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  1. Name: Derringer
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Shadow Demon
    Human form
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    Demon form:
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    Name: Linda Jones
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
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    Name: Kimberly Jones, A.K.A.: Kimmy
    Age: 3
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
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    Linda had always been your average women, with an average life. She went to your average minimum wage job, a waitress, and lived in your average little two person apartment. Then she got pregnant. The father of her baby was her boy friend, now ex-boy friend. Her pregnancy went well, as all was expected. Then when her baby girl was born, cloaked people came to her house and said that her child was of prophecy-that her child would be the savior of the world when she came of age. And after they said that, people have been after her. Not people actually, evil creatures. They said they wanted her and her child for the price that was on her head. So she decided for the safety for her child, that she would flee and she did.

    But that was over 3 years ago. She has been on the run with her 3 year old daughter, Kimmy ever since then. She would always have to start over, get a new job, a new apartment. And then when she settled down again, they would find her and she would have to move again. In the last three years she had moved over 26 times, just to protect her and her daughter. She had finally found a place where they hadn't found her yet. She was just putting her daughter down for bed time, when there was a knock at the door. She looks out the peep hole to see that it was the same cloaked people that had been to her before. She opens the door. They enter the apartment and stand in the door way. "What do you want now? Because of what you had said about my daughter, I have had nothing but grief," She says. "We understand, that is why in a few days were are sending two people to escort you to our temple, where she and you will be protected from Evil. These two people are The Chosen Ones of Prophecy. They will make sure nothing happens to you or your child."┬ŁOne says and then they disappear.

    Derringer was your average looking person, except that he was a half demon. And he was also taught in the ways of demon hunting, so he could take on what ever evil was coming. He was out a hunt, when a man, that looked like a monk approached him. "Can I help you?" He asks in a irritated tone. The man nods, "Are you the demon hunter known as Derringer?" He asks. Derringer nods, "Yeah, so what do you want? I am hunting now." He snaps. "Well, I was sent here, to give you this." He says as he holds out a piece of paper. Derringer grabs the paper and begins to read what it said. It was a location on where he and another person would be meeting someone on a mission. He sighs. "Fine. Let me finish what I am doing and then I shall go." He says. The man nods and runs away. It was about an hour later does Derringer show up.

    He was late, but he didn't care. In fact he didn't really care for any one or anything but himself. He opens the door to what seemed like an abandoned ware house and goes in. He could hear the sound of voices. He follows them, until he reaches where a group of old men and a female were standing. "Finally you have arrived." The one man says. Of course these were the cloaked figures. But since both of these people the summoned had some sort of special power, they could see what they actually looked like. Derringer rolls his eyes, "Well I told your messenger that I was hunting when he came and gave me the damned note. So I wanted to kill the damned demon before he got away. He has killed over a dozen children, just to eat their bones." He says.

    The men nod, "Well that is why you are here. We..." Was all he could get out before Derringer interrupted him. "So what's in it for me?" He asks boldly and bluntly. "If you must have a payment, we will pay you a hefty sum." Another says. Derringer nods. "Go on then." He says. The another decides to speak. "Since we're here in America, here in New York City. You must travel to California to get a young woman and her child. And bring them to a temple in the mountains of China. The fate of the world depends on it." He says and the men disappear. Derringer rolls his eyes. "Show offs." He mutters.
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  2. Name: Luna
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half Demon
    Human: [​IMG]

    Luna, humming a tune with her legs crossed on a pool of water, breathed in through her nose and out her mouth. The world around her was peaceful and still, not a stir in the air, her mind a blank canvas. Her headphones played a soft note, a few binary beats, aiding in her meditation. She felt the breeze push back on her hair, a slight twitch in her eye made her peek out at the sunny light. A figure stood before her, hooded, generating a rather mysterious aura in her peaceful spot. "Hi?" Luna asked, removing her headphones and standing up from the water, ice forming under her flat black shoes, "Can I help you?" The figure didn't speak, perhaps not allowed, but handed over an envelop white in color across the pond.

