpetual heat with zero down time needed between birth and breeding. Her body can deal with pregnancy fat and other issues during the birthing process in order to carry more kitten-pups. She was also altered in order to stay younger and ‘breed able’ longer. She will be as active as a puppy well into her eighties.
    She also has tasty milk, sweet, smooth, and tastes like strawberries.

    Bio (open)
    Reia was born in the now destroyed Future Pet Lab, Clinic and Breeding Center. To the public FPL bred unique pets with longer lifespans and less medical bill costs. Their pets lived nearly as long as a human, and remained in near perfect health for much of that time so long as they were taken care of properly. However secretly FPL also did breeding for the government and even genetic testing labs. Many current government animal positions, including military, police, customs, etc were all bred by FPL. Some were bred to be faster, or to smell specific dangerous scents normal animals couldn’t smell, or to take down highly dangerous targets.
    To get these animals the government paid FPL and kept their secret genetic testing hidden from the public. FPL decided they would need breeding stock that could handle huge numbers of births, and could survive for a long time. So they experimented, working on making a beast that could breed with anything they placed it with, worked on making sure that it could breed constantly.

    Eventually the result ended with Reia and her litter. Abit of wolf, a bit of panther, abit of random other creatures too insignificant to alter her looks any. She could breed with anything, she had everything they needed her to have from permanent heat all the way to a long lifespan. They declawed her, they made her afraid to fight back, they continued with more testing. Something no one realized however was that Reia was not just the perfect breeding stock, but she was also extremely smart.

    Then FPL’s CEO got greedy, he figured he could milk even more money from the government. The government was not having any of that however, they decided that they didn’t really ‘need’ FPL anymore, so they sent in a team. This team killed everyone, collected the animals that FPL owed the government, collected some of the breeding stock, then set the place aflame and the resulting ‘investigation’ got pinned on a local animal activist group who is currently rotting in prison.

    Now some of the team collected some pets from the building as well, and this included Yura who collected a young kitten-wolf and named her Reia. She retired from the military not long after this and formed a company which she named The Beauty of Love and deals with marriage, everything from recently betrothed all the way to couples in need of counseling.
    Yura lives alone with Reia and thats how she prefers it, she trained Reia to not bite, and did her best to train Reia not to hiss and growl at strangers but…well…that still hasn’t caught on. However Reia doesn’t bite, if someone ignores her hissing and growling Reia will instead flee, running away to hide somewhere.

    After two years raising the little kitten-pup Reia became a full grown Panther-Wolf and reached sexual maturity age. Near instantly Yura realized that Reia was always horny, after all its hard to ignore a large panther presenting itself to you and mrowling for sex. Yura tried to get Reia a large dog…but Reia refused to even interact with the dog, infact she refuses to interact with any dog. She then tried breeding centers and zoos but this time got refusals because no one wanted to deal with FPL creatures (even though Yura lied and said that she had bought Reia before FPL was destroyed) Her least resort was the government breeding center but decided against calling them since as far as they knew Reia wasn’t breeding stock but a pet…she didn’t want to tell them that truth.

    So she was forced to figure something else out, and the result she wound up at was fingering her needy pet. This worked…for a week. During this week Reia would constantly find ways to remove Yura’s cloths and try to eat her out, and by the end of the week Yura was letting Reia do just that. Her massive breasts were milked, feeding her insatiable but adorable pet.
    After that week Yura started to also eat Reia out, suckle her cute pets nipples. And by the end of the month Yura had sex toys she could use on Reia and even some specially made ones that Reia could use on her.

    Now Yura’s just a human, a physically in shape human, but a human nonetheless. For the past three years she’s been fucking her insatiable pet every single day from the moment she gets home from work all the way to the point where she falls asleep. The only rest she gets is long enough for Reia to eat, drink or do her business, then the girls right back begging for more. Yura works every single day, often ten or more hours each day in order to actually have time to rest and relax (though she’s sure her workers probably just think she’s a workaholic) She somehow manages to wrangle Reia’s horny nature back during the companies ‘holiday celebration party’ which she takes Reia to each year (hoping that Reia will learn to stop growling and hissing)…but typically once they get back home Reia makes her make up for their missed sex time.

    However recently she’s got a new opportunity, a break from Reia’s insatiable sexual appetite. For three or four weeks Yura can go to a convention on the other side of the world. She wasted no time and jumped on that opportunity before asking around her company for anyone who was not allergic to canines or felines and was willing to stop by her house long enough to feed her pet. She figured that with how Reia acts there is zero chance that anyone will find out how horny Reia is. She was however well aware that after this break Reia will be…less than pleased and will probably rape her and keep her in the house for several days. But that was a punishment she was willing to pay if it meant she could take a three to four week break.
  12. I had roast beef, brussel sprouts, mashed turnip and yorkshire puddings. A glass of sherry before the meal, then bread and butter pudding with custard and after-eight mints.