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Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller, Space Exploration, Slice of Life

Game Masters: Diana & Ocha
Accepting New Characters: APPLICATIONS CLOSED (Unless you pre-claimed a spot.)
Posting Expectations: Once a day to A few times a week. Characters will be in close quarters and interacting a lot.
Rating: R
Genre: Space Saga SciFi
Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic Space Adventure with lots of Action!
Basic Plot: A group of people chosen to be passengers on a fugitive ship, stuck in between a corrupt government and an explosive activist rebellion!

Wanted: Small Crew.
Several positions needed.
No background checks, or references needed.
But subject to ship's opinion.
An ambiguous set of morals preferred.
Come to Ajax Bar at 1200.
Ask for "J.K." at the bar.​

There is a very rare breed of ship, a <i>living</i> ship. A fantastic creature that has such great potential... but, to use this ship you must be "chosen". Chosen by the ship itself or many of the ship's design might be impossible to control. You could fly it, live in it, travel... but you could never <i>control</i> it. Every ship is different and who they desire as a pilot could be as opposite as night and day. A particularly bossy ship may even want to choose it's crew. After all, if it doesn't want you on board, it won't let you stay.

Nicknamed <i>Titan Ships</i>, these wonderful creatures are a great commodity to have despite the difficulties in finding a pilot. Yet, the Terradyne Federation has now outlawed the use of these ships. The choice of pilots and the actions of these ships could not be government controlled. When found, they are confiscated and put away in military stations to await being destroyed.

Originally a great organization put together by the Dynithian Race to enforce peace across the Galaxy. For a few hundred years, this system has worked well. Up until recently. There have been some changes of power. In the past 40 years, the Terradyne have slowly turned from peacekeepers to bullies. They have kept their facade, only to do a lot of under-the-table deals and treaties. It's rumored that the Terradyne are now making people "disappear" if they don't uphold the Agenda.

Where the Terradyne might call them terrorists or pirates, the Genesis Coalition boasts that it is a organization against the military state the Terradyne has started to force on the Galaxy. Questing for the truth and freedom for the constellations, they intend to take down the Terradyne by any means necessary. If not by legal means, by brute force. Their tactics have been everything from peaceful demonstrations, to full out attacks on Terradyne owned properties.

Please use to BASIC BIO and post in this thread for approval from your GMs. You may play a human or any made up alien race. You can work for the Terradyne, Genesis, or just be someone that gets mixed up in the middle of everything. You can NOT own or be a pilot of a Titan Ship, unless you're volunteering to be a bad guy. :D You are probably someone that saw that note posted somewhere. You are going to that bar to join this crew. OR you're a Terradyne or bounty hunter, etc that "smells something up" and are going to bust the people that show up. OR you are someone just there and around that gets mixed up by accident. Roll with it, rock with it!

Any other questions, just ask!


Saniya Karamchand: Looking to investigate why a couple of her friends vanished, she got mixed up in madness by coming across a Titan ship and chosen as it's first passenger and navigator.

Jasper Kelran: A Terradyne Officer who refused to kill a captive when found on a Titan ship. He is now a fugitive and the Titan "Thea's" chosen pilot.

Eles'Wain Nuldris A Rasitan alien on a quest to understand chaos.

Maximilian "Max" Kartheuser Biologist with a reckless fascination for Titan class ships.

Jake "Heather Luzon" Castillo Drag performer who has gotten involved in the right place at the wrong time.

D'Artagnan Guy Bartender with unknown past getting involved by accident.

Lenora Star Data runner for the Genesis Coalition.


Character Name: Jasper Kelran
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 35
Occupation: Commander. Captain. Pilot. Privateer.
Theme Song: Poets of the Fall - The Ultimate Fling


General Appearance: Black Hair, brown eyes, clean shaved, strong jawline. Short cropped hair, military grade. Fit physique, lean body. No major scars. A tattoo of an owl on his left wrist.
Strengths: Physical Endurance. Ability to do a lot of labor without getting tired.
Weaknesses: Creaky/weak joints in his knees from a past accident. Extreme cold tends to make him stiff.


