Christmas Break

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  1. So, I had a HUGE post typed out, and the site messed up and DELETED it all!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAH! Gosh!!!! Okay, sorry, I'm so mad lol.

    Anyway, the rp is about a two week Christmas break, and Harmony's parents are going out for a mini vacation. They will be gone the whole two weeks. They told Harmony she will have a babysitter, which kind of bums her out, but actually, you, her older brother, is going to be there. You don't mind because you love her and aren't doing anything over break, and you guys haven't really hung out since you got out of high school/college (depends on how old your character is). You two are super close though, you have been since Harmony was born. She thinks this is going to be a boring, but she's soon to find out it'll be a different kind of Christmas break.

    ----Once I get more peeps, I'll start a conversation through PM and post on here when I make it, because I'm not sure how notifications work on here yet. I'm mainly looking for an older brother char, but I will accept at most two people to be a friend of the bro, sis, can be a mom, anything! Then those two can make an additional char if they want. The friends MIGHT come in later in the rp, depending on what the older bro char wants to do. Here is my character info:

    Harmony Jones

    Age: 7

    Height/Weight: 4'5, 75lbs

    Eyes: Piercing bluish green

    Hair: Light brown, medium lengthed, straight, bangs she sometimes wears to side.

    Mannerisms: Sucks thumb when upset, acts skittish when nervous or lying.

    Likes: Getting what she wants, making friends with others' friends, staying up, Uggs, nice people, being picked up, sweets.

    Dislikes: Being bored, being ignored, people getting an attitude with her, not getting what she wants, being treated like a baby, being tickled, being alone sometimes, being confused or left out.

    Other Stuff: Nice but can be bratty sometimes, funny, loving, affectionate, anger subsides quickly most of the time.

    ---- If you are interested, please fill out a character form like I did above, but you don't have to do the "Other Stuff" if you don't want to. But it would give me a better idea of your character. And it doesn't have to be about their personality. It could be their job, what they do on their free time, anything! :) Oh, and don't forget to say who you want to be in the rp! If you want to be the older brother, please making your character eighteen or older, so it goes with the rp lol. Well, that's it! Happy roleplaying! :)
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