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Christian Metal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Arsenal XA4, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Embedding is disabled by request, so you guys are stuck with just a link.

    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXf5k7kksHg"]YouTube- Becoming The Archetype - Endure[/nomedia]

    While doing a random picture search for necrotizing faciitis I came a cross the following image:


    I thought, damn, that's a bad ass looking cover. So I start reading on the site it's linked to and I find out it belongs to a CHRISTIAN metal band.

    My world has been broken in two, guys... They're actually good...
  2. It's true.... they ARE good....their song Dichotomy was a good song to listen to...
  3. I'm torn between saying "This goes against metal by the definition of them believing in God." or "Oh, Christian metal, same shit as every other band, but they sing 'bout JESUS CHRIST! (Still the same shit!)"

    If you ask me, though, you do not mix lyrics that talk about not thinking with ANY music because that kinda defeats the purpose of making music.
  4. I do not believe in Christian Metal. It does not exist. Because of what they sing about, they would probably live in the realm of Emo - which, in my thoughts, is all music but metal.

    I'm sorry if you feel this is a flame, because it's not, and I've heard some pretty good heavy christian bands and believe in what they do, that Religion does not have to equal social standards, but because they base they base their music off something other than rage, hate and fear-mongering, they are emo without the hair.
  5. I have a Christian black metal band.. It is like.. a mind fuck man!
  6. Yes. This is so.....

    This is what happens when someone divides by zero.
  7. I am sorry. >_>

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  8. You can't have Christian Metal without Stryper.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KubgMDSMXfI"]YouTube- Stryper To Hell With The Devil[/ame]
  9. IDK about Metal...
    But I'm friends with a relatively popular Christian Rock band called The Turning.

    A lot of the stuff they sing about, you can't even tell it's god related. That's why I like them. Not to mention, I had a crush on the bass player. X3

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  10. Why is it always the bass players?
  11. It's not about not thinking. It's about casting off useless thoughts. Like say, in the context of the rest of the lyrics, "Maybe God's too distant and I should be depressed." Opposite of emo really to say something like "life's not that bad, I should just get over it."

    Thanks for the link Ryker. Never heard of these guys.
  13. Soooooooo wroooooooooooooooong.....
  14. Well, I didn't mean I'm not into metal, Darkness.
    I'm not into christian metal.
    I like Slipknot, She wants Revenge, Maximum the Hormone, and some local bands...Stuff like that.
    I don't believe "Heretic Anthem" counts as christian. lol
  15. Your all dirty metal-heretics.
  16. I am getting more into Pagan metal now anyways.
  17. So, This song says "You bring me closer to God" in it.
    Does this mean it's Christian?
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    (Totally just posted this song as a joke. I don't REALLY think it's christian. hahaha)