Current Goal/Purpose: Find out what the FUCK is going on!
Talents: Throwing darts.
Inabilities: Understanding why women are so stupid about some things. Er, driving land vehicles.
Fears: Really small biting insects. Anything that can spit acid.
General Personality: People wish they could call Jasper a nice guy, but most of the time he's just a bossy pain in the ass. He's usually annoyed about something, irritated or in a bad mood. He gets alone with others fine enough, but he'd rather be alone somewhere doing his own thing. Jasper tends to have a short temper and equally short patience for anyone that doesn't "figure things out as fast as they should". He likes things done fast and done his way. Straight and to the point.
Inner Personality: Honest. Loyal. Hard working. Jasper is a good guy, but he really cares less about political correctness, sparing feelings, or changing his own bad habits.


General History:
For his whole life, Jasper grew up in a military family. Captain Grandfather, Captain Uncles, Captain Father, Captain Jasper Kelran. The Military Mindset was ground to him young, so it was only natural that he followed in family footsteps and joined up in the Federation when he barely hit his teens.

Jasper spent his teen years training as a Terradyne Galactic Officer. Enforcing the laws of the galaxy. He moved up the ranks over the years to become a Commander of his own cruiser ship. Commander Jasper Kelran earned a reputation for being hard to work with, but always fair.

Present Life: A lot of new laws and treaties have been passed lately that Jasper thinks is full of shit. Of course, when he starts passing his opinion around things start to hit the fan. The Terradyne Federation doesn't want anyone trash talking their organization, not even one of their own...

Special Historic Notes:


Character Name: Lenora Star
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 29
Birthplace/World: Vespa
Occupation: Tradesman


General Appearance: Average figure, medium brown hair, dark blue eyes. Favors clothes with light natural fabrics and is guilty of wearing pajamas about 90% of the time. Lenora sports that 'just rolled out of bed' look.
Strengths: Muscle strength. Lenora has no problem doing physical labor and has a decent endurance for hard work.
Weaknesses: Cold. She'll claim it's always cold and keeps herself dressed in warm clothing even when to everyone else it's burning hot. Agility and quickness... she's not very fast on her feet and fairly clumsy.


Current Goal/Purpose: Continue helping the Genesis Coalition and eventually out the Terradyne's evil motives to the general public. The people deserve to know.
Talents: Talking. Sweet talking, lying, story telling, chit chatting. Lenora has a gift for speaking.
Inabilities: Dealing with an awkward silence. Fixing Broken tech.
Fears: Prisons, jails, and places where there's a high concentration of the <i>scary</i> kind of criminals that you never want to meet face to face. The thought of ghosts creeps her out. She has a phobia of heights and gets all fainty when up in high places with open/missing walls/railings/etc.
General Personality: Lenora is a people person. She loves talking to people, getting to know others, making friends, creating relationships and bonding with others. It really makes her job easier when she's on good terms with people. Lenora is able to find humor in just about any situation and makes an effort to see the "bright side" of most situations. It's really hard to get her down or catch her in a bad mood. If you do, then there's a problem. Big problem!
Inner Personality: Being such a "what you see is what you get" kind of person, there is very little to Lenora that she won't openly share if you ask her. She has a strong sense of morals that might even border on righteous. Lenora looks down on illegal activities, so it might come as a surprise to find out she's part of the Genesis Coalition. That is something she might not have otherwise done if it weren't for the fact she REALLY believes the Terradyne are doing wrong. She is just now figuring out that right and wrong isn't so cut and dry.
Secret: A contact for the Genesis Coalition.


General History:
Lenora works in the shipping & trade business as her family does. This is a wide reaching business that stretches across the galaxy over several networks of planets. It's 100% legal and she refuses to make business with thieves, smugglers, or slavers.

She has a grand story to tell about her epic romance & adventure with a prince while she was a teenager. Falling in love with a young man, running away from home, getting in to trouble and misadventures. When their families caught up with them they said "Fine! You can get married!"... but reality wasn't as exciting as their dream, and things fell apart quick. At the time it was heartbreaking, but now she finds it a hilarious story to share!

Lenora is actually a "Data Runner" or contact for the Genesis Coalition. People come to her with important information and she makes sure to pass it on as she does business across the galaxy. So far, she has remained undiscovered.

