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  3. Lucius smiled at her. "I love you."
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  8. Hi, there. I just joined the clan and was kinda nosing around. I am ShadeFira, but I will answer to Shade. Or Fira. Or "hey, you". Whichever works.

    I have been practicing for about four years, but I have to be really careful because I live in a really hyper-cconservative-Christian household so I don't have an altar or anything like that.

    I love doing tarot cards and doing runes and I believe that there is a little bit of truth in most religions. The Spirits of the world take on different names, but work together so that the world spins as it ought to. I choose to lean more towards Egyptian dieties with my Patron as Anubis and my teacher as Isis.

    I am really excited about having other people to talk to and learn from.
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  10. Anya smile and continue hugging him.
  11. So, i'm considering making a thread where you can say what you're thankful for.

  12. "I did that for John. It's not my fault he couldn't calm her down."
  13. "You always put her before me." Harmony sulk.
  14. BAM is my go to, because its a lot closer. They have starter/learner packs for tarot, runes, oracle cards, numerology, pendulum and... I thingsa few other things online, but all the stuff listed in store. I have bought four decks, my runes and a few reference guides.

    Oh, and a calender with a ritual-of-the-month. :-)
  15. [​IMG]
    So, yeah, I recently created a discussion area where everyone can throw in suggestions and ideas that could improve the Magica☆Girls world. I was really shocked to see so many people participating and got mind-blown by so many fantastic ideas, which some of them I accepted because I really found them great and pretty useful for future Main Stories and Events.

    Now, there are two brilliant ideas that Cilin Hosan, one of our members, suggested me via PM and I honestly found them so amazing and really innovating. I think that they will greatly improve this whole thing. Still, I believe that it will be rude to make these big changes without consulting your opinions, guys. After all, Magica☆Girls is nothing without you.

    So, this is the reason of why I opened this discussion. I want to share with you these ideas, brought to you by Cilin (he/she is so awesome x3) and I really want to hear what you guys think about it. Please, don't hesitate to give an honest opinion about it. If you disagree or agree, just say it (be respectful, though). Your opinion will be fundamental if either I will accept these ideas or not.

    Now, without further ado, here are Cilin's suggestions:

    Changing the actual Combat System into a more "Skill Based" one

    Cilin thinks that the combat system I made is all based on randomness, saying that no matter how skilled a character is, in the end, it won't matter because you simply need to throw a dice and do what the number says. Honestly, I think this is true and I made that system focusing on avoiding people going all "meta-gaming", thinking they're untouchable gods and daring to auto hit everyone. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to accept this idea, but after he/she detailed me the meaning of "a combat system based on skills", I almost fell off my chair after seeing how epic it was.

    A note to have in mind is that this system is used in another roleplay community, but if I decided to use it, I will gladly give the deserved credits to the masterminds behind it. Here it is:

    Show Spoiler

    Type 1 [T1] combat is a type of textual combat designed with logic, precision and detail in mind. It’s a turn-based style, allowing every player involved equal time and space to post their character’s move. Our iteration of the [T1] combat system isn't the only one available, nor is it the only combat style permitted in the arena. It is however our primary default go-to system and the use of any other system, or modifications to this one should be hashed out and agreed upon by combatants before the start of a match.

    There are four types of ‘turn’ that a player can make in a T1 fight: Prep, Attack, Defense and Connection. The fight is split in to 'tiers' which often consist of some/all of the aforementioned turns. A tier begins when a prep or attack is posted and ends when either a successful defense or connect is posted.

    A 'prep' is a turn in which the character prepares to launch their attack. Some special abilities require a certain amount of prep's before an attack can be successfully launched. As a player, it is your responsibility to be aware of which abilities require preps and then to adhere to these rules. Missing a single required prep will probably result in Eden's combat judges voiding the applicable tier of the fight.

    A prepping move should state clearly what ability is being prepared for use and provide some imaginative description of this process, whether it be an elaborate ritual or a intense concentration etc.

