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  1. YAY LOGS!

    [Lenora Star is a pilot. A trader by day, a revolutionary by.... other days.] -11:49 Mar 07

    Docking Bay #6 was not one of the majory docking bays. It was rundown, dusty, and a little bit ghetto. On the bright side, it wasn't the crappiest docking bay on Planet Kalsiiet. That would make the waiting ship stand out a little too much compared to the rest. -Lenora Star 11:52 Mar 07

    [Pavel Mikhailov , the lupine engineer, walks in eyeing the ship waiting in the middle of the docking bay.] -11:53 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Outside of that nondescript ship sat a woman in a lawn chair. Her clothes were casual and worn, and she was leaning back in her seat dozing off with a greasy towel draped over her eyes. The meeting time was set in stone, but that didn't mean she couldn't catch a nap while she was waiting for people and her "client" to show up. -11:55 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont is living that smuggler life.] -11:57 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: strode over to Lenora wearing a simple shirt and baggy cargo pants stuffed with tools and other equipment. Clearing his throat loudly, he addressed the napping woman. "You the one looking for a crew to go after that pilot? Name's Aleksandr Granin. I'm a freelance engineer." -11:58 Mar 07
    Tessiva DuPont: [ At first I was like wait what. Then I remembered that's the character's cover. That's going to be confusing >_< ] -12:00 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: (He has two covers. It's going to be so much worse than that. XD) -12:01 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: (Although I could relog as his current cover name and just change it at the appropriate times. :P) -12:02 Mar 07
    [Takeo ] -12:03 Mar 07
    [D'Artagnan Guy Has stopped his charade of being just a bartender, and walking like a cat on the prowl approaches the group with a tall dark haired woman following him] -12:03 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont eyed the docking bay cautiously from the doors, a habit she'd formed in her line of work before going anywhere knew. With one hand rested against the holster of the pistol at her waist, she walked into plain view, approaching the napping woman and the others.] -12:04 Mar 07
    Tessiva DuPont: [ Anywhere new* dammit ] -12:04 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Yep." She mumbled, without shifting in her chair or moving the rag from her eyes. An arm lift to point behind her. "Just stand there and be ready to go." It was as simple as that. No background checks, no questions, no fuss. Of course, that didn't mean they weren't coming. -12:05 Mar 07
    Takeo: This was business, which meant Keo had to take precautions. Life wasn't the same as it'd been back home in Sector 1. Around these parts, the Sandinem never knew when he was subjected to one of his biggest weaknesses. That's why he was wearing his Daylight Suit as he approached the little group hovering around Lenora. For now, he'd just hang back and watch. -12:06 Mar 07
    Takeo: ((dammit, I always choose someone else's color )) -12:06 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "These your people?" Guy asked once he was standing in front of Lenora. Not greetings, that would wait until they were safely aboard. He wasn't anxious, but the woman next to him was and it was best to not stand around. -12:06 Mar 07
    Tessiva DuPont: [ Color looks different enough to me at least. ] -12:06 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl took in Docking Bay #6 as he strolled along at a casual pace, a slight limp in his step. He had been in far worse places before. ] -12:08 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Some of them." she responded, finally sitting up in her seat and pulling that thing off her face to regard D'Artagnan Guy and "The Boss". "There might be a couple more, and there's a bit longer to wait. I suggest getting to know the crew before we head out. The better we know each other, the less likely someone is going to get killed from a stupid mistake." -12:10 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: shrugged and walked over to the spot Lenora had indicated, leaning up against the ship and bringing a cigar from one of his pants pockets. He lit it up and flicked the match off away from the approaching people, watching everyone closely. -12:10 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont overheard the woman's orders to the other gentleman, figuring she should follow suit. Doing so, she nodded at the engineer who had introduced himself as Aleksandr, as she stood next to him to wait for the others. "Aleksandr, right?" she asked, extending her hand out to him at the same time. "I'm Tess."] -12:12 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: took the cigar out of his mouth and blew the smoke off away from Tessiva, taking her hand with a smile. "That's right. Pleasure to meet you Tess." -12:15 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: "Do you really think they'll all make it passed her?" She asked in a whisper to Guy looking at the group. She did not seem to be talking about the group making Lenora happy. -12:15 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    [Sethric Blodtungl put a bit of a swagger into his step, well as best he could with his left leg acting up, and made his way towards the little gathering, "I hear tell some people might be look for a pilot," putting an easy grin on his face, "Sethric Blodtungl, at your service. Well, if the price is right, that is," profit was one of his favorite things after all.] -12:16 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont shook Aleksandr's hand warmly, returning his smile and chuckling a bit at his habit of directing the smoke away. Releasing his hand, she gestured towards the smoke. "Don't worry about me. I don't mind the smell. I smell like smoke half the time anywa---" at that moment, she froze when she heard someone else introduce himself as Sethric. Mouth still ajar in mid-sentence, she turned to face the man. It was indeed Sethric Blodtungl, looking the same as ever - though he might have gained a few pounds. Folding her arms across her chest, her lips pulled into a scowl. "Fancy meeting you here, Sethric."] -12:19 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "I don't wnat ya for your flying skills, honey." Lenora smirked at Sethric, leaning back in her lawn chair to drap her arms over the back of it. Despite the nature of this mission, she didn't seemed at all nervous, concerned, or... even like she was taking this business seriously. She did raise an eyebrow at Tess' reaction to Sethric. -12:19 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl 's light green eyes settled upon Tessiva even as Lenora spoke to him. How long had it been since he had last seen Tessiva? The beginnings of a frown tugged at the corners of his mouth, this was going to end up being unpleasant wasn't it? Still he did offer a nod of greeting, "Tessiva, what an unexpected pleasure," though the word pleasure didn't sound all that pleased. Then his gaze shifted back to Lenora, "I see, well, the I suppose my gun is at your service. Again, if the price is right," casting a sidelong glance at Tessiva. Maybe things would turn out civil between them? One had to keep hope in their life, right?] -12:24 Mar 07