Present Life:
What's this? The Terradyne lost a Titan and have a bounty on one of their best men? This is a job for Genesis!

Special Historic Notes:

Character Name: Saniya Karamchand
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 28
Birthplace/World: Kespar System
Occupation: Commodities trading / Navigator

General Appearance: With large round black eyes, long silky blue-black hair and a brown complexion. She has an oval face and a slight figure, though surprisingly almost as tall as a man.
Strengths: Hand-Eye coordination.
Weaknesses: Saniya's sort of had a soft life up till now.

Current Goal/Purpose: Find her friends, keep from becoming interesting to the government, maybe even get things out in the open.
Talents: She's very good at memorizing things. Speeches, technical read outs, even things she doesn't understand. Can get people to tell her more about themselves then they might wish to tell or even realize about themselves.
Inabilities: Letting go of a grudge. Singing.
Fears: Disappearing like so many of her friends. Drowning. Has a mild case of claustrophobia.
Hobbies: Since she was the smallest of child Saniya has been fascinated by the stars. She's memorized star charts for fun and has learned to read even the more technical military-science maps.
General Personality: Quiet, not necessarily shy, but doesn't seem to bother saying more then she has to. Though not an ice queen, there seems a gulf between her and most everyone else.
Inner Personality: A bit insecure, Saniya has a hard time letting people in. Once they are in though she opens up to be a warm and carrying individual with a surprising joy for life.


General History: Daughter to one of the best intergalactic political analyzers who climbed his way to the rank of Ambassador, and the trophy wife, Saniya did not seem to live up to any expectations on her. She was neither gorgeous nor politically inclined. While her father absorbed himself more and more in work her mother dragged her along on social events yet didn't do much talking to her as at her.

As her relationships went from luke warm to chilly with her parents, Saniya made some efforts to befriend others that were more like minded. She was not the best of students, but she spent more time then necessary at school as she got to know teachers and students that were able to see past her rich cloths and quietness. Those with patience soon discovered a much more vibrant young woman that didn't like politics because of corruption and didn't want to follow her mother's footsteps of marriage for image and not love.

Present Life: It started with a favorite professor not replying to a message. Then there was that fun couple she met that one summer at the lake house seen on trial before a tribunal. There was her first love who was a decent man even if they'd never work out who was picked up on the street, and her best friend who didn't make it to dinner. One by one Saniya's seen people she's known; friends, lovers, confidants; disappear into the night. Some never to be heard from again, others sent to prison on the flimsiest of charges. Genesis Coalition has been whispered for a while and Saniya fears that anyone that has any sort of sympathy for them is now a target. Fearing she might be next Saniya packs her bags and runs off to find both an escape and answers.

Special Historic Notes:[/dash]


Character Name: D'Artagnan Guy
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 31
Birthplace/World: Kelton 5
Occupation: Bartender/Gunner


General Appearance: Surfer boy good looks, and yes he still looks like a boy, especially when he smiles. He's let his wavy blonde hair grow out, and it's usually in a tight ponytail. He's been told more then once by women they're envious of his hair.
Strengths: He's decently strong man and got good endurance, but his true strength is his dead on aim.
Weaknesses: Guy isn't going to win any races, land or sea. In fact he really would prefer not to be on water


Current Goal/Purpose: Guy is just trying to get by day by day. Bartending wasn't what he planed to do with the rest of his life, but it's a great way to connect with people again and taste life lived to it's fullest. Just waiting for inspiration for the next stage in life.
Talents: Putting together a grenade launcher in the dark, without inferred goggles. In fact if it involves anything in covert operations he likely knows how to do it. If it involves weaponry he knows how to do it well!
Fears: Keep him away from wetware, cyber-implants and the whole host of things that could cause a person not to be in control of themselves any longer. The thing that actually can cause him a sleepless night is the thought of becoming paralyzed and trapped in his own body.
General Personality: Guy acts a lot like he looks. Easy going, good natured fellow that is just going where life takes him. Even if he's being serious he's mellow about it, putting a hand on someone's shoulders and telling them how it is, though in the end telling them it's their call what they do or think. He does get uncomfortable with the criers though. He will get someone else to deal with someone cry if he can. Otherwise he's a bit stiff as he tries to comfort.
Inner Personality: Guy is always calculating. What action is going to cause which kind of response. Guy does not like surprises and will do whatever he can to minimize them.
Secret: Ex-Special Ops, knows a certain trader that he knows is involved with Genesis


General History: Childhood was pretty darn ordinary for living on a colony moon. Both of his parents were involved in the mining industry as was much of the extended family. There wasn't much doubt what D'Artagnan and his siblings would do when they grew up.

