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    The rolling greenery of the countryside was shining brightly that morning. A large, dark green truck was pulling off of a paved road, and onto a dirt road, the driver being a man with a mustache, and a worn army uniform from some old regime years ago. behind him, hidden by a thick tarp, colored beige, which protected said cargo, held several travelers, and a few bits of supplies. Among them was a young man with spiked black hair, sleeping along with the other passengers, on stacks of hay with pillows and blankets. Jack, was the name of the one we'll be focusing on.

    His stomach began to grumble, begging for breakfast, Jack only able to rub it for now while he waited for the truck to make a stop, and hopefully at a place where he could eat. He pulled over his sling backpack, and pulled out a small bag of cheese puffs, nomming them well, as their were his only food source at the moment...

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  3. Joe sat on the opposite side of where Jack lay down eating his cheese puffs, he was reading a book on how technology came to be. He never talked aboout what he read he just did it for random information and to pass the time. A few times already a bump had knocked the book out of his hands and it had happened once more, he decided it was time to put the book down and rest a bit. He laid down and was thinking of what he was going to do when he got to his destination.
  4. Jack turned his head towards Joe, a bit curious of the newcomer. When night had fallen, Jack assumed Joe was awake, someone was awake while they were driving for sure, and it was a tad unsettling. Jack packed up the last of his snack away, and pulled out a small bottle of juice just slightly bigger than his fist. He guzzled it down, and wiped his mouth, going 'Ah!' and lying back down, mostly awake...
  5. Over in the corner of the studio, Zun was fastening his attacks for a match. He paced his thrusts and clutches between every four hits with each style, allowing him to dish out more damage and strike faster. With every poweful hit, it'd followed by a grunt or a "Kyahh" right after. His muscles were tightening, flexing, and kept composure all while he trained. To finish his training, Zun did three back-flips towards the back wall, then kicked off the wall and kicked the dummy in half.
  6. "So you're" burp "telling me that you're part of some obscure gang, or what ever from Korea?" The man Bart was talking to was quite irritated at this point "Yes! I mean no! We are infamous!" the Korean dude shouted. Bart looked around at the bar, all eyes were on them, even if people pretended to not be paying attention. Maybe they were as big and bad as they said. He took another drink from his beer and sat down in a chair, but quickly stood up once he found out it was occupied already. "And so you want to fight me because I beat you at arm wrestling?" "You cheated!" "Ah" Bart took another drink and then set the bottle down. "Okay." Bart slapped the glass bottle and swiftly spun around, delivering a back fisted blow to the guy in the chair and sent him sprawling before he even knew what happened. The fight began.

    The bottle hit the first Korean dude in the face, shattering and making him freak out for a second. Bart surfed on the wave of his enemy's surprise. He launched himself backward, knocking over another Korean with the full weight of his body but kept his footing. The surprise was wearing off now and one more Korean guy was coming toward him for an attack. Bart was ready for this, the Korean man stepped forward to prepare for a strike. As his foot came down Bart delivered a kick to his stomach causing him to double over and then blasted him into unconsciousness with an uppercut. The man made half a back flip before falling back to the ground. The surprise was starting to wear off. Instinctively Bart stepped back as the the guy he back handed soared through the air with a kick. Dropping his stance and extending his arms, Bart caught the guy and redirected his momentum by throwing him into the man he knocked over by jumping back. Bart jumped back around, but the Korean had recovered faster than he expected and was sent flying backward and crashed to the ground in front of the door. Gah I should have been ready for that, still, doing pretty good for a small drunk guy.

    Bart opened his eyes and the first thing he thought: Legs.
  7. A handy devise, cellphones were. Lena had been traveling around, as what was her usual style of livin at this point it her life; training and traveling, but recently she'd gotten an interesting piece of info from a friend in Korea. Word was that one of the Red Viper's lower ranking so called Generals was in the area, sent on business, and not business of the legal variety either. The leader of the Red Vipers was the very man who took her father's life, so if she could get some info about him from one of the criminal group's generals, it'd useful to her down the road. And, thanks to her phone, she'd easily tracked down the bar he had been rumored to frenquent while in the country.