    [Taurai ] -12:28 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy was glad he wasn't the one who had to pay for this rescue mission, except he knew that he was going to owe Lenora, even if it was in the Collation's best interest. "Good aim and a smart brain with those guns and I'm happy. Also let's keep everything professional." He didn't care if people didn't like each other as long as they could work with each other. -12:30 Mar 07
    [Raja Kerr was running late as always. Still, he had really wanted to help out the Genesis Group. He'd done so before in small ways but this was big and exciting! After docking his little ship, Raja had set off at a run to find the lady, he jingled with every step. Straps bucking, belts clinking, various little noises as he sought out Docking Bay #6!] -12:31 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Lenora just smirked wider. People always liked to talk about prices and payments. Lenora, on the other hand, much preffered favors. She wasn't going to bring that up now, though. The woman checked the time and did a quick count of the people that had already arrived. "We're almost all set. Is the princess sure she wants to go with us? This is not going to be a friendly mission." -12:34 Mar 07
    Taurai: Taking her tools and backpack, Taurai made her way to Docking bay 6. Gazing around the area in wonder, it felt familiar; dusty and rundown. She kinda liked it that way. Looked like the ship in the midle of the bay was her ride, she saw a couple of people hanging around. Peering toward the guy with a cigarette, she addresses him "Y'know, that's a bad habit mr." she said gleefully approaching the small crowd " this is gonna be fun!" -12:36 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: "I'm aware of that. I am need to go." Not for any loyalty to Jasper, well not really, it was just if she didn't go he wouldn't know any of his rescuers and likely try to kill them all in their sleep. There was also another reason she had to go. -12:38 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    [Tessiva DuPont scoffed. "Professional?" she jutted out her lower jaw a bit as though trying to loosen it from clenching at the sight of Sethric. "You don't have to tell me to keep it professional. You should be worried about him." She pondered the thought of walking out right then and there, but quickly shot the idea down. Eyeing Sethric, she continued, "better keep an eye on that one. Make sure he doesn't go gallivanting off with some--" she paused, exhaling sharply. "Right. Professional. It's nice to see you, Sethric," she lied, flashing him the fakest beauty pageant smile this side of the galaxy.] -12:38 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: laughed as Taurai told him what he already knew. "Well when you grow up on a small farming moon where everyone does it, it's hard not to pick up the habit." He took another puff but gave the girl the same courtesy and blew the smoke off in a different direction. "Fun... yeah." -12:38 Mar 07
    Takeo: "Took you long enough." Even though Keo's face was covered with the shiny glass faceshield of his helmet, the smile on his lips could still be heard in his voice as it came over the little comm for his suit. His head turned, looking at Raja for a moment, shamelessly giving him a once over before turning his attention back to Lenora. -12:39 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Oh, this was going to be good. A lovers quarrel Guy would bet a good dime on. He hoped Lenora caught on to that. He might have been the one to arrange this shindig, but once they were aboard this was mainly Lenora's show. -12:41 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Lenora finally stood up, rolling her shoulders and stretching her arms over her head for a moment. Then her hands were resting on her hips as she counted the heads one more time. "Alright, if you're determined to go. AHEM." she made sure to clear her throat good and loud. "Let's get something straight before we get started. I'm all good with fuckin', but lets keep the foolin' around and the hatesex for AFTER we complete this mission. Right now, there is nothing more important to us than getting Jasper Kelran out of the hands of the Terradyne. Do I have everyone's full attention and cooporation on this?" -12:42 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl almost face palmed the moment Tessiva said 'Professional!?' he knew where this was going to go. Why, oh why, did she have to be here? Whatever powers above must have something against him, though he had properly earned Tessiva's scorn. In calm tones he uttered, "I can keep things professional if someone can maintain control of their emotions. Though it might be hard for that someone seeing as they are still stuck in the past," casting a sidelong glance her way, "It's wonderful to see you as well, Tessiva," offering a crooked smirk. He did feel bad for the past, but damn it. ] -12:43 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: raised his cigar up like a glass and gave an unenthusiastic "Yep." -12:44 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl cleared his throat a little at Lenora's words, putting a completely innocent look on his face and nodding once. ] -12:44 Mar 07
    Taurai: The stranger explained about his homeland while the others seemed very concearned more about the mission. One saying how dangerous it was going to be. "Sure, a little adventure, a couple of bumpy tricks. We'll get through it easy enough. The captain'll have a plan and we're all good at what we do right?" the smile on her face wider as she began to become even more excited. -12:45 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: Raja stopped in front of the group of people, his blue skin flecked with faint white freckles giving off the faintest of light. He ran a hand through his seafoam green hair and gave everyone a big smile. "Looks like I found the right place after all!" He had two shabby black duffle bags, each slung over his shoulders. The smile dimmed as Lenora made her statement but brightened back up again after she was done. -12:48 Mar 07