They all defied their elders' expectations.

Before he was done with secondary school Guy, whoever never cared to go by his given name, enlisted with the Terradyne military. He at first was somewhat unremarkable in training. It wasn't until his superiors realized that he was keeping himself off their radar that they realized he had the makings for something better.

Orders once given were followed. Once he learned a skill he kept at it until he mastered it or he reached his limit. Guy did not do things half ass and took the challenge of more training with gratitude.

Things were going very well. Then he suddenly quit. He did not tell his friends or family why. In fact only his commanding officer knew the true reason. After a year though he did make a few exceptions to his silence, carefully picking out who he told the whole story too. These were people that either had his best interest in heart and wouldn't tell a soul, or people that were trying to change the universe. The first he needed, the second everyone needed.

Present Life: It took Guy a while to settle back into civilian life and in the end he ended up as far from his old life as he could get, outside of Terradyne space, dealing with the most undisciplined people imaginable. He's actually enjoying himself though.

Special Historic Notes:
Operation Pink Canary: To infiltrate the headquarters of Hardback and Sons. Take out the president, CEO, CFO and detonate a hacker virus into their main computer port. Not horribly unusual except that the current CEO was running for political office and Hardback was known for it's many charitable contributions. In fact they had only been recently threatened by the Genesis Coalition. This was political assassination of Terradyne's own population! Not a threat to the safety of system or galaxy.[/dash]

NPC List:
Diamanta Guy - Architect specializing in historical preservation, younger sister to D'Artagnan Guy, good friend of Lenora Star, usually answers to her last name.

Character Name: Jake "Heather Luzon" Castillo
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 26
Birthplace/World: Castalia/Castalian System
Occupation/School/Grade: Drag Queen/Bar Entertainer
Theme Song: What about my dreams? - Kati Wolf


General Appearance: Jake is actually rather average, standing at about five feet ten (6'2" in heels). His hair is kept rather short normally to allow for his wigs to fit more easily. His skin is rather fair, but still has a healthy glow about it and he has deep brown eyes (although with the aid of contacts can change to any color depending on his whims or outfits.) He has an extensive collection of dresses and outfits and is also skilled with a needle and thread and can make his own outfits.

Strengths: Quite good with small technical tasks thanks to doing lots of technical make up and rather good at crafting and sewing outfits with all sorts of fabrics. He likes to think he passes quite well for a woman when need be. He can also run quite well in heels!

Weaknesses: Being of daintier pursuits Jake isn't particularly strong nor skilled with any form of weaponry. He's also prone to panic in intense situations (except where talking is involved.)


Current Goal/Purpose: Just looking to make his big break and entertain the masses as Miss Heather Luzon.

Talents: Make up artistry, sewing outfits, performing in front of an audience, singing.

Inabilities: Keeping calm under pressure, being intimidating.

Fears: Being shut down and out of work.

General Personality:
As Heather: The life of the party would be an understatement. Heather loves having the spotlight on her and loves keeping people entertained, whether it's a crowded bar or just a small group of friends Heather lives to entertain. She's outgoing and friendly and loves to sing.

As Jake: Jake is overall pleasant and friendly just not as outgoing, being a bit more quiet and sometimes shy. If he's given a quiet focus-intensive task he'll be diligent and won't bother anybody but can be a little cranky if interrupted for something trivial.

Inner Personality: Jake can be a bit guarded about his past and his history, unsure about letting people too close, Heather sometimes acts as a shield to protect anyone from getting to truly know Jake. He's afraid that if someone gets to know him he'll be found by his family.

