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  1. Have you ever had a dream?
    One that showed you doing something more?
    One where you did something important... something to help society.
    Many people have had these dreams. Most have given up on them. They simply think they don't have the talent or the time.
    You have this chance. You could help our world, make it better. The seven gods have each chosen one of you to help restore balance to this world. We will send you a guide to help you. We wish you luck.
    The gods​
    Aqua claimed (open)
    Aqua is the goddess of water, wisdom, and healing. She is very kind and usually chooses people who are intelligent and have a heart of gold. She grants her chosen one with the power to heal any and all wound. She usually takes on the form of a light-skinned woman with flowing blue hair. Her eyes are always a blue-green
    Ventus clamied (open)
    Ventus is the god of wind, independence, and magic. He is very unpredictable and usually very lazy. He picks whoever he feels like it, though the people he usually picks are wanting independence from something and enjoy a good laugh. He grants his chosen one with the power of magic. He takes on the form of a tan, blonde teenager with bright green eyes.
    Terra claimed (open)
    Terra is the god of earth, agriculture, and inner-strength. He is very patient except with Ventus. Usually, Terra picks strong-willed people who are willing to work for what they want. He grants his chosen one with physical strength. Terra's chosen are the strongest physically. Terra prefers to take on the form of a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair and brown eyes. His skin is tanned and he has fairly large muscles.
    Ignis claimed (open)
    Ignis is the god of fire, war, and free-will. He has a temper that flares at the ready. He usually picks people who have a fiery spirit like himself and make their own choices. He grants his chosen one the power of speed. Ignis usually takes on the form of a dark-skinned man with amber eyes and fiery red hair.
    Lux claimed (open)
    Lux is the goddess of light, peace, and time. She is very vague and usually very mysterious. She chooses people who are mysterious themselves and are interested in time. She grants her chosen one with the power to see in the future or past of someone or something by touching them. She usually takes the form of a young child with light blonde hair and pale skin. She has light blue eyes.
    Tenebrae claimed (open)
    Tenebrae is the god of darkness, destruction, and fear. He is actually quite friendly despite his cold appearance and constant teasing. He chooses people who are usually not right in the head and prefer the dark instead of light. He grants his chosen one the power of illusions, they can create the deepest fears of their enemies. Tenebrae usually takes on the form of a black dog with purple eyes. He is the only god who prefers an animal form.
    Anima claimed (open)
    Anima is the goddess of life, souls, and spirit. She is strict and never gets attached to anyone. She usually chooses people who know the true boundaries of life and death and respect all life. She grants her chosen with a scythe. This scythe used to belong to the grim reaper. Anyone who is cut by it dies within forty-five seconds of being cut. Anima doesn't have any set appearance and will take on any appearance she fucking wants.
    Though the powers and weapon given by these gods are great, they drain on the user and using them for a prolonged period of time will make them faint and could possibly lead to their death.​
    The Guide aka My character (open)

    Name: Amber​
    Age: 1,017​
    Gender: Female​
    Description: Amber is an angel sent by the gods to help the chosen ones. She has short white hair and green eyes. She can't fly because she doesn't have any wings. She has pale skin and scars that litter her back.​
    Personality: Amber is very shy, though she tries her best to get to know others. She follows any orders given to her to a t no matter how gruesome or morally wrong they are. She is kind to others and tries to help them, though she can be clumsy at times.​
    Weapon: Short Sword​
    History (Optional):
    Show Spoiler
    Amber used to serve the underworld gods, who are the cruelest of the gods. She lost her wings because they ripped them from her and forced her to wreak havoc on the world. She is often known as the dark angel to those who lived in the time she was with the underworld gods. Fifty years ago, the seven gods of the world took her in as their servant and started setting her back on the right path.

    Character Sheet​
    History (Optional):
    Alright, hope some people will sign up, have any questions you can pm me and I hope to roleplay with you soon! :)​
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  2. We play as the chosen one of the God of our choosing?...right?