    Takeo: Lenora's little speech got no words out of Keo, but she earned herself a chuckle of amusement and a little salute. Shifting the pack on his shoulder, Keo wiggled his toes in his boots, eager to get the show on the road. He'd been on many missions but in his experience, the funnest (and most dangerous) ones were Lenora's. -12:48 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont tilted her head side to side, audibly cracking her neck and loosening up the muscles to relax herself a bit. She wouldn't even start on Sethric's comment of being stuck in the past. Taking a deep breath, she nodded to Lenora. "I'm ready."] -12:49 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Fantastic! Then lets get this rescue wagon in the skies. If we're lucky he's not already dead." Lenora pointed at the beatup bucket that was her ship. "When we're in the air we'll talk about the plan." -12:53 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: sighed at the thought of how much work he'd be doing on this trip. Oh well, at least it might make his real job a bit easier in the long run. Without another word, he tossed his cigar to the ground and stomped it out before walking up the ramp and into the ship. -12:54 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "Um, actually Lenora..." Guy pointed back the way they came. -12:54 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: "Thea will not wait for you to rescue her pilot. She will come either way, so we might as well take her." -12:55 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    [Sethric Blodtungl kept civil, seeing as Tessiva hadn't fired back, yet. Light blue eyes glanced towards the ship Lenora pointed out. It like it had seen better years, but he had also been on ships that looked far worse off. With a quiet sigh, in an effort to steel himself for time spent in Tessiva's presence. ] -12:56 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Lenora was already headed towards the ramp to follow Alek up when Guy interjected. She paused, giving both him and Saniya an incredulous look. "You want us to take the Titan? Straight in to Terradyne territory, where I am pretty sure they are waiting for us to do just that?" Now she had to take a moment to pretend she wasn't thrilled to get that chance. -12:57 Mar 07
    [Taurai noticed that a lot of people were making their way toward the ship and chose to follow suit. Her violet eyes brimming with excitement and wonder as she gazed at the vessel that would now be her home. She wondered what kind of feel this baby would have, she looked like she'd livved a rough life but was still going strong "Good girl" Taurai whispered as she made her way up the ramp.] -12:59 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "Like Saniya said, the ship is going to go out there either way. So we might as well not have her out there alone." Guy then smirked. "She's very particular though. You will have to ask her for things." Saniya was nodding her head at this comment. -01:01 Mar 07
    Takeo: Keo stood there with a raised eyebrow, not that anyone could see it, waiting for people to make up their damn minds. He just wanted to get going, or at least finally put down his pack. These weapons were heavy, even by Sandinem standards. -01:02 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont stopped abruptly as she made her way towards the ship, waiting for Lenora. "Titan?" She looked around at the rest of the docking bay. "There's no Titan here." Her eyes looked over the individuals discussing the matter. "Do we even have a pilot for it?" she had to admit that it would be exciting to be on a Titan for the first time, but she wasn't going to get her hopes up.] -01:03 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "No, no we don't want her flying alone." She hesitated for a bit, but there was little choice in the matter. They couldn't have any wildcards in the mix. "SO NEW PLAN..." she shouted loud enough for even the ones that already boarded her ship the hear. "It looks like I get to introduce you to a Titan ship. That is of course, if she lets all of us on board... Lead the way, boss." -01:06 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl 's interest was perked at the mention of Titan. He hadn't moved just yet. There was no point until they figured out what ship was going to be used in this endeavor. Then Lenora spoke again and he couldn't help but grin a bit. He'd never seen the inside of a Titan ship, this would be an experience. As long as the ship let them on, apparently. Enduring Tessiva's possible insults and such might just be worth this chance. ] -01:07 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: turned with a quiet groan and walked back off of the ship. Things couldn't be simple, right? The mission hadn't even started yet. -01:07 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: "If she doesn't let you on I wouldn't want you on the mission anyways." Then Saniya turned and started to lead the way to Thea -01:08 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Taurai: A loud shout came from behind Taurai, it looked like they were going on a different ship? huh. Okay. Running back down the ramp, Taurai followed on behind the woman. -01:09 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy got into step with Lenora. "So we had a long talk with the ship. Well, Saniya did most of the talking. It seems that as long as you understand you are NOT the Captain, and don't touch any of the command panels she will allow you to make orders and will execute them. You just have to ask." -01:10 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: A Titan ship? F'real? Raja nearly hopped up and down with delight but remembered that possibly hopping up and down with what he had in his bags might be a terrible idea. Not to mention his pockets... Yes, hopping was bad. Whistling on the other hand! Raja whistled appreciatively and bounced (sedately!) after Lenora and the rest. How cool was this? A Titan! Honestly, Raja hadn't been sure about going on the bucket of bolts that was Lenora's ship anyway. But it was bigger than his... Still. Raja loved his own ship... But a Titan! He'd get to go on a Titan! -01:11 Mar 07
    Takeo: A small "yes!" hissed over his suit's comm but Keo made a very obviously gesture of glee anyway. He'd never had the chance to step onto a Titan, although one time he'd come close. Now he was super excited for this mission, or at least enough to settle his worries about the dangers for now. He followed alongside Raja, who looked just as eager, and he couldn't help but snicker a little. "Like a kid in a candy store..." -01:12 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "I get it. She's got her little ship heart set on a Terradyne Commander." Lenora glanced over her shoulder to make sure the crew was in tow, then she pressed a few buttons on her wristcontrols. The bucket of bolts that belonged to her closed and sealed itself up. It'd be fine waiting for her. "Unless I NEED the command panels, she might have to work with me on that one. I don't know what kind of firepower they have escorting Kelran's ride." -01:14 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont perked an eyebrow at Lenora's mention of a Terradyne commander. A Titan chose a Terradyne officer to be its pilot? Irony at it's finest. Nonetheless, she kept pace with the group, wondering how exactly something like this was going to play out.] -01:16 Mar 07