Secret: He started doing drag to get out of an arranged marriage. His ex-fiancee is still out there somewhere possibly looking for him.


General History: Jake grew up as a slightly strange young boy on the capital planet of the Castalian System. When he was younger he would always steal his mother's shoes and clothes and dress himself up in them. When he turned 15 he fleshed out the personality of "Heather" and began performing at school in the theatre programs. It was around that time that his parents arranged his marriage to a family friend's daughter, it was told to him that it would bring prosperity to both families. The years that followed he spend much time with his fiancee and she grew to love him yet he couldn't muster the courage to tell her that he wouldn't or couldn't feel the same about her. When he turned 18 he fled from his home, just a week before his wedding with a suitcase of Heather's outfits and wigs with a dream of being a star.

Present Life: Jake travels from gig to gig on various transports from planet to planet and system to system bringing Heather's act to various bars and staying in various hotels. Recently he got a long term gig at the Ajax Bar where she has gained just a sliver of the fame he had been hoping for. He stays mostly unaware of the government issues at large, instead focusing on his own fame. He does at least know of the conflict between the Genesis Coalition and the Terradyne Federation.
The Chosen Soundtrack. Keep listening as it grows.

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Character Name: Eles'Wain Nuldris
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Rasitan
Age: 67 (middle-aged)
Birthplace/World: Vondris
Occupation: Former soldier in exile
Theme Song: King of Birds - REM


General Appearance: Seven foot tall, reptilian skin with carapace over the vital joints and organs, heavy bone structure.
Strengths: Strong and resilient, good fighter and studious of the holy books.
Weaknesses: Pacifist and nervous around humans. Thinks in very segregated terms of logic and status.


Current Goal/Purpose: To understand chaos. His race is highly structured and he seeks to study something beyond that.
Talents: A warrior of the Tang'Ouhi Spear - used only decoratively now that is he seeking to renounce violence.
Inabilities: He has no idea of mathematics, calculations or numbers. They do not mean anything to him.
Fears: Darkness - without light he goes into shock
General Personality: Noble, respectful, wise and sensitive. He is terrified of the dark and one of his favourite pleasures is to prize away the carapace at the back of his head and massage the partly crystallized skull. This is something all Rasitans can do.
Inner Personality: Quite bewildered. He doesn't understand how other races can live without rules and religion and proper life-assignments. Just being with humans is daunting. He is clearly struggling with a lot of questions and is unsure of his direction in most situations.


General History:
The Rasitans are a parasitic race. They begin as crystalline insectoids about the size of a human hand, which attach themselves to indigenous animals and lay eggs inside them which integrate with the host DNA. Over the years, this reproduction has become regulated so that distinct castes are produced, from the ox-like worker drones to the bird-like priest class. Nuldris himself was reared from the fighting lizards of Tang'Ouhi and bred to be a protector and bodyguard for the upper orders. He has learned his people's religion, which is centred around the final stage of the Rasitan life-cycle, when the body reverts back to crystal and becomes bioluminescent. Until then, the only crystalline part of a Rasitan is under the loose carapace plates at the back of the skull, which form an erogenous zone and have a slight bioluminescence.

Present Life: Nuldris was the protector for a Rasitan Ambassador and his family, who were massacred on the Planet Kurn by humans. He has no idea which faction it was, but he killed five of the assassins during the bloody ambush. He was left alone with the sole survivor of the family - the Ambassador's 13 year old daughter, who he followed across the desert to the next city. Upon entering the settlement, the daughter gave Nuldris his last order: GO AWAY.

And that's what Nuldris did. Sickened by the killing and unsure of his place in the world, he drifted until he came across the advert. The idea of a ship with an opinion and a crew with ambiguous morals made him curious enough to approach the bar.

Special Historic Notes: The Ambassador's daughter (and his murderers) are still out there somewhere.
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Reserved. It might take a little while for me to come up with a concept.