    Special abilities that do not require maintained focus/concentration can be combined with another turn. Example:
    The Red Mage slashed with his sword, while muttering the opening phrases of an incantation for a casting of a fireball.
    Specifics must still be provided.

    In the event of a prep that requires maintained focus/concentration, if the character receives damage between the preparation and the attack, the most recent prep will be cancelled. This does not apply to preps that store energy into an external object.

    A character may not make an attack action, a defense action, and a prep action within the same turn. They may, as the conditions of their prep action allows, make either an attack action or a defense action within the same round as a prep action.

    An attacking move should be a detailed account of everything vital to the attack: the stance of the attacker, the momentum or direction of the attack, the method of the attack, and it should hint at the desired outcome.

    An attacking move must be comprised of one main action, or series of synchronized actions [within the realms of logic please].

    The Old Monk braced his right foot against the ground in front of him, screeching like a particularly irritated banshee as he sent his staff sailing down vertically for Evil Warrior’s cranium, relying on the weight of the sturdy oaken staff in addition to his own strength for the momentum needed to crack Evil Warrior’s skull.

    The above move, although containing information about smaller movements of the attacker’s body is centered on one central movement, that of the downward swing of his staff.

    Like an attack, a defensive move must allow for the defender’s stance, method, and desired outcome. It’s no good simply stating that the character miraculously dodges the attack – it must be a detailed account of how this daring escape is achieved.

    The defender must be consistent with the position they were in before the attack took place. For instance, if our defender, the Evil Warrior, was standing directly in front of the Old Monk with his hands behind his back and his eyes on the ground when the Monk swung his staff, that is the stance he must attempt to defend from. However, before he defends he must be seen to somehow acknowledge the attack. After all, he wouldn’t know to defend if he didn’t know of the threat to begin with.

    The Evil Warrior, instantly distracted from his train of thought by the Old Monk’s strangely effeminate screeching, caught a glimpse of the attacker just in time to save his own bacon. His head and upper body reflexively tilted to the left, causing what may have been a fatal blow to the head to land painfully but not mortally upon his leather-armor clad shoulder.

    In the above example, the Evil Warrior’s player acknowledges that his character was not in the best defensive stance to begin with, and as such appreciates that his character cannot completely evade the attack. Considering the Warrior wasn't expecting the attack, it would be unrealistic of him to come out of it without taking a blow of some sort.

    If the Evil Warrior had managed to completely evade the attack, the player of the Old Monk would not be allowed to perform a connecting move and would instead have to RP the resultant events.

    The Old Monk bent his knees in a last ditch attempt at keeping his balance as his staff struck air and continued towards the ground under its own powerful momentum, the fine polished oak smacking impotently against the flagstones.

    However, as the Evil Warrior did not completely evade the attack, the Old Monk’s player gets to perform a connecting move, as described below.

    A connecting move is a move that confirms the attacker’s success. If the defender was unable to completely evade the attack, the attacker is expected to spend a turn describing the results of their attack.

    A connection must describe the initial results of the connection and nothing more about it's effects upon the defending character. For example, the Old Monk’s player could not state that the staff whacked the Evil Warrior’s shoulder and then bounced up into the side of his head, as that would be two separate attacks [albeit maybe not both intentional].

    It is very important not to ‘auto’ in a connection. Although you can state where the blow landed based on the information offered in the preceding attack and defense moves, you cannot state the exact amount of damage dealt upon another character. Such details are reliant upon the information in the previous moves. For instance, a powerful downward thrust of the Old Monk’s staff would obviously cause some bruising and internal injuries when it hits the Evil Warrior’s shoulder [although if the Warrior is wearing armor of some sort the damage may be decreased], whereas a sword would have cut the flesh and caused bleeding. A connection may also contain preparation for the next attack, such as a change in stance. Usual Prep rules apply.

    The Old Monk tensed his shoulders to absorb the shock of his staff striking down heavily upon the Evil Warrior's right shoulder. He let the staff glance off the shoulder after hitting and swung it back up over his head in readiness for another attack, a victorious smirk mocking the Evil Warrior's misfortune.