    Takeo: "Hopefully something we can board," Keo chimed in, patting the pack on his shoulder. "I would like that very much, Lenora." A chance to try out Dad's new guns? Oh yes~" -01:17 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy ran a hand through his blonde hair. "Let's hope it's nothing I can't fire back quickly with then. Seriously though, the ship is smart enough not to want to get blown up, so I wouldn't be worried if things come up. Just be stern if it comes to it." Then Guy pointed ahead at Saniya. "She's almost useless. She has good enough aim, but only because I have been training her with a pistol since this started. The ship trust her, she's been on it the longest." -01:18 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl followed along as everyone moved to the newest ship of choice. He didn't know much about the workings of a Titan ship, he would certainly be taking note of things. He did dislike the idea of getting caught up in actual fighting, though. He much preferred to be in the pilot's seat on jobs. This wasn't out of cowardice, though. He simply got more of a thrill out of flying a ship. ] -01:20 Mar 07
    Thea: Saniya finally stopped in front of a ship they had never seen before, as soon as everyone was gather in front of it, a door opened. “Welcome Back Navigator Karamchand, Gunner Guy. Greetings passengers and new crew, I'm Thea." -01:21 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Pavel Mikhailov: nodded, obviously impressed with the ship that stood before them. He didn't know how it sensed its surroundings, but decided to give a nod and a wave. "Hello Thea." -01:23 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "I don't like that she's coming on this mission, but I can understand that she feels it's necessary with the ship's unpredictable behavior." she muttered. Once they arrived to the Titan itself, Lenora paused with hands on her hips, admiring the shiny beauty. Titans always had this etheral, alive look to them, even with all of the added technology involved. "Good afternoon, Thea. I am Lenora Star, and I will be your temporary Captain until your pilot is retrieved. Will this be fine for you?" -01:24 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont paused mid-stride for a brief moment. "It... speaks." She blinked a few times while processing that fact. She knew Titans were sentient, but had no idea that they could actually communicate. Nonetheless, she stepped on board, patting a hand against the hull of the ship as she did so. "Pleasure to meet you, Thea."] -01:25 Mar 07
    Taurai: A titan huh..she'd heard of them before, but to be working alongside a living ship. As the crowd approached a door opened and a figure by the name of Thea welcome the group to the crew. It was gonna be risky, but this was the chance of a lifetime. "Taurai at your service" a look of awe across her features, looking up at the magnificent vessel. -01:25 Mar 07
    Taurai: (ahhh messed up "The ship introduced itself as thea as it welcomed the group" - sorry) -01:27 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: Raja didn't squeal as he looked over the large beautiful shiny ship. But he came damn close. Instead there was another whistle and he looked over to the person walking beside and gave him a 'thumbs up' before realizing that the ship was talking to them. Raja made a squeaky noise in the back of his throat. A Titan! His bare fingers flexed and his brilliant green eyes flashed with merriment. "She said her name is Thea!" He couldn't help but to coo out softly as he smushed himself closer to the ship, eager to get on board! -01:28 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl quirked a brow as she ship spoke, but didn't miss a step. Well now, that was truly an interesting thing. He toyed with the notion of a sentient ship in his mind and was unsure how he would feel about owning one himself. Could such a thing get moody? Still, he shot a grin up at the ship, "Greetings, Thea. I am Sethric, glad to mee you," offering these words even if he might not get a response. ] -01:29 Mar 07
    Thea: ”Greetings Lenora Star." There was a pause as though the Titan was thinking. "Yes, this will be expectable. My thanks will be to you when you have rescued my pilot." -01:30 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Takeo: A talking ship. Awesome. Keo cocked his head to the side, watching and listening carefully to the others' interaction with Thea. When it was his turn to speak up, he deactivated his helmet. Pieces of glass and metal folded down and into the collar of his suit, revealing a 20-something brunette who, if it wasn't for the peculiarly inhuman look in his eye, would have passed for a regular human. "Hello, Thea. My name is Keo." He inclined his head but it jerked back up quickly as he gave a small "oh!" and glanced at the strap for his pack. "Don't worry about these. I know what I'm doing with them." He flashed a toothy grin at the ship and then stood back, letting his helmet reform quickly. -01:33 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: Saniya was impressed the Lenora, Guy's friend seemed to have done her homework with Titans. She was respectful of the fact that Thea was a sentient being. On fact everyone on this mission seemed to be in awe over Thea. Saniya half suspect that the ship liked the attention. "Let's get inside and get out of here. Then you can all talk to Thea." Saniya walked into the ship, heading straight for the bridge. -01:33 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Lenora Star: "Good. I'd appreciate it also if you didn't kill any of my crew, Unless they really deserve it." Lenora pointed, making sure everyone stopped gawking and were headed on board. "You heard the boss. Everybody on. Sethric will be flight controls. We need people to be on ship weapons, and someone stationed near the engines in case we get hit. The rest of you need to suit up and get prepared for potential combot. Oh - and don't piss off the ship. I don't want to get spaced." -01:34 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy looked at the assembled crew as they all walked in, planning to be the last. They at least passed the first test. Thea hadn't out right refused any of them on board. "I have ships weapons, but on this mission I could use some help." This was really a cargo ship, not a fighter, but the Titan creators made sure the ship could out gun any pirates it would encounter. -01:37 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: stepped up the boarding ramp and made his way to the engine room. Setting a hand against one of the bulky systems, he looked around. "Alright Thea. I'm Aleksandr Granin. I'll be the engineer for this trip, so you just let me know if there's anything you need me to do alright?" -01:38 Mar 07