    As she neared the bar though she heard what was clearly the bickering of likely drunks, and opened the door only for one of them to be thrown down at her feet. Good thing she wasn't wearing a skirt today... wait, she never wore skirts. Anyways, the kid on the floor didn't look korean, or like a gang member for that matter, probably just a brat who picked a fight with the wrong bunch. He glanced around the room and didn't see the the guy she was looking for, but there were a few of the gang's underlings that looked pretty peeved at the guy on the floor. "Move it, woman!" One approached and rudely pushed her out of the way as he moved to reach for the kid's shoulder. Without hesitation she spun and delivered a roundhouse kick right to the gang member's teeth, knocking him flat into his back.
  8. Joe's thoughts had slowed down and he had fallen asleep until nightfall and woke up wondering why it was so dark. He sat up and tried to look around but decided just to lay down again. He whispered not wanting to wake anyone, "Hey anyone awake?" Right before he woke up he thought someone had made a noise, but there was no garuntee that someone was awake. If he was going to be wide awake for the rest of the ride he'd like to talk to anyone at all.
  9. Wow. She just kicked that guy. Bart placed his hands on the ground by his head and flipped himself back up onto his feet. He opened his mouth to say something smooth and witty but was interrupted by a glass bottle breaking against the side of his head. He sunk down onto one knee, not because it hurt, he was pretending to be injured so he could check out this chicks legs. Yeah she definitely works out. But...oh yeah. Bart remembered he was fighting, two down and two to go, including the sore loser.

    Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Without looking back, Bart threw all of his body weight backwards, this trick worked yet again but the guy didn't fall. With his momentum canceled out by the heavier mass of the other guy, Bart managed to get his balance back first while he stumbled. As soon as Bart's feet hit the ground they were in position to do what he wanted to do, and that was to deliver a kick straight backwards, which is also known by some as a Donkey Kick. The kick hit the man in his mid-section and blasted him across the room and over the bar where he hit shelves of alcohol that dislodged and fell on top of him.

    Bart didn't look back, he knew what was coming, at an opportunity like this when your opponent is recovering from an attack, you strike. He ducked his head down and the leg he kicked with remained extended behind him and he used it to low step underneath the kicking leg of the sore loser. Bart passed by underneath him, moving as he stepped backwards under his kick and grabbed the pant leg of his supporting leg and yanked on it as he moved back. The Korean's balance was lost, luckily for him his kicking leg was in front of him so it wouldn't take long for him to recover and make a counter strike. Unluckily for him, Bart knew this. Bart rose up, feet planted and gave a sharp forward thrust into the Korean's back with his palms. The force generated from such a short distance was seemingly impossible. The Korean planted his kicking foot down but he continued to stumble toward the door, where Legs was standing.
  10. Jack didn't bother answering Joe: one could be picking a fight with dangerous strangers in a setting like this, speaking so openly, as he was now. The tone seemed far too familiar, and that wasn't good at all. A couple eyes belonging to men that would have easily fit in with a gang looked up, and grumbled, before trying to get back to sleep. Jack himself kept his head down, and eyes shut. As soon as the ride was over, he'd get off, and never look back at these faces...


    The Truck stopped just outside of the city limits, and driving over to a bus stop in a rather unclean part of town, greens, blacks, greys, the colors of the old, decayed buildings, the only color in sight at the moment being the neon signs and such all over the streets. Jack himself climbed out of the back of the truck, and watched everyone else start heading their separate ways. He noticed a bar nearby, and his stomach grumbled. He shivered slightly, feeling as if this alcohol vendor's establishment was the least threatening of all the other buildings. Sure, he could get called underage. Maybe not...

    He entered the building to find right in front of his eyes, a fight go down right in front of him. For a moment, he just stared a bit, before whistling at the sight of Bart's technique.

    "What Style do you folks use?…" He asked rather softly, as if he were talking to himself.
  11. Before the last remaining guy could see it coming, Lena delivered a shift kick to the chest, knocking him back onto the floor. She then leaned over him, her boot slamming down on him again to hold him down. "Where's Iseul? I know he's in town," she asked with a fierce tone. "As if I would tell you, ya crazy b--" he was cut off as Lena pressed the heel of he shoe into him. "Ah! I-it's no use anyway, he got on a flight back to Korea this moring, we just stuck around to party!."

    Lena watched the lackey's expression for a moment before deciding he wasn't lying. Only now she was even more annoyed, "...Then what good are you!?" He yelled as she pulled him up and roughly kicked him out the door of the bar. She sighed then and ran a hand through her hair before noticing the new comer in the bar. "Our styles...? What business is that of yours?" She raised an eyebrow at the guy.
  12. His maneuver worked out pretty well. Bart took a moment to think about how impressive he was until he saw Legs over there by the door again, cutting off the guys air supply. He leaned against a table that was occupied by a couple of patrons he thought looked less intoxicated than he currently was. "Hey you guys" he said, leaning closer "That chick is a chick over there, right?" He was pointing at Legs and the dudes nodded. "Awesome. Okay so, she as hot as I think she looks right now?" The dudes took another look and assured him the affirmative. Double awesome.