    In the above post, the Old Monk's attack clearly connects, but it is never stated the exact level of damage that is caused. From this point on the Evil Warrior's player is expected to RP the character according to the damage which he believes would have occurred. In this instance the Warrior is wearing leather armour which may just save his shoulder from being dislocated, but there would still realistically be heavy bruising. As such, the Warrior should have less use of his right arm until the wound his healed.

    There is another type of move that is often used in T1, and it is a variation on the Defensive move, as described below.

    Rather than simply evade an attack, the defendant may block or counter it with one similarly fluent move.

    The Evil Warrior had been expecting an attack, and had his trusty dagger ready behind his back the entire time. Upon the thrust of the Old Monk's foot, he bent at the knees, his left arm flying up to catch the blow on its bronze bracer whilst his right arm swung round -- dagger in hand -- to swipe horizontally at the Monk's stomach.

    The above move would require great skill on the part of the defendant, and therefore only a character who has an established history of combat prowess could realistically pull it off. Most counter-attacks require a similar level of combat skill, as the combatant is performing different simultaneous actions. As long as those actions can be realistically performed at the same time [i.e. one arm can't realistically be in two places at the same time], the move is valid.

    It is then up to the Old Monk to decide whether he will defend, counter-attack or simply take the hit. Considering his staff was already sailing down towards the Evil Warrior with some momentum, it will probably still cause some damage to the Warrior's arm, but a move of that ferocity on the Monk's part will have left his midriff defenseless [aside from any armor he might be wearing] as his arms are engaged in holding the staff. As such, the Warrior's dagger would most likely strike as intended.

    It's not uncommon for both parties of a fight to take some damage, and it is often considered the honorable thing to accept at least some of your opponents hits [if they're realistic].

    As you can see, a tier does not necessarily only consist of three moves. Tiers may overlap or extend beyond the original three basic moves. A T1 combat session ends when there are no more attacks to be made, either because one or more sides of the fight have died, one or more sides of the fight have escaped, one or more sides of the fight have been incapacitated or both parties have reached a non-violent conclusion.

    -Originally posted by Remaeus of RPG, revised and modified by Tiko and Lobos

    Replace the Magica Girls Races with Major Factions

    Show Spoiler

    I really like Cilin, guys, because he/she is a person that isn't afraid to say his/her opinions about something. You all probably know that there are 4 races of Magica Girls you can choose and their powers need to be based on their elements: fire, water, wind or earth. Simple. I thought it was good and that everyone would love it, but Cilin came out with a totally different opinion. She/He believes that it's kind of unfair to just choose between 4 races.

    For example, let's say that a roleplayer wants to create a Magica Girl with electric powers. The roleplayer can't because the actual races don't have that kind of element and so he or she will be forced to just go with them or simply don't join the roleplay. In other words, the current Races System limits the choices of a roleplayer to the 4 elements This is actually something I don't want to happen nor I want to force anybody to do something they don't like because it will be no fun at all.

    So, what Cilin suggested is that instead of limiting everyone to choose between the actual 4 races, to give them the freedom to create their own Magica Girl. They can give them the powers they want, how they will dress up, etc. In other words, the roleplayer can create any type of Magica Girl and the GM will be the judge, deciding how strong they can be and be sure that they're following the Rules (yes, I will still make some rules and a new Character Template that will help you as a Guide). So, with this new system, you will be able to create a Magica Girl that can use electric powers or a Magica Girl which powers are based on music. The creativity and imagination here will be endless and that's something I freaking love.

    And with that said, instead of making a Race, I'll replace that with Factions. This will be a group of Magica Girls (all of them can be from different powers) that will have their beliefs and a common goal in life. Think about this as a big family that, even when different, fight for one common goal and have alike beliefs.

    Here's the fun part about this: if I decide to accept this idea (I'm thinking about it a lot because this means I need to change almost everything in Magica☆Girls), I'll let all of you create a Faction and at the end, I will choose the top 4 Factions with more members. This means that if you don't want to struggle with making a Faction, you can choose to be part of a Faction that somebody already created. That way, you'll save some time and support the Faction to be officially chosen by me, the GM.

