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Kidnappable?: I certainly do not mind people sending me messages to invite me to roleplays!

Playing Habits: I almost have no life when it comes to roleplaying. Meaning that I'm almost every day. I post pretty consistently. I will get at least ten posts in a day, at the BARE MINIMUM.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Meh, I'm really into Yaois so I prefer playing men but I can play some females as well.

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, regular OC, Medieval times, angels and demons, vampires, elemental beings (controlling fire, water, air/wind, lightning etc..), werewolves, Sins and Virtues..etc..?

Genre You DON'T Like: I'm not into playing pirates or anything like that, boring people (like those without some sort of fucked up past or defect or something..etc.), cat/kitty roleplays (weird.), living dolls, robots..

Playing Style: I'm totally fine with both but most of the time, I interject plots of my own into the story. I am passively aggressive. :P

Plot Candies: Fluff (sometimes), bad guys that aren't huge and muscly, kind of suddle bad guys (like slimy), betrayal, hot yaoi action (NC-17, I can get pretty sexy), kidnapping, school (but not an emphasis on school work and grades and what not), babies! (whether there's pregnant men in a yaoi or regular pregnancies or adoptions or finding abandoned babies<3), dogs NEVER cats (I'll only tolerate cats if the other person has one but I'll NEVER have a cat.)

Character Stereotypes: All of my characters have tragic pasts or some sort of disease or something that makes them unique (like hair colors or eye colors that aren't normal). I like having sweet, shy characters or brash, rude characters or in-between characters. I don't really have a character motif, except from the whole "have-to-be-fucked-up-in-some-way" thing. *shrug*

Character No-Gos: Animal people. Robots. Zombies. Pirates. Weird, freaky monsters. Trolls. Beasts.

Random Notes: I absolutely love role-playing and am usually open to anything. I HATE, HATE, HATE being godmodded (gosh, I hope you guys know what that means..) and I never godmod.

Scene Sample: See, this changes. If I'm roleplaying on the phone, my posts can me long but if I'm the computer and I'm really into a muse, my posts can get VERY long.

Here's an example of a short post, a mid post and the longest post I've ever done.


Sydney's body always responded strangely whenever their lips met. It was like a fire igniting inside of him, he could barely contain it. But he always did so he wouldn't freak Dante out. As his body was pulled in close, he melted into the kiss, face blushing bright red from the contact. His hands came to Dante's chest, resting lightly there.


Aika had drifted into peaceful slumber and stayed there for the remainder of the day and into the night. His body was now waking up and pushing his mind to do so as well. He refused the action though, groaning inwardly at the fact that his body would soon have to leave the warm comfort of his bed and covers. He then felt lips on his chest, collarbone and on his neck. He smiled very faintly, knowing it was his boyfriend in the first instant.

"Aika" the whispered voice of Ritsuka had said in his ear. "You said we could see London today" he whined. Aika nodded, knowing that was indeed what he had said. And he was a man of his word so he knew that he was going to have to crawl out of the bed and go already.

“Will you take a bath with me Aika?” he asked. It was then that he opened his eyes to peer at his boyfriend through sleepy haze; he smiled down at him.

"Hai, hai. I remember," he responded, sitting up to use his elbow so he could prop himself up, his bangs falling down in front of his face in a sexy manner. He quickly got annoyed at the hair falling in his face so he blew it out of the way with a rushed breath up towards his bangs.

"A bath? Hai, come," he said, pulling the blankets off of him reluctantly and cursing inwardly as the cold air hit him in places he would have preferred it not. He stood up and extended his hand out towards his boyfriend. He really desired a bath right now for he smelled of sweat and the lingering hint of sex from the morning before. He smirked inwardly at their little activities and wondered if the fang marks were gone yet. With his quick healing powers he guessed so. He didn't worry about it though as his bangs fell into his face again and he beckoned his boyfriend forward with a small motion of his fingers.


If there was anything in the world that he had assured himself would have made him happy, it would have failed in comparison to this moment, to his fiance. As he felt the sobs ripping through his chest, the tears pouring down his cheeks, his hands shaking as they gripped helplessly at Ritsuka's shirt, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the reality of it all: He was a vampire. A being damned to an endless, soulless, darkness-filled life with no hope, no happiness and certainly no love. He was a monster, one who was spoken of in tales of sucking human blood straight from the veins with fangs that glowed like pearl in the moonlight. A vampire, said to have superhuman strength, said to be able to destroy a wall of a building in one single punch. A monster, said to have slaughtered many in its' path, all for the sake to quench the insatiable thirst for human blood that wracked a vampire's frail sanity. A creature that loomed only in the night, only in the protective veil of the shadows. A being born in night, living in night, breathing in night, and terrorizing in nighttime. An all out criminal, stealing pints upon pints of human blood from innocent people.

