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  1. We've All heard it before. Neo being 'The One?' Harry Potter scarred with a lightning bolt? Anakin being the chosen one among the Jedi? Or perhaps something much more, like the Avatar of The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, or the Avatar of the Ultima games, the champion of the 8 virtues and protector of the world, Brittania? Perhaps the Dragonborn of Skyrim?



    Basically, create a character for ANY setting, and feel free to throw in some lore on your setting, and explain how your character is and came to be the chosen one of things, maybe give them a special title, certain items or abilities, whatever you fancy, really.

    Here's a basic character skeleton to start you off!:

    Alternate Titles/Nicknames/ETC:




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  2. I know that this was posted a while ago, but I just got an urge to post my character. :) Enjoy!

    Name: Korrie Bane
    Alternate Titles/Nicknames/ETC: Red, Kat, Korrie Kat, named most likely to rule the world by her middle school, Curly.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Warlock/Wizard/Witch (it depends.)
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Long and curly red hair, light peach skin, freckles, 5' 5.5" tall. Is very curvy, like her mother, but is also very slim, like her dad.

    History: Not much is known about her parents, other than the fact that they died in a mysterious house fire when she was 3. She was adopted by a young couple (the couple changes from story to story) whom she stayed with until she was 16. At age sixteen, Korrie ran away from home. She came back after a year, to find her adoptive parents dead. The cause of death is unknown, even to this day.
    When Korrie was born, she was proclaimed the most powerful (Warlock/Wizard/Witch) on the planet. A very wealthy, and very powerful warlock, who was feared by all (sort of Voldemort esque) became jealous. Her parents and her adoptive parents deaths are thought to have been caused by him. The last few years, he has started to exercise control over the world, awakening old and dangerous powers. Korrie is the only one powerful enough to stop him, and she has plenty of reason to want to stop him. But of course, when one is only 19, the whole world saving thing is a bit daunting.

    Items: Korrie herself is not religious, but wears a gold cross pendant that her mother gave her at birth. It is the only physical belonging that Korrie refuses to part with.
    Weapons: Though she is a magic wielder, she is handy with a knife.
    Skills/Abilities: Korrie can use many different magics, the only magic she has issues with is dark shadow magic. Her favorite spell is her own handcrafted Green Fire spell, which creates a harmless green fire that provides warmth and light. She enjoys freaking people out by lighting her body on fire with it and coming out completely unharmed.

    Extra: Korrie loves to dance, and she loves to sing.
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  3. Name: Areiz Datrov
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half blood human/angel
    Age: 16 in human years
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: Her mother died in childbirth, and Areiz grew up in an orphanage without an idea about her father. She got bullied a lot for being blind until around age 13, where she met a young man who liked her. They became great friends and he helped her realize she was the one to re-open Karadez, the ancient city of Guardians.

    Items: A necklace and a ring
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    Her mother's necklace [​IMG]

    Weapons: Ring of Karadez
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    It gives her the ability to appear in one place, and, using the atoms in the air, appear in a different place. The illusion is teleportation.

    Skills/Abilities: She can 'see' danger. She is very agile and faster than a human on steroids.

    Extra: She loves to swim, even though she's not supposed to get her wings wet.
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  4. I'm going to be a special snowflake over here and do an evil chosen one. ^^​
    Alternate Titles/Nicknames/ETC
    The Blackblooded​
    Naga (Snake-person)-Icarii (Winged people) halfbreed​
    Late thirties​
    Kalikar is a frightful man, over six feet tall but deathly thin, with dusky skin scattered unevenly with scales and small, malformed black wings that look more putrid than powerful. His left eye is sky blue and his right is acid green; there's always a hungry smile on his sharp face and usually a wicked laugh in his throat, which displays a prominent Adam's apple. His face is always free from stubble but it never quite looks clean; in fact, he just generally looks unhealthy and unkempt.​
    Kalikar was born of a forbidden union possible only during one of the rare peaceful meetings between his two parent peoples. His parents were both powerful mages; his mother was an Enchantress of the Icarii while his father was a Naga Sorcerer, both with great talent and greater foolishness to defy custom. His mother died of hemorrhage shortly after giving birth, and the squalling infant was not much liked by his aunt who raised him, so as soon as his aberrant magic made itself clear he was shoved off to his father, who wanted nothing to do with the child conceived whilst he was more than a little drunk, especially a child with great and terrible magic. Eager to be rid of him, his father shoved him off with a group of travelling performers when he was eight. They had little use for him and sold him into slavery at the nearest port; he eventually wound up with the Drow, who embraced his true potential and taught him the darker side of his magic. He returned to his father almost twenty years later and defeated the man in a battle of sorcery before heading to the Icarii kingdom and slaughtering those who had mocked his abilities. Ruthless and inexplicably powerful, he quickly exerted his control and declared himself to be the head of both the Enchanters and the Sorcerers, and declared a new era of magic in which aberrants and freaks like himself would be in charge. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't really like his own kind any more than he likes normal people, and is quickly discovering that these misfits aren't any better suited to his Legion of Evil than they were to their previous occupations, for the most part. With this having been established he's taken it upon himself to discover a way to turn back time and run away from home before he could be sold into slavery- unfortunately, the only way to do that involves destroying the world he's currently in. The thought doesn't particularly bother him though it does seem a tad dramatic.​
    He wears his mother's ring on one hand and his father's on the other, both of them inbued with their respective magics. On his head he wears a circlet given to him by a Drow priestess, designed to focus and blend his power to greater effect. The triumvirate of these artifacts takes his great potential and turns it into amazing kinetic ability.​
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    Weapons Kalikar isn't really a huge fan of using physical violence, though he's not at all adverse to gore and often requires body parts for his experiments and potions. His blade is named Hatedrinker, and is impervious to damage as well as never needing sharpening, after he cut himself on his first, second, third, and fourth attempts at taking a whetstone to it.​
    Kalikar is extremely talented at most forms of magic, though his natural power is strongest with enchanting items, such as Hatedrinker, and summoning. He's quite adept at opening portals to dark realms, but opening portals to a prior event is supposedly a magical impossibility, he's pretty sure he can figure out a way to do that as well. He's a magical genius in no small way, though it's been said that magic and madness walk hand in hand- if it's true, that explains him inside and out.​
    It's entirely possible that, if he succeeds in his venture to travel back in time, he may go from villain to hero, though I haven't decided if I want to continue his storyline to or beyond that point.​
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  6. MAYBE.
    I don't know.
    If I have the time I might write him something real ;_;