    And don't worry, guys. I will also make a Faction Skeleton that will work as a guide and help you out and if you already created a character, you can still use her. You just need to update it with the new Skeleton. So, be creative and amaze me.

    So, this is all, guys. Please, stop by, read everything above and leave your opinions. It's really important to me and will help me to decide what to really do. Also, if you have other suggestions, leave them in the "Suggestions and Ideas" discussion or if you're shy and feel more comfortable talking to just me, you can always send me a PM, just like Cilin did (I actually was the one that reached him/her after reading its first suggestion).
    So, some of you have some concerns about Cilin's idea of Combat system. I personally expected something like this because after all, we all have different opinions. So, ERode, another member, came out with a more simplistic, but actually great idea that combines the "Dice System Combat" with "Text-based System Combat". How freaking cool is that!? And the best of all is that it's really easy to understand. So, here's her idea (again, sorry if you're he, man...):

    Show Spoiler

    Kay. First off, I don't really like bothering about stats, so really, it should just be the 'power level' of the magical girl, situational modifiers (such as whether or not they have an advantage in this situation over the other person), and then dice rolling. Thus, the formula will be...

    Magical Girl A: 27 (power level) + 10 (specializes in fire magic against a wood monster) + d10
    Wood Monster: 25 (power level) + 5 (ambushed her) + d10

    Mathematically, then, Magical Girl gets a 37 + d10, while the Wood Monster gets a 30 + d10. The magical girl has a large advantage over the Wood Monster, who she should specialize in defeating, but because the Wood Monster ambushed her, there is still a slim chance that it can, in fact, defeat her.

    They roll, and Magical Girl gets a 1, while Wood Monster gets a 7. Ultimately, the encounter is then Magical Girls' 38 vs Wood Monster's 37. She only beats it by a narrow margin. From here, the player can write something like...

    A rustle of the leaves was all the warning that A-tan had before seven wooden stakes burst out the ground. She twisted her body, narrowing evading the deadly attack, before her red eyes flickered. Where was her enemy? No, did it even matter?!


    A wave of flames poured out from her, incinerating all foliage within twenty meters of her. Somewhere amongst the fire's roar, she heard the screeches of a wood monster. Tch, filthy fiends, thinking they could take a practitioner of fire magic down even with an ambush.

    With a flick of her cloak, she strode off, ashes still smouldering beneath her Salamander Boots.

    The entire fight against a mob monster concludes like it should, quickly, while also giving the RPer a way to finish things flashily instead of boringly. In a PvP scenario though...

    B: 35 + d10
    A: 27 + d10

    First Phase
    B: 35 + 5
    A: 27 + 3
    40 vs 30. A is being overwhelmed dramatically by this gap in strength.

    Second Phase
    B: 35 + 2
    A: 27 + 10
    37 vs 37. Through miraculous effort, A matches B, even managing to injure them despite that massive gap.

    Third Phase
    B: 35 + 10
    A: 27 + 1
    45 vs 28. Impressed by their efforts, B shows off her true strength out of respect for her opponent, defeating them with their masterstroke.

    Because both players already know the end result and how the fight would generally go due to what the numbers tell them, they can do their best to make that sort of thing as interesting and dramatic as possible. While I understand your aversion to puppeteering other characters, I personally believe that if done well, it's something that others look forward to. Almost a form of flattery really. And if the players have any problems with the portrayal of their character in a fight, one can always ask for an edit.

    Essentially, this allows people to have long, drawn-out fights without actually doing 20 posts back to back. It also makes for a smoother read, and by determine the result of the fight before it begins, it'll keep people focused on the 'story' and 'character development', rather than 'winning'.

    So, to make this system work, I'll decide the Power Levels of all of the character, based on the Character Backstory and such. What do you guys think about it?
  16. When I have more time I'll go over it thoroughly.
  17. Okay, everyone, I just added another idea about the Combat System plan. That one was brought to us by @ERode . Please, take a look at it and tell me your opinions about it.