He had always felt that he deserved no hints of kindness, not a single act of benevolence. It was wasted on him for who was he to deal out pain and suffering and then get joy and happiness in return? What right did he have to steal human blood and be offered a kind smile as payment? Although his diet consisted of animal blood, he remembered the first few days as a newborn vampire, how horribly painful the thirst for human blood had been. He had made himself sick from holding out, he was so bent on not wanting to hurt a single soul for his cravings, for his desires. He was wracked with fevers, headaches, night chills and sweats every single night. He fought and he fought with himself, his new vampire self, to try and convince his blood-obsessed mind that hurting people for his sustenance wasn't worth it. He could remember how violently his body had reacted to the first taste of blood; it was animal blood, his body never having tasted one single drop of human blood before the diet set in.

His parents, his adopted parents, had been hell bent on getting him on the diet immediately. They did everything they could, stayed up all night well into the morning, to ensure that Aika became used to the taste of animal blood. It could have been hours, days, weeks, or months before Aika finally got used to the tangy yet fulfilling taste of animal blood. He had stopped throwing it up, he learned to keep it down in his belly and let the warmth of the blood spread throughout his body. When he had his first taste, he had rejected it wholeheartedly. His body craved nothing but sweet, delicious human blood, and when it was denied, it disposed of anything that came inside that wasn't what his body desired. However, when he finally got used to the animal blood, the cravings became less and less harder to fight off.

The smell of a human was still tantalizing, to hear their blood pumping in their veins was sweet torture and a temptation that Aika had marked a taboo to never be touched. He had trained himself, with the help of both of his vampire parents adding to the tolerance, to ignore the scent of human blood. He had learned to distract himself whenever humans were around. The smell now didn't even phase him in the least; he could turn away and focus on other things besides the smell of it.

All that being said, it contributed more and more to the fact that he was nothing but a monster, deep down inside. He couldn't run from it and he couldn't hide from it. He deserved no kindness, no sympathy, no happiness and certainly, CERTAINLY, no love.

At least, that's what he had thought. That's what he had thought before ... he met Ritsuka.

The boy had been a shining light into his dark world, one that had illuminated all the suffering he had been through. He pulled out all of his stitches, forced the wounds to bleed all over again as if they been freshly cut. He forced his heart to ache, every single night, while it kept him awake, losing sleep. He forced him to think, giving him headaches and making him dizzy. Most of all, he forced him to face himself, to face the darkness and insecurities of his past and his present. He forced him to stand up to the fears he had kept deep in his heart, locked away tight in some leather-bound safe, a key the only way to open it up and let the memories out. He had forced him to scream out loud, use the voice he had kept shut away, the voice that used to shout out in happy tones, laugh and chuckle whenever good things happened. He had forced him to stay, to stay rooted in the place where the fear got him the most knowing full well that this new stranger chained him there, not allowing him to run away. Like he had so many times before, he had run away when the bottom fell out, when things went horribly wrong. That was Aika's plan, to run when things turned bad. It had helped him in the past and it helped him through a lot of tough times. He had closed up his wounds in response to the fear he felt whenever things were becoming serious.

He hated it. He hated that he was becoming vulnerable again, that some part of him was becoming soft and the ice he had built up around his heart was thawing and melting away. He was furious that he could no longer hide, no longer run when he was scared, terrified of the future and what was to come. He could no longer keep his feelings bottled up and he was angry, upset because of this. He even thought, for the longest time he had convinced himself, that he had hated the boy. Hated him with every fiber of his being. Aika hated Ritsuka for opening up everything he had tried so hard to seal away, he had scorned him for following him around all of the time. Aika never got a moment's peace whenever the noisy, giddy, hyper boy was around. In the beginning, it was a nuisance, an annoyance that he couldn't seem to rid himself of. He abhorred the idea that something so innocent was following him around. Him: the epitome of sin and injustice. He hated that, hated that with everything he ever had.

At the same time, he loved it, he loved him. And the love grew and grew and grew until it snowballed into something even deeper than the word 'love' could even describe. He found that he couldn't stop thinking about him and despite the fact that the old wounds had reopened, that he had lost sleep, that his eating habits became disrupted, that he found his head wandering off more often, that he had nightmares every night since then ....