Character Name: Charlotte Meyer
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human; minor cyber-neural augmentation
Age: 32
Birthplace/World: North Downs, Barcelona
Occupation: Mechanic
Theme Song:Wandering Stars by Portishead


General Appearance: Tall, generally overworked and underfed looking, not particularly feminine- rather lacking in curves. Strangely, it still sort of works for her.
Strengths: Chuck is a brilliant mechanic. She can-and has- jury rigged functioning ship drives out of kitchen appliances.
Weaknesses: Children, small animals, and she suffers terrible motion sickness (not in space, but planet-side and during takeoff and re-entry); they don't call her Chuck because of her name.


Current Goal/Purpose: To get the hell off-world and keep moving. She's a bit nervous boarding another Titan...
Talents: Mechanics and tinkering, but due to her implants she has an edge in computer and network espionage, the human brain being able to run coding faster than most of even the most advanced artificial programs- Titans excepted.
Inabilities: She's not much of a close combat fighter, she can't cook, and she can't keep her mouth shut when she really ought to know better.
Fears: Most people are afraid of pain, and of dying- Chuck is afraid mostly of being left alone with her thoughts and nothing to work on to distract herself.
General Personality: Comes across as generally cantankerous; what positive things she has to say tend to come out backhanded.
Inner Personality: She gets more attached to people than she means to- for all her posturing Chuck really has a maternal streak a mile wide.
Secret: Chuck is the only person who knows how to hack a Titan and take control of it- though she absolutely wouldn't.


General History: Working for a secret faction- Chuck thought it was the Coalition or she would never have gotten involved- she was in charge of working out a more integrated interface between Titans and their pilots. When she found out the true goal of the project was to harness a Titan and effectively lobotomize it to allow the pilot to control it directly she was forced into the position of having to choose between scrapping (killing) the Titan subject and allowing them to complete their research.

Present Life: No one wants to die, but Chuck knows she can't let her former employers catch up with her. The downside to her neural implants is that she wouldn't need to be interrogated... She's not looking forward to being on another Titan, as much as she adores them, but it isn't as though she means them harm and she's hoping it's the last place her pursuers will look for her.

Character Name: Maximilian "Max" Kartheuser
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 26
Birthplace/World: Solum
Occupation/School/Grade: Extraterrestrial biologist


General Appearance:

Strengths: While not exactly a heavyweight, Max isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty. He's been on more than a few archaeological digs in his search for the Titans and knows his way around a shovel. He also has experience in biological field work, such as taking tissue samples and doing forensic investigations.
Weaknesses: Max has suffered from erratic health his entire life. His sick spells are fairly frequent and are usually brought about by exposure or overworking himself.


Current Goal/Purpose: To find another Titan and study it
Talents: He possesses a keen analytical mind and is highly educated
Inabilities: Abandoning a project or tearing himself away from something he's interested in
Fears: Getting on the wrong side of Terradyne. He sometimes fears he may never find another Titan to be a subject for study, or if he does that it might not accept him
General Personality: Max is often guilty of taking himself too seriously. He doesn't understand why others don't find his work as fascinating as he does, and gets quite frustrated if people can't be made to see things from his point of view. Despite these problems, he makes an effort not to seem snotty or stuck-up to people not as educated has himself, because he understands diversity is the spice of life.
Inner Personality: Max has been sneaking around behind his bosses' backs at Terradyne for a while now, and as such has learned the importance of guarding sensitive information. He keeps a lot of things he sees to himself, including facts that can hurt or help Terradyne in the hopes of using them to his benefit someday
Secret: He has tried to contact the Genesis Coalition more than once


General History: Max grew up on a Terradyne-controlled farming planet where one day a long buried Titan ship was discovered. Amidst all the fuss caused by the adults working to excavate it, he managed to sneak through and get close to the ship. Max was quite surprised when the ship somehow started speaking to him. It told him its name was Tethys and that he was special, one of the chosen few. Before he could find out any more, Terradyne moved the ship offworld and, as he learned later, probably destroyed it. From that day on, Max threw himself into his studies, eventually growing up to specialize in the study of alien lifeforms. He later took a job with Terradyne in hopes he could one day get close to another Titan and study it in depth.

Present Life:
Max has been probing the ranks of Terradyne trying to find out anything he can about where they're keeping the Titan ships. His leads all turn up nowhere however, so he starts to consider the Genesis coalition and other underground sources. At long last, he finally feels that he's getting close...
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