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  1. Just a bunch of random poems that I've written. Any comments good or bad (Don't be cruel)
    Thanks for reading. ^_^
    btw: Titles are in purple

    I know you wont ever remember my name, or want to call me up to say Hey,
    But one day you will remember this;
    You where the first guy, the first boy, the first friend
    I would ever run to in my time of need.
    I could count on you no matter what.
    I trusted you and gave you everything in my heart.
    Which in return you destroyed and broke apart.
    You left me alone, afraid and unloved.
    You left me with more questions than answers,
    More pain then lovely memories.
    More sorrow than I ever wanted.
    Every now and again I wish that we would have never met,
    But I know that's not what we meant when we shared this promise;
    To hold each other tightly, never let go or look back,
    To keep our hearts joined as one,
    but when it was all said and done.
    We found out that nothing turns out the same,
    We move on as the times change.
    But why now..
    Do I look back and wish I would have finished off that
    First Kiss...

    Heaven & Hell

    Heaven's light shines over me, warms my spirit and guides me from evil, but yet I feel the pull, the urge to run and hide. To live in darkness from this light.
    I was born of fire, Hell's fire to be correct, a mark of pure evil lies on my neck. Now I know that one can never hide, from the all seeing eye.
    But when the time has come and past I hear the wrath of Satan's men, running out my sanity, leading me down the stairs of Hell, into the burning flames of doom.
    I yell for my saver the one they call God, the lord of witch I feared and ran. Tried to hide from his helping hand. I yelled for my saver the one I now call God. For hi helping hand saved my soul from the burning flames I once feared.
    Yet I feel the pull, the evil mark upon my neck. I since that some how my battle is drawing near. The war between two powers to clam my soul for all is worth is nothing but a broken curse.

    I Dare

    I dare to dream, I dare to fly away and enjoy life. I dare you to do the same, reach out and find what you're truly made of. Find a new talent, treasure, or a friend in this world of never ending hate. Find a new path to take, to mold into your destiny. That will eventually become who you are. I dare you to find yourself, your soul, and believe. Believe in life. Believe in a never ending love that comes from the deepest part of your soul. I dare you to find something to reach out and believe in. Just as God reached out and believed in you and still does to this day.
    Dare. Find. Believe. Never give up in yourself for the story of your life is being written right before your eyes. You can make a difference in your future, you just have to try hard enough and believe enough to try. To find enough strength to continue on in the darkest times. Dare to be the person you really want to be.
    These dares are not for the weak. These are for those who look for change. Dare to change your future to find another way to make this life worth your stay. Worth your time. Worth your effort.
    Believe you can change your future so there is another way to be that person you want to be. And most of all, mold your own destiny with your own hands. Forget those whom have drug you down. I dare you to take this dare. And see how far you can go.


    You're the only one I've ever wanted, ever needed. And to be completely honest, the only one I have ever loved this way. I know the distance between us is killing. But I can't wait for our dream to come true.
    Being hurt doesn't mean we should give up. Being shattered and torn apart doesn't give us the right to walk out on all that we have fought so hard to obtain.
    I gave up on you once, but know I see clearly that what i did wasn’t right. I let my fears, my pain, my confusion take over and take control of my life. But now that I can see clearly that you're here with me, to hold me tight, and keep me safe, i will never stray away again.
    With a believing heart I move on threw this light and make up for my sins, as I grow in your name my lord.
    i praise you, serve you, and love you.

    Once upon a dream

    Once upon a dream, once upon a star. Once upon a time. I used to know who you where, but lately I’ve been thinking. Are we really as close as we think we are? I lay in bed at night, wanting to hold you, but yet.. I know.. that this isn't right. This dream of our is to beg for it to ever come true, so why even try to be something we're not. Just look into my eyes and take a final look, for I’m walking off and leaving you behind, follow if you like.