... he was happy. He was happy at the fact that there was someone now. That there was someone beside him, someone who wouldn't leave no matter how many temper tantrums Aika threw, no matter how much he yelled or cursed or screamed, no matter what names he called him or what words he said .... the boy would never leave. He was in for the long haul. And what he done to deserve this? His birth was a sin, his life was an abomination, his existence was the devil's pleasure and the very life he had tried to create around the safe and protective darkness had come tumbling down, shattering in one instant to reflect the beautiful sunlight that Ritsuka brought with him.

And Aika loved it.

Aika loved him.

He knew that from the first kiss, there was a connection so deep between the two that no one on God's green Earth that could tear them apart. He knew from the first 'I love you' that there was no force in this world strong enough to break them apart. He knew from the first time they ever made love to each other that there was this eternity, clear and honest, that was theirs, their own, for no one else to touch. It was like they had this clear mirror in front of them, never having been touched by human emotions before, never having been touched with a hint of sin, a hint of rage or anger and it was theirs. All theirs to touch and to crack and to break and repair all over again. It was theirs to do with what they pleased and that not only scared the living hell out of Aika, it made him so happy that he wanted to die.

After all, what had he done to deserve this kind of happiness, this joy, this bliss and this kind of undying devotion? They were going to get married, married. When he thought of the deep connection that brought, he couldn't help but shudder at the reality of it all. They were going to be joined by the greatest force God could offer in his holy ways. He was going to allow the two of them, one so heavily burdened with sin and the other so greatly blessed with angelic beauty, to tie the knot in their complicated system of strings and he was allowing them to live together in harmony, in love, in blissful happiness so beautiful and untouched that it all seemed too real. Every morning Aika wished and prayed that this wasn't a dream, that he wouldn't open his eyes one morning to find that he was alone once more, his pain a constant reminder to his past and why he was who he was. He was terrified to believe that this was real for when it wasn't .... his life would truly be over.

Aika looked then to Ritsuka, pulling his face out of his shoulder, his cheeks stained with tears, a few pearly drops still falling from his red eyes, his shaking hands still gripping onto Ritsuka's shirt as he felt his whole body trembling with the dying sobs. He looked straight into those beautiful orbs of milky chocolate brown, those orbs so greatly blessed with beauty and wonder beyond any comprehension Aika had in his very confused brain at the moment. He said nothing, thought nothing, as he just stared into those eyes, feeling the gravitational pull of the entire world in those big, round orbs.

It was then that a small smile broke out on his face, a contradiction to his tears and the sobs still wracking his body lightly. He let his eyes close and his head shake left to right a couple of times, almost as if he were denying that this moment was really happening around them. He let a small laugh escape out from his mouth, a light one that almost melded with the shaky breath he exhaled. He let his fingers unclench and slid his hands up to the boy's lithe and thin shoulders. All the while, he kept his eyes firm on the boys', not moving, unwavering in his devotion and true love his own gaze mirrored back into Ritsuka's. He opened his mouth as if to say something before he clamped it closed and took in a breath through his nose. He prepared himself, mentally from all directions and angles before he looked back up to the boy, his head having dropped when he found that his speech wasn't coming to him, and let the smile spread across his face once more.

"I .... don't ... deserve you," he whispered, his voice still shaky and breathy as he struggled to say what was really on his mind. "I don't ... not in the slightest notion. Not at all. I am a sinner .... and I have accepted this. I am ... a wrong doer in so, so many ways. I am a horrible man, one who has committed many sins that I should go straight to Hell," he confessed, hoping that he wasn't scaring Ritsuka with his words. "But you .... you .... my angel. You are so pure ... so beautiful in both your appearance and in your personality. You were beautiful before I changed you ... and the ephemeral beauty that comes with you now is just a bonus. One that I had counted on but had not expected it to come as great as it did," he said. "That being said ... you are an angel. I ... am a devil. We are to never meet, never fall in love yet we did. And I can promise you ... despite the sins I've committed, despite the contempt I hold for myself ... " he stopped and took Ritsuka's hands in his. "I promise you ... that I will protect you. That I will love you with everything and anything that makes me who I am. You changed me for the better, Ritsuka. And as much as I'd like to make myself believe that this is a mistake .... it's not. I feel it, we're destined for each other, destined for happiness and bliss that no one has ever felt before," he said in more confident voice.

"I am so sure ... more sure than I have ever been ... that I love you without fail, without doubt, without a single glance back. We're getting married, Ritsuka. And I swear, right now, my undying love to you," he said, leaning forward and kissing him softly, the kiss gradually growing to something more filled with love, not passion.

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Ello Christina. Welcome to Iwaku. To make this quick, if you ever find youself wanting to learn about, or be in, a Dice RP, let me know. This includes Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, etc, etc. I'm MORE than willing to help. Also, feel free to check out my group, Table-Top Tyrants! Later!
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