    Name: Violet
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    God: Aqua
    Description: She dyed her hair a dark navy that looks black under most lights. Her eyes are a natural icy blue and she is 5'4'' and her skin is lightly tanned from her love of the outside. She usually wears a white dress like this: [​IMG]
    Personality:She is very kind and caring for anything and everything (literally...)) but she is shy and doesn't like confrontations.
    Weapon: She has a sword:
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  3. Yes, but the roleplay starts before you are chosen.
  4. No, we play the people they choose..that's what I meant to say.
  5. Yep. Sorry, misunderstood the question.
  6. Character Sheet

    Gender: Female
    Personality: She appears to be rather quite and introverted but she surprises everyone with being rather cheeky and fun loving, but Elouise does have a rather dark and twisted mind on occasions that has been known to scare others who are more meek.
    Weapon: Illusions
    History : Elouise had a rather tough upbring and it has affected her deeply, she doesn't like people getting to close. She really has no real friends she's happy to be on her own.
    Description: Elouise has blue eye's that she really liked so she dyed her hair the same colour she is nearly 6ft in her rock boots out of them she is 5ft 5 inches

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  7. Name: Evelyn (Eve) McKrey
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    God: Anima
    Description: She's six foot tall while barefoot. Rarely will anyone see her in a dress or skirt. Her favorite jacket is black leather with red angel wings embroidered on the back. She has several scars covering her body.
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Eve is quiet a girl with a no nonsense take on life. She'll treat strangers with polite indifference, but after someone get's to know her, she can be one of the sweetest girl in the world, in her own little way.
    Weapon: Reapers scythe
    History (Optional): Eve understands how fragile life is. She lost her family to an accident she barely survived.
    Is this okay?
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  8. All of the character sheets look good so far. Let's try and get some more dudes so we don't have just females.
  9. imagesCASHQ7GH.jpg
    Description: 6 feet 11, skinny and slightly under weight

    Name: James Donnington

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    God: Terra

    Personality: Kind, Generous, Hardworking, quiet

    Weapon: Knuckle Dusters which he had to use in school

    History (Optional): Beaten up in school because of his height he wanted to start work soon as and forget about college. He found a good paid job as a night cleaner which is where he stayed and worked many hours. He didn’t have much of a social life but at least he got on with his work mates.
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  10. Looks good. Just three more then we can start.
  11. Just a moment and i'll have my character sheet here.
    My character will have Ventus.
    I'll hurry. Just need a appearance.
  12. Name:
    Matthew Cavenaugh
    Matthew is a kind and calm person. He doesn't like it when people feel sad and likes to help them as much as he can.
    Don't let the pic fool you, he uses a lance.
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  13. Name: Jack
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    God: Ventus
    Appearance (open)

    Jack is usually full of energy and views the world for its beauty and maturity. He is not a airhead though and thinks fast when he has to.
    He values the freedom he has, but sometimes wishes he could do more for others then Hunt food for them.
    To sum it up: A body full of energy with a clever mind and sharp aim.
    Weapon: Bow & Arrows. Uses kicks as well.
    History (Optional): When Jack was a young boy, he loved the tales of Robin Hood and wanted to be just like him when he would grow up. He got himself a bow and arrows and practiced day in and out. Sadly, his dream never became reality since he does not want to be a criminal.
    He found himself another way to help people though and became a expert Hunter. Whenever he has enough free time (which is quite often) he ether practices his marksmanship, or hunts some food for those who can not afford it.
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  14. Alrighty, just one more spot left! Just a quick note, when roleplaying I do want at least 3-5 sentences in a post. That should be about one paragraph. You don't have to respond to everything right away. Let everyone post at least once before posting again. Also I do expect proper grammar to some extent like using "quotation marks" when a character is speaking and making a new paragraph when another character is speaking in the same post. Otherwise I hope you all have fun and as soon as one more person joins, we'll be good to go! :)
  15. Just a quick question.
    I prefer to use colors when my characters talk. Mind if do that instead of "this"?
  16. You can still use the colors, just add a quick pair of quotation marks around it so it'll look something like "this."
  17. Yea I use colours as well but yea thats cool with me
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