    Curious, Luna used her nail to break the seal of the envelop, pulling out a folded paper from inside. It held only a location and a mention of a mission. "I see... Guess I better go." Slightly disappointed her meditation was interrupted, Luna folded the letter and slipped it into her jean pocket. With her headphones hanging around her neck, she followed with a hop and skip, curious about the mission. The trip was rather quick with this silent figure as her guide.

    "So, what's the mission?" She asked, balancing on her heels, her music playing through her headphones still around her neck.

    "We need to wait for the other." Another spoke, Luna groaning impatiently. After what felt like eternity, another figure came into the area, a male from the looks of it with a bitter attitude. Wonder what's got him upset. She listened quietly as he spoke of some hunting adventure, wincing when he demanded payment for a mission that seemed to have its own reward. "As long as I can go back to my pond," Luna noted, "I don't need any payment." Once the figures disappeared, Luna hopped over to the man huffing and grumbling. "I am Luna," she greeted, hand extended, "and I suppose you were disturbed from your daily routine to come here as well?"
  3. Derringer's long black hair was in a rather long braided pony tail that reached about his buttocks. When he turned and looked at Luna, it draped down in front of him. His dark red eyes looked at her, studying her closely. Then with a flick of his wrist, be brushed his pony tail to the back of him. He had a bitter attitude, because of the way he was treated by people- both human and demon alike. "The names Derringer." He says blunty and doesn't shake her hand. When she asks if he had been disturbed to take on this mission, he couldn't help but roll his eyes and he scoffs. "What makes you think that?" He asks with a sarcastic tone to his voice. Just because he had been drug into this mission doesn't mean he had to get along with his 'partner' and be nice to her. If she didn't like his attitude, it was no skin off his nose. And he didn't trust her either, well he had trust issues with everyone.He then goes back to studying her. "So you're a half demon, eh? Like me. Well not like me. You know what I mean. What kind of half demon are you anyways?" He asks. But the way he acted, he acted as if she might try attacking him or something. He was on guard all the time. But thats what happens when you have had a hard childhood like he has.
    "And how the hell do they expect us to even do this? We have no clue what the hell they look like. They maybe different from demons, but sure as hell act the same." He mutters. "Hopefully they will give us a damn clue eventually. I ain't going on no damned wild goose chase, I have demons to hunt, ya know." He mutters again.
  4. Luna nodded, taking her hand back, her music playing softly in the background. "Pleasure to meet you, Derringer." His behavior was a reason why she isolated herself to the sanctuary of her pond, the same unpredictable and hardly favorable behavior. It was hard to trust someone in her state, having been left in her own company for years, it was hard to really rely on anyone. "I'm a half ice demon. My mother froze to death due to my birth, and my father was a demon who raised me for a few years. How they managed to conceive me is still a wonder I will carry me to my grave."

    She shrugged a bit with a slight laugh, quickly clearing her throat to keep up her image of professionalism and maturity. "As for finding these people we may get some guidance. If not, then I think it will be safe to say we can head back home. My koi fish need constant care, I am sure they'll be okay but..." She mumbled a bit, arms crossed and foot tapping impatiently. "Oh, well, I suppose this California is our first place to travel to."
  5. Derringer looks at her, "I'm half shadow demon." He says. He had his sword still unsheathed, it was upside down- with the blade facing up behind his back, resting on his shoulders. He sighs and then removes it, twirls it once and then puts it in it's sheath. He nods, "I suppose so. I guess we should get going." He mutters. He didn't know either of his parents they had dropped him off at the door step of the local church, when they found out that he was half demon, they threw him out into the cold and streets when he was a young toddler. "At least you knew one of your parents." He says as he looks back a her as he went to walk toward the door her had came in. "I was abandoned when I was first born and dropped off on the steps of the local church, for them to take care of me. But when I was a toddler, apparently some of my demonic nature showed itself and they threw me out. Threw me out into the cold and on to the streets. I've learned to fend for myself ever since then." He says to her and then walks out of the door. Not really caring if she followed after him or not. He stood outside and looked up at the sky, which was beginning to darken, signaling that it was getting dark. "Great...rain..." He mutters and then the sound of thunder was heard.