    Takeo: "If Dad could see this, he'd shit bricks," Keo muttered as he strolled through the passages of the ship. Behind his helmet, his eyes were wide and there was a big, dopey grin on his face. "What a beautiful ship..." -01:41 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl 's eyes lit up with obvious glee when Lenora spoke, saying he would be on flight controls. A crooked grin played across his features, this definitely made whatever barbs he might have to endure worthwhile. There was no hesitation in him when it came time to board the ship. What would it be like to pilot a Titan? A sentient ship? Hell, this chance would almost be payment enough for his services. Not that he'd let this be known. ] -01:42 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont decided not to explore, figuring there would be ample time to take a closer look later. Before Sethric left to take the helm, she mentioned to him, "Let me know if you need a navigator. I'd be glad to help." Her request was genuine - she was in work mode now, and could put aside her dislike for him, at least for now. Finding a turret, Tessiva seated herself behind the controls and took some time to familiarize herself with the setup.] -01:42 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: "I am more .... Uh." Raja's brain tried to turn over and he grinned sheepishly. "In-person combat guy. I can aim good enough for ship weaponry though." He grinned at Guy and waved his hand at the man. Really he wanted to ogle the ship but that would have to wait. He needed to figure out where they wanted him to be. Like hell he was going to be dead weight. This was a hell of a job, it'd get his name out there even more and he'd be helping good people. -01:43 Mar 07
    Taurai: Overhearing Pavel, Taurai made her way over next to him "I too will be an engineer for you, I too will do whatever I can to assist you" she smiled sweetly. Time to get on huh? this was gonna be a great ride. -01:43 Mar 07
    Takeo: (( whoa... chat glitched somehow and I missed several posts o_O )) -01:44 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl glanced to Tessiva as she spoke, and sensing her words were true, gave a nod of his head, "There's none better and if you aren't needed for weapons then I would welcome your navigation skills," speaking just as genuinely as she had. It was perhaps an uneasy truce, for the moment, but he would take it. ] -01:47 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Alright Thea, lets seal up. Open all on board communication channels." She snapped her fingers when she entered the command deck, and pointed Seth to the pilots chair. She herself remained standing, prefer to pace back and forth as she kept her eyes on the controls, moniters and screens. "Set coordinates for the XNA Delvega system. I want to be alerted about any and all space vessels no matter how small." -01:48 Mar 07
    Takeo: "Weapons? That's me then," Keo said as he pivoted on his heel and followed after Guy. "I won't lie. I've been very interested in the Titan weapons." Anyone who had high enough security clearance knew that Keo's father was the main weapons supplier for the Coalition. And Keo? Big weapons enthusiast and know-it-all, though most people didn't know they were related. It's why Keo was just..."Keo". -01:48 Mar 07
    Thea: Once everyone was inside, the Titan sealed up. Guided walk ways lit up to show the engineers to the engines. "This way..." -01:51 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    [Sethric Blodtungl moved for the pilots seat as Lenora pointed it out and lowered himself into it. Rolling his shoulders a bit he proceeded to crack his knuckles before going about the buisness of putting in the desired coordinates. He was in his element now, just sitting in the seat brought him into a state of complete focus. Even the slightly painful throbbing in his left leg was forgotten. In this instant life was perfect. It was a feeling he rarely had when not sitting in the pilot's seat. ] -01:52 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: Saniya motioned Tessiva over once they got to the bridge. "I had no ship navigation experience before coming aboard Thea. I have always been interested in star charts and trade routs though. Thea's system might not be like what you've ever seen. I'll take care of the route, you can watch for other ships using the more typical instruments." The tall dark woman with bright cloths then sat in the navigator's chair, a helm soon covering her head and face, and her hands being incased on the armrest. "XNA Delvega, plotting course.... Now!" -01:56 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    D'Artagnan Guy: "Alright Raja, Keo, you're in for a treat. She's no attack cruiser, but Thea has more punch then you'd expect for her size." Guy started to show them the weapons system. "She's got good simulators if you want a more hands on approach to learning." -01:58 Mar 07
    Tessiva DuPont: [ Wait so was I called to the front? ] -01:59 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Things were getting on their way. Lenora took a moment to enjoy it. Commanding a crew on a Titan. While no one was looking her way she danced a little jig. It was going to be a shame to give Thea back, but by the end of this, Lenora hoped that the Coalition would have a very, very strong new ally against the Terradyne. Dance-jig-cough! Back to serious commander face. "Let's go doves, we've got us a damsel to rescue!" -02:00 Mar 07
    [Sethric Blodtungl enters.] -02:00 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: (Yes) -02:01 Mar 07
    Tessiva DuPont: [ Got it, just checking. ] -02:01 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: Raja listened with wide eyes, he was so excited! Titan ship! Weapons! Beating up the bad guys! That was what Raja was all about. It was with a bounce in his step that he followed Guy whereever, only partially noticing the man beside him. "Oh! I'm Raja Kerr, by the by! From Vrelia. It's a pleasure to meet you both!" Bounce bounce bounce went the blue skinned man after Keo and Guy. -02:04 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: Saniya did not just plot a navigation course, she actually walked amongst the stars. Titan navigation was unlike any clunky virtual reality training module. When Saniya was in her navigation chair she was a part of the Titan and her systems. -02:05 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Taurai: Taurai gazed in wonder at the ship, lights lighting up her path as she started to walk toward the engine room. The shipping guiding her to her destination. Wow... how cool. Like stars guiding her way home. -02:06 Mar 07
    Takeo: "Keo. But we've actually met before. I know Guy too," said the Sandinem. With a series of noies like whirring and buzzing and clicking, the Daylight Suit Keo had been wearing began to collapse and fold just as the helmet had. It all remarkably folded down into a steel bracelet aroud the brunette's wrist, leaving him garbed in a pair of fitted black slacks and a matching muscle shirt. Grey eyes flicked from Raja and Guy over to one of the promised simulators and he grinned from ear to ear. "I'm all about hands on," he said with a wiggle of his eyebrows and them promptly marched right for the nearest simulator. -02:09 Mar 07
    [(Timeout) Pavel Mikhailov has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate] -02:11 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: (Guy is not Genesis ... Yet he's retired Terradyne special ops, but Keo doesn't know that, bad Ocha not finding his bio) -02:11 Mar 07
    Takeo: (( oh.. :| Mixed him up with someone else )) -02:13 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: (All good) -02:13 Mar 07
