Chosen of Talas

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Corvus Corax

Original poster

Since this is private, I need a pm'd char idea if you'd like to join. (Not a fulll char sheet.)Those that I've asked think up something please and do the same. I'd like to know before hand what you plan to be. After that, I'll ok each person to post.

Mythical creatures may be played in the land of Talas. In this land they only have two "gods" that we will look into later. Chaldea and The lesser "god" Diamantes. Oh...also like typical: Dragons and the like have three forms. Human full, creature full and the between form.

Mythical people are feared and considered low, the chosen will see prejudice for being a Naga as it is supposed to be an honored position.

Chosen: played by me. A young-adult Naga female by the name of Alexia Tremaine.

I need someone to take over the king. His men. And possibly someone to play a knight trying to redeem himself, trying to get to the chosen before the kings high ups do and all that lovely stuff. Also need a close friend/intrest in the chosen. Other chars ideas welcome! Like I me!

If you must have a char sheet, post it up and I'll look it over.
hmmm i am debating if i should join or not....*ponders* what do you suggest i create a character for if I do decide corvy? ^^
O__O Could you be the king? Or one of the <_< >_> <_< "gods" >: D

EDIT: The thread is closed to outside people now unless angl wants to join.
IS it my post? I think its my post, either way...I'm working on a post.