    The sword:
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  6. "Whoa, it's beautiful." Luna awed at the sight of his blade, "Father never let me use blades, says it is 'barbaric'." She shrugged a bit, frowning hearing his tale of the past. "Well, I am sure you are better off as you are instead of a monk or a priest at a church. Everything happens for a reason, if you had been raised there, I'm sure you'd be as passive as... well, as me." Once outside seeing the dark clouds, Luna smiled up at them, sticking her tongue out a bit.

    "Heh, I love the rain. It's like an energy drink for me, but for free, and much more healthy." Luna put her headphones on her ears, turning down her music to still hear the half demon beside her, walking at his side. "Well, we may need a better plan than walking. If this mission is truly a life or death situation then time is surely of the essence... makes me wonder why they couldn't bring us there with their teleporting powers." She grumbled a bit under her breath, having been taught never to complain, trying to keep her annoyed side to herself just as her Father had taught.
  7. He looks at her and nods in agreement about the teleportation thing. "Well then I guess we'll just have to find our own way there." He says. "And I think I know a way." he says to her. And then begins to walk. "But I don't think you will like it very well." He adds and then continues on. He walks down the long alley way and then turns and goes down an empty desolate road. He looks over his shoulder to see that she was actually keeping up quite nicely with him. Once they were just about the middle of the road, he stops and then looks around. Then a smirk comes a cross his lips as he sees his target, a car. He walks over to it and then begins to walk around it. He looks around and sees that no one is around and he tries the driver side door. It was locked of course. He then places a hand on the door and closes his eyes, concentrating. Then the next thing that happened was that the door opened. He presses the unlock button and unlocks the rest of the door. "C'mon! Get in before anyone sees us!" He says and the bends over and begins to hot wire the thing.
  8. Luna hesitated, stealing is wrong she remembered her father saying. But of course if he remembered to bring it back then of course it would not be stealing but simply... borrowing... without permission. After all, she did borrow these wireless headphones. Quickly she ducked into the passenger seat, buckling her seat belt and holding her breath, as if it'd make her invisible somehow.

    "Um, we will bring this back, right? This could be someone's only vehicle, what if they need to get to work or-or have to save lives? We will have to bring it back." She insisted.

    She held her hands in her lap as he worked with the vehicle, twiddling her thumbs causing an icy frost to glaze over her hands, her breath becoming visible. A nervous habit she picked up from her father.
  9. Derringer looks at her when she had asked if they would bring back the car. "I guess, that is if it doesn't get destroyed. I have a feeling that people will want to stop us." He says and then goes back to hot wiring the car. He noticed that his breath became visible in the car and looks over at her. "Do you mind not doing that. It's kind of hard to work with this when it's cold." He says and then goes back to what he was doing. He had done this many times. "There, that should do it." He says and then sticks a sharp pocket knife into where the key would go and turns it and the car turned on. Even though he didn't have a license, he still knew how to drive a car. "Alright, now we just need to figure out how the hell we are going to get to California I have no clue which way that would be. We need a map of some kind or something. Let's root around in here and see if we can find a map or something." He says as he begins to look around the car. "If you find one, just say something." He says to her as he begins to look around.
  10. "Sorry, sorry." Luna tried to sit on her hands to keep from generating a chilling air, like rubbing one's feet against the carpet. She took her hands out once thawed, rummaging under her seat and peeking in the back seat. Eventually she came to the glove compartment, taking out a slip of paper appearing to be a type of registration. "Oh! Is this it?" She asked unfolding a large piece of paper. Lines of red and blue and green and black criss-crossed and intersected back and forth on various locations. She'd used a map once or twice before, but where she lived in her meadow she never needed a map.