    Takeo: (( just, uh, disregard that post >_> <_< >_> )) -02:14 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: ((All of it?)) -02:15 Mar 07
    Sethric Blodtungl: test)) -02:16 Mar 07
    Tessiva DuPont: [ Sorry a little late on this one ] -02:20 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont nodded at Saniya, getting up to follow her to the cockpit, seating herself in a third chair and studying the various screens and controls. Studying the course and the route, she made sure to keep watch on the ship's surroundings.] -02:20 Mar 07

    Getting off the planet and in to open space went by without a hitch. The Titan made amazing time with the speed of it's flight. Faster than most ships in it's size and class. Before long, they were in the right place. The intercept point. Where two smaller ships and one large ship were blipping on radar. These were not official Terradyne ships. Most likely they were freelance bounty hunters tasked with transport of their prisoner. All three ships were heavily armed. -Lenora Star 02:22 Mar 07

    [(Timeout) Sethric Blodtungl got too distracted for their own good...] -02:24 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "All right, everyone has their controls memorized? This is it. Your orders Lenora?" -02:24 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Shields up to full power and come in strong. We want to take out both smaller vessels and capture the third." Lenora leaned on the back of the pilots chair, tapping one of her booted toes against the floor. This was the ballsy, antsy part. If they didn't work fast, things would get hairy. "Whatever you do, DON'T let any of these ships get away." -02:27 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: Raja had made time to find what he wanted just in case this turned into a personal sort of firefight but for now he was situationed at one of the gunner stations waiting on the ships in come in range as he listened to the orders. Take out the two little ones. Cripple and capture the third. Right. He looked over the controls lovingly, marveling over how intuitive they were. -02:29 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont looked over the location of the opposition, hands nimbly working with the various keys and switches available to her. She studied their directions and current courses of movement, deciding on the most effective course for Thea that would give the gunners a good firing angle but also minimize the damage Thea might take. It was like a chess match - having to think multiple moves ahead and predicting where the opponents were going to move - except it was one queen against two knights and a rook. Certainly winnable though, considering Thea was unlike any queen Tess had ever seen before.] -02:35 Mar 07
    Thea: Thea's shields went up as they started to go in hot. "Be sure not to injure Pilot Kelran." -02:36 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy

    Thea did not go unnoticed. This group had been watching the skies, waiting for a potential attack. Worse yet, it seemed they had prepared ahead of time - like they knew someone would hit, right there, in that place - as the space seemed to be littered with untracable mines. Thea was getting hit from all sides by little exploding menaces! -Lenora Star 02:40 Mar 07

    Raja Kerr: ((Stupid question! Can we see the mines?)) -02:44 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy gripped the panel he was in front of, Thea rocking this way and that. Out of the corner of his eye he saw sparks fly near the front of the ship. "That is not freelance tech," he said between clinched teeth. -02:44 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: (physically, yes! sensors, no!) -02:44 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: Mines! Raja aimed his gun at the little 'menaces' and starting exploding them before Thea got to close to them. "Hey! I'm taking out the mines so Thea can move faster." Raja was flicking over off the useless overlay sensors and going after the mines with his sharp eyes instead! "Alriiiiiight!" -02:46 Mar 07
    Takeo: Signals from the navigator loaded onto the holographic screen before Keo's eyes. This was go time, no mistakes allowed. He'd caught on quick by using the simulator and now both hands gripped the gunner controls tightly, half out of nerves, half with excitement. As Thea gained on the bounty hunters' ships, Keo zeroed in on the right side ship and-- BOOM! A mine caught the side of Thea and suddenly the game changed. "Freelance tech? You're damn right. That's my fa--" BOOM! Another hit. "Screw this!" Keo jammed his thumb against a few buttons on the console until he had a visual feed of his attack area instead of the vibrant lines and circles and symbols that served as the default. "Right on the money, Raja," he replied back, following suit and firing at the mines on his side. -02:47 Mar 07
    [(Timeout) Sethric Blodtungl was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -02:50 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: With Keo and Raja taking out the mines, Guy went back to the task at hand, disable the transport. Normally he'd go after the escorts first, running after the transport if need be, but with the mines everything changed. This was going to be a firefight. -02:50 Mar 07
    Taurai: Thea had guided Taurai to the engine room, her engines roaring as they took off. She was beautiful, nothing like Taurai had ever seen. Putting her hand against the metal she whispered "You're beautiful aren't you girl" feeling herself rock a little, Taurai heard the sounds of explosions and wondered if something had gone wrong. The engines were one of the best places to take down if you wanted to blow up a ship. "Thea, how are you doing?" she asked "have any of you systems been hit?" -02:51 Mar 07
    Thea: "Primary Systems are operating in parameters. Secondary Systems have sustained injury." A hologram then showed up in front of the two engineers showing the damaged areas. -02:53 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    [Tessiva DuPont was nearly shaken from her seat upon the impact of one of the mines. Mines were an interesting consideration she hadn't accounted for. This was like taking away spaces on the board and making them impossible to cross. Hopping out of her seat, she rushed to the nearest window, using her own eyesight to get a better understanding of the number of mines there were, as well as their locations.] -02:54 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Watch it! We're taking on too much heat-!"BOOM! The last hit was bad enough to knock Lenora right off her feet. Two smaller ships were now flying at a safe distance away from the mines and sending fire directly at Thea. Which meant they were getting hit in too many, [b]bad[/i] ways. BOOM!BOOM! That time the pilots seat fritzed out, sending Sethric out of his seat and unconcious to the floor. "PILOT IS DOWN. I'm taking over flight controls! Reroute ship energy from shields and directly to weapons. We're gonna blow one of those fuckers to bits!" -02:54 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "Damn it, okay... I've got the right..." Guy wanted this over with. All he needed was one good shot. Just one.... He fired. -02:57 Mar 07