    Okay then, time to do some walking. Putting one foot in front of the other he sauntered toward the door where another dude had showed up after Legs had kicked the other guy out. "Wut? Legs is right but I don't really have a style." Bart gave her the finger guns gesture as she looked at him and winked at the same time. Smooth as pebbles in a stream.
  13. Jack huffed, pretending to be insulted by the two others, slipping his hands into his pockets. Was it so wrong to ask what kind of martial arts one used?

    "I'm just a guy who wants to become a better martial artist. And you guys have some great technique…" He told them truthfully. "I'm a Scholar of the ways of the fist, man. Back home, I really only picked up some Kickboxing and (pro) wrestling. I'd rather see some Wing Chun or something, y'know? somethin' different…Oh, nearly planned to sleep in the alley, you folk know where I can get a room for the night? maybe some place I can brawl in peace?…"



    "…Sorry 'bout all the questions. I'm lost to these parts. For a city, it's not very popular…"
  14. Lena eyed the drunk guy who actually gave her a cheesy finger gun and wink gesture. "Did you just call me... 'Legs?'" She had the thought to kick him in the face too, but she settled for ignoring him as she looked back to the newcomer. The way he talked said he took what he did seriously, martial arts, that is. "What I meant to say is; you should at least introduce yourself before asking personal questions. Anyways, I'm also looking to improve my skills," she said, taking off her sunglasses and slipping them into her pocket. "As for a place to stay, you'll only find cheap motels around here I'm sure. I much prefer camping myself, you can practice peacefully in the great outdoors." She offered with a grin.
  15. Bart grinned like a big kid and turned half his attention to the new guy. He wanted to improve his martial arts huh? The chick did too! What a small world. Not to mention the chick liked camping. It took a minute for that to sink in, and then he exclaimed to himself. Wat? This chick likes camping? Bart considered this. He hadn't met many chicks that practiced martial arts seriously, and even less that liked camping. Triple awesome. Or that was...probably quadruple awesome.

    "You guys, we have so much in common. I'm going around getting better at fighting too. AND I think camping is awesome." Bart grinned with what felt like charm at Legs. His grinning was interrupted by a thought formulating in his brain. "You guys" he said while holding his hands up to halt what ever they may have tried to say "We should totally...fight people...or something. It'll be awesome!" Bart's enthusiasm radiated from his body like a corona.
  16. "AWH HELL YEAH!" Boomed Jack, right fist meeting left palm.

    (Time skippin'~)

    Jack stared at the dark, scary looking forest. a nearby squirrel-like creature was munching on the remains of a bat. Old bullet shells lay over in one spot, the shells pointing towards a hole dug into the ground, a makeshift bathroom, with a nearby folding table that had fallen over. He turned around to see the lights of the big city, before turning back, and pulling out some matches, and grabbing some dead branches. He lit the tip of one, and placed it in a patch of dirt to work as a torch.

    "So…how do we set our shit up?… D:" asked a disappointed Jack. He'd camped before, alone, which sucked, but his spots were much cleaner than this area that was closest to the city.
  17. "WELL" Bart said loudly amidst the quiet of the forest. "I think what we need for camping is some kind of tent or what ever." Bart himself didn't have a tent so he decided he'd fashion one out of branches or what ever. Or just snuggle up with Legs, she probably had a tent. He smiled to himself like an idiot that just came up with a very clever secret.

    Bart's pleasant thoughts were interrupted by crunching sounds coming from the little area in front of them. Out of the shadows of some trees stepped out some thuggish punk looking dude. His black boots had spikes all over the front, his leather jacket was studded, there were piercings on his face, and he had spiked bracers on his forearms. Not to mention the guy had a spiky mohawk and a large chain wrapped around his torso and waist. "Well hello there. Out for a stroll in the woods? Lots of dangerous animals out here. Tell you what, drop all your stuff and I'll guarantee you leave these woods safely." The guy smiled at them, cocky as hell.

    Bart stared at this punk. "Hold up guys, I'll get this." Bart took off his backpack and let it drop to the ground with a thud, making leaves and pine needles scatter from the impact and started approaching the spiky thug. The guy sneered and started unwinding the heavy chain from his body and at that moment Bart heard breaking twigs and crunching leaves from almost all sides, including from the way they had just come. More punks of similar garb appeared from the shadows, armed with various weapons. Meh. "Last chance squirt" the spiked thug said, sneering all the while. Old memories came back to Bart, from the time he was at school. Bart rolled his shoulders in their sockets and locked his eyes on the thug. "Come get it."
  18. Jack whistled. "You get'em, bro!"

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