    Carefully she opened it up and spread the map flat out on the dashboard, seeing the shape of America, frowning at the distance to California. "Whoa... I believe this what most people call a 'road trip'... I should have brought snacks."
  11. Derringer rolls his eyes when she said it was going to be like a road trip. He hoped it wasn't exactly going to be like that, because he thought that was going to be boring"It's alright. We'll manage." He says to her, referring to the snacks thing. And then he turns on the car and drives away, making the tires squeal loudly. "Since you have the map, which I hope you know how to read, because I sure as hell don't. Which way will be needing to go?" He asks. At a stop sign, he stops the car. And since there wasn't anyone behind him, he then began to rummage through the back of the car, hoping to find something. "Bingo!" He says with a smirk as he pulls a small suit case in the front with them. He had opened it and it had money in it. "Well I guess this will get is farther than just the car alone. And no I ain't replacing the money, it's their loss." He says to her and then begins to drive again, waiting for her to tell them where they need to go.
  12. Luna huffed a bit as he stole the wallet, but the task at hand was perhaps more important than that. "Right, let's see here...." Observing the map's lines and signs and strange conversion of inches to miles, Luna twisted and turned the map rather confused. "Umm.... Let's try this." She set the map aside before reaching into her pants pocket to pull out the source of her music. A phone that played music to the wireless headphones held various apps and games she played back home to pass the time. "Ah, let's try this." She found the GPS app, typing in the location and holding her phone out. A robotic feminine voice gave directions to keep going straight for a few miles.