    Taurai: Scanning carefully over the hologram, Taurai nodded. "Alrighty girl, hang in there for me." it wouldn't a problem. As long as the main systems were online but they didn't have a backup if it all went downhill. Grabbing the spare parts she needed and couple of extras from her backpack, Taurai grabbed her wrench, focusing her energy on the repairs of the secondary systems. -02:58 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: Saniya's body flopped in the navigator's chair like a ragdoll. The restraints of the helm and arm rest keeping her in place. "There's a gravity well about 30 degrees along the Z access." She wasn't sure that they could push their opponents that way, but if Lenora could find a way, they might be able to get the upper hand. Saniya trusted Thea's engines to take such a risk. -03:00 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    [Pavel Mikhailov (sorry, I had some errands come up that I had to run real quick!)] -03:03 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: (got here just in time for the action 8D) -03:03 Mar 07
    Taurai: (no probs partners! =3) -03:04 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont scanned the space around them, her eyes trying to identify each mine. She could envision a potentially safe path to the gravity well that Saniya mentioned, hoping it would translate properly into coordinates considering everything was done by eye. Rushing back to her seat, she punched in several more coordinates, keying in a path that would hopefully bait their pursuers into the well - all the while trying to avoid damage from the mines.] -03:05 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: scrambles over to a power coupling just as it started to come loose, grabbing it with his gloved hands and shoved it firmly back in place. "Hey!" He pointed with one hand to Taurai. "Can you reach that panel above the auxiliary reactor?" -03:06 Mar 07

    PECHEWPECHEW! Thea's weapons fired a direct hit to one of the smaller ships. With all concentration on it, the thing blew. Sending shrapnel in all directions of space. -Lenora Star 03:07 Mar 07

    Lenora Star: The successfull hit was just the distraction they needed to manuver. "We're heading towards the gravity well and drawing the second ship to us. Once we're clear of the mines I need a route to get around the field and get us to that bigger ship. If you see a shot on the smaller TAKE IT." -03:07 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: Raja was happily exploding mines that were going to be in the way. He wouldn't let them harm the lovely ship. Exploding mines and keeping an eye on the other ships out there. Once Guy told him to, he'd stop killing mines and go after the remaining ships! They were getting closer and Raja was humming to himself, tapping his toes to the music inside in his headspace. -03:08 Mar 07
    Taurai: Taurai was fixing a ignition suppression resistor when her partner called out to her. She nodded "What do ya need over there buddy?" reaching up to grab the panel. -03:15 Mar 07
    Takeo: Keo was counting his "kills", smirking wide as he blasted mine after mine until he had a clear shot of the second escort ship. Narrowing his eyes, he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. The guns locked onto the target and the edges of the screen flashed red. Without delay, the Sandinem squeezed the trigger. -03:15 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "Gravity well? You women are suicidal," Guy muttered, but he was grinning. He had one hit, they were getting around more mines then they were getting hit by, and they had a plan. "Second escort has a good pilot." -03:16 Mar 07

    The second vessel really did have a good pilot, because those assholes were dodging fire like pros. The shitty part was they were also RETURNING fire, trying to land destructive hits on Thea before she got out of range. -Lenora Star 03:18 Mar 07

    Pavel Mikhailov: "Open it up and run a bypass through the active sensors to our engines. The active sensors don't need power between pulses, so that extra energy will give us a little more on the engines." He looked back at he coupling and twisted it into a retaining groove. -03:18 Mar 07
    Thea: The last hit caused several more sections to light up on the hologram that followed behind the engineers. "Shield lost in 120 seconds." -03:23 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Pavel Mikhailov: Shouted hastily. "Scratch that, run it to the shields! Run it to the shields!" -03:25 Mar 07
    Taurai: With a nod she began work immediately "Yeah sure, the Ignition suprresor was damaged, but it's okay I got it all fixed up" she commented. Something suddenly hit as she felt herself rock a little while putting through the bypass. Looking over toward the hologram, the shield were down. Well look at that "We've got work on our hands." she shutting the panel before picking up her backpack, running alongside Pavel toward the shield generator. The coil looked like it'd been damaged along with some of the wiring. "We'll be done in a jiffy" -03:29 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Fuck the shields! We need need the power to grab that transport, or we're not gonna to get this mission done!" Those dicks had a good pilot, but she was a better one with a better ship. Thea's controls were intuitive, which made Lenora's reckless sweep by the gravity well a lot easier to pull off. In another ship, they would have broken to pieces. The way Thea's hull shook, it almost seemed like they would too. Mines were getting flung away from them and sucked towards the gravity well. And the ship that was on their heels was finding that it was not so easy to manuver there! "ALL HANDS FIRE. The rest of you suit up! We're about to grab us a bounty-basket!" -03:33 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy left the last escort to Keo while he focused on the engines of the transport. Their goal was disabling. "Damn their shields!" Fine he needed another plan. "Raja, if I use the tractor to pull a few of those mines at the transport, can you explode them just in front of them?" -03:36 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: "Can do!" Raja swiveled a bit and smiled brightly at Guy before being jolted all over the place by the ship in the gravity well. He jittered for a minute and then laughed. "Let's do this!" He set his eyes on the mines and as Guy pulled them, he fired! "Boom boom, babies." -03:38 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: groaned as he ran over to the engine block and took a hydrospanner off his belt. "Fuck the shields... great." He grumbled as he fiddled with the compressor coil, pulling it off and grabbing a replacement from the kit at his feet. The new part was back in only a second after the old one had been removed. "I'm giving the engines all they've got!" Thankfully it looked like Taurai had decided to patch up the shields against Lenora's judgment. Running without shields was like rolling the dice every second and hoping "fiery death" didn't come up. Pavel hated leaving things to chance. -03:40 Mar 07