    "Hm, hope this is okay." Luna shrugged, "I... I have always been more technological than map...ical." She wondered if the word could count as a real world but shrugged anyway.
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  13. Derringer nods, "What ever, as long as it can get us to California." He says and then follows what the app was telling him to do. He didn't like technology himself, but that's only because he really never relied on such things, he only had himself. He looks over at her, he did felt bad that she was stuck on this mission and stuck wit him. He lets out sigh, "I guess I should tell you, I really don't have control of my powers. Once I am in my other form I have a tendency to loose control and kill every thing that is living. Rather it's friend or foe." He says. He then sighs and continues to focus on the road. They were now entering the high way. He looks around and watches as other humans were talking on their phones, talking to each other and doing other stuff while driving. He couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Stupid humans." He mutters.
  14. "You sound like my father..." She mumbled a bit, having not seen him since his last outbreak. The thought a demon so kind and accepting could easily snap made her shutter, hearing Derringer say this though didn't sound as surprising. "So, you mentioned you hunted." Luna started, looking out the window at a man in another car, unsure why. "What's it like? This hunting? I've only hunted small animals, a human here or there, but never anything drastic." Even the humans she hunted were either drunk wanderers in her private area or simply a group of teenagers with cameras looking for witches or men in suits with no faces. She didn't want to admit her irritation with him, she'd been taught to love all creatures, even the foolish ones.
  15. Derringer doesn't look at her when she said that he sounded like her father. Again he didn't look at her when she asked about hunting, that was until she said that she hunted humans. He grips the steering wheel hard, so hard it looked like he was going to break it. "Why would you want to hunt humans?" He snaps sounding very pissed off. "I don't hunt humans, I only hunt demons. But usually the ones that deserve to die, like the one that I had been tracking before those hooded idiots found me. It had killed many children, half demon and human a like, just so it could feast on their bones." He says. "Even if it had hunted down and killed adult humans, I would have still killed it." He adds. "I never interfere with humans- like hunting them- even if some of them deserve to die. Let humans kill them, themselves." He adds and then is silent once again. But his grip on the steering wheel hadn't changed. By the way he sounded he was disgusted that she said that she hunted humans and he was. He is still silent and keeps and icy glare on his face, watching out of the windshield Now he was totally ignoring her. He wished those idiots would have pick some other half demon than himself. I could be out there minding my own damned business, not out on some- probably wild ass goose chase. He thinks and then rolls his eyes at his own thoughts.
  16. "Sounds like you're scared." She mumbled, "Humans ruin this earth day after day, you keep letting them live and get away with everything and you won't have a world to hunt in. Just because you ignore them doesn't mean they'll just solve themselves." Now she sounded like her father, or at least the side of her father that killed others. The side of her father that planned to murder her mother after giving birth to his heir. "But hey, it's your life, while you say let the humans kill each other they look at people like us and say let us kill each other. Working so far." She sighed, putting her headphones over her ears. She was biased, she knew this, humans and her never got along. Maybe her feminine figure attracted the drunkards in the woods, she crossed her arms as if to protect herself like she did before when their hands reached out at her. "I despise them." Luna reminded herself, she was forgiving and caring, but not to those who hurt her. Not like that anyway. ".... Where did you learn to steal cars?" Her attempts at changing the subject, "I mean, you said you were on the streets but, I wouldn't think that's something someone just learns like breathing and walking. Someone had to be in your life, right?"
  17. "No I ain't scared...well I can see that we have different opinons." He says and then he is silent again. He was glad that she changed the subject matter. He then shakes his head. "Nope. I have never had anyone to teach me anything in my entire life. I have had to learn things on my own. And the only reason I stole cars was to make money, enough so that I may have food for days without going hungry. Trust me, going hungry isn't fun. Believe me I've been there." He says. "And I also stole the cars to get money for my sword." He adds. He has had a rough life and still it wasn't getting better. "I had to learn to get smart from day one. I may look mainly human, but humans don't have claws, red eyes, pointed ears or fangs. So naturally both humans and demons were out to get me, so of course I had to learn and also grow up fast. And yes if you are wondering I taught myself how to wield the sword and I also taught myself how to use guns too." He says and then is silent again. He wanted to let that sink into her head, and he didn't care if she thought he was a bad man or not. Growing up the way he did, you tend not to care what people thought of you. And no one has ever hurt him, because he never let anyone get close enough to hurt him. While he sat there driving, he put a clawed hand through what hair that was loose. And he adjusts his pony tail so he wasn't sitting on it or it wasn't in the way. And that was another thing growing up on the streets, you tend not to care what people thought about how you dressed either.
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  18. She bobbed her head to a sad lonely song, quickly flinching when she noticed his lips moving, "Ah, yea--yea, that's... yep." Luna nodded quickly, blushing as she hadn't been listening. "So, who taught you to braid hair?" Luna asked with a smile, trying her best to listen, "I've never had anyone around to help me with my hair." Despite having an emotionally unstable father around, Luna lacked more of the motherly touches. She had no maternal instincts, no attention to the love life, no real desire for the prime and proper. However, she did like the look of his hair, and wondered how she could pull it off. "Don't get me wrong, I like my hair how it is, but I like yours as well." She tried to give a sense of acceptance, a verbal olive branch for him to reach out for, if he ever needed someone there for him.
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  19. He didn't really like that she wasn't listening to him, after all she was the one who had asked the questions not him. And it irked him that she could be so rude. He wasn't going to answer her this time, for he figured that she was just going to ignore him like he had done just a few moments ago, but realized that she was trying to listen now. And then he sighs."A girl that I met on the streets had taught me how to do that. We had become friends after I saved her from almost being raped by a bunch of gang members. But she wasn't from the streets, she just hung around the wrong crowd. She was in foster care and always ran away from her foster parents because of her foster father. He was mean and abusive. And also was a drunkard too." He says. "And if you are wondering, she is no longer alive, she died in car crash that her foster father caused because he was drunk. He died, she died, his wife died and the girl's brother died too. No one survived it." He says. But he didn't sound sad at all. To him it was a fact of life, being half demon meant that he would live longer than humans anyways. He figured next she would ask how long it's been since he had a hair cut. But he was going to answer when she asked the question.
  20. "That's a bummer." Luna shrugged, with no pity for a human's death in the slightest, but still pity he lost a person she would call a friend. "Speaking of car crashes, not to jinx us of course, I met a man once in my forest who survived a crash. Funny guy really, he called me a witch, kind of rude but funny." She laughed, recalling the gashes in his face and his stagger, "Haha sorry, just reminded me of that. Of course I did him a favor and killed him, not like he would have gotten help anyway." She giggled slightly, finding humor in the situation and the irony that the man had called her a witch when he was the ugly one spewing nonsense at her. "Ahhh, well maybe when this mission is over you will teach me to braid hair. Although I doubt we will ever see each other after this." She shrugged truthfully, her mind conflicting between kindness and bitter coldness not truly caring about the mission or anything that dragged her away from her home and her father. She wondered if her father had ever met Derringer in a hunting situation, after all he was a demon and he was violent. "What qualifies a demon to be hunted?" She asked, "Is it the violence? The bloodshed? The raping human women," she grumbled, "or is it the bad breath? I would kill any creature if they screamed and yelled at me with a fishy smelling mouth." She laughed.
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