    [(Timeout) Takeo doesn't post enough.] -03:48 Mar 07
    Taurai: Ignoring the orders to leave the shields, Taurai was adamant on protecting Thea. Pavel could deal with the block. Without the shields they might as well be a moving hunk of debris waiting to get hit. Taking the spare wiring from her bag, she began to patch up the broken wires clipping off the old ones and replacing them with the new... it was the coil that'd be a pain in the arse. Taking some of the spare parts from her bag. Carefully removing the broken coil. Some of it was still useful. Taking the bits that she could use, she used what she had to make a new one. It wouldn't last for ages but enough to last for a couple of weeks until they could make a proper one. Although she'd probably get her arse yelled at she'd save everyone'es life in the end. It was necessary. -03:52 Mar 07

    Things wer coming together just by a hair. Takeo landed a shot on the following vessel, sending it's disabled frame spiraling towards the gravity well. Raja's fired mines blew right in the "face" of the largest trasport, damaging the shields down to a managable level. -Lenora Star 03:53 Mar 07

    Lenora Star: "GOOD! Thea, connect to the transport and don't let her go. I hope one of ya'll down in maintenance is a hacker, cause we need you to bring down the rest of their shields and force their doors open once Thea is connected!" Lenora lept out of her seat, ducking to belt up her weapons. "The rest of you get your guns and be ready to rush through that hatch door when it's open. Shoot to kill and kick down doors till you find Kelran. We grab him and get out." -03:53 Mar 07
    Thea: The ship lined up right with the transport, dwarfed by the size of the other ship. None the less physical grapplers were deployed into the transports haul despite the shields. With a physical connection it would be easier to bring those down as well as keep connected. -03:57 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Saniya Karamchand: With no need to be looking for flight paths, the navigation system disengaged from Saniya. She wiggled her fingers and twirled her ankles before standing. She was't looking forward to what was coming next as she went over to the wall near the door, a panel opening, and grabbing a gun. -04:01 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Pavel Mikhailov: puts a hand to his head and frowns, walking over to a comm. "If our grapplers cut any of the wiring on their ship, I can reconfigure the generator to send a burst through them and try to fry their systems that way. Give me a minute to get everything rigged up for that." He knelt down and pulled one of the heat shields from the engine, covering his face with one arm from the blast of hot air that came at him. He looked at the mess of coolant tubes and heat sinks, grabbing one that drew heat from the grappler and muttered. "Sorry Thea. Bear with me for a minute..." -04:06 Mar 07
    [(Timeout) Tessiva DuPont got too distracted for their own good...] -04:10 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Not you." Lenora stopped Saniya at the hatch. "You need to stay on board Thea. We can't be concerned about covering you, and if something happens we need someone on board to command Thea and get the fuck out of here." Lenora pulled her own gun and charged up. She placed a small communicator in her her, and tapped it until it cued in to the ship's frequency. "Tell me when you hit the burst, Alek. We're standing by." -04:11 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont enters.] -04:12 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy nodded in agreement. Saniya looked like she wanted to protest, but Guy hoped she knew Lenora was right. We want this to be quick and easy. -04:13 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "We want this to be quick and easy” (oops) -04:13 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: "Give it a moment, captain. I have to trick the coolant systems to send extra power to the grapplers to compensate for excess heat." A few seconds later, he heard a snap from the engine block and ran over to slip the heat sink back in. "We're good captain. Shields down, and their doors should open automatically if they're running standard." -04:14 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont took the opportunity to grab some equipment, including a light carbine to use as a primary. She knew her pistol probably wouldn't cut it in this case. Rather than armoring up though, she stayed in her street clothes, preferring the mobility as a defense rather than relying on gear to protect her. She waited near the doors, ready to open fire at a moment's notice.] -04:15 Mar 07
    Taurai: Placing the coil back into the ship, Taurai had finally done with the shields. Listening to the comms she grinned replying over comms "Someone say they need a hacker?" -04:17 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy for his part took goggles, a small pistol, a riffle and put a chest cross utility belt on. "We are rescuing Kelran. He might be suspicious of any one of us, so be on guard. This guy has been betrayed by the Terradyne, but he still thinks like one." -04:19 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: "Taurai, jam up their communucations and make sure these douchebags can't contact anyone. All right! Lets move!" Lenora opened up the hatch and took lead point. Gun raised and ready to fire the second one of those bounty hunters came in to line of sight. When they did she didn't hesitate to fire. "Spread out and search!" -04:20 Mar 07
    [Takeo has no idea what is going on at the moment.] -04:21 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: (Takeo tookout the second tiny ship! They are now connected to the big one and officially boarding to steal their man back! GUN UP!) -04:22 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: quickly dons a vacuum suit and grabs his toolbox, running out of the engine room and out to the hatch connecting Thea to the transport ship. -04:23 Mar 07
    Takeo: (( ah... I'll be back in a bit e_e; )) -04:23 Mar 07
    [(Logout) Takeo melts away.] -((04:23 Mar 07))
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy pointed at Tess. "You come with me," he said simply. The easy going smile was gone. This guy was all work. You went in teams and you stayed in contact with the mission leader. "We hit them fast and hard and keep moving until we get to a detention area or a vital spot." -04:25 Mar 07
    Taurai: Running from the shield generators to the nearest computer she could find, Taurai began entering code to try and hack into the mainframe fo the enemy's computers. Hmmm looked like the security was high "Yeah no worries. It's gonna take about five to ten minutes though, their security network is ridiculous." she replied calmly over the radio as gunfire went off in the background. Tapping away looking, she created a glitch to send through their system to temporarily shut the enemy power down. -04:26 Mar 07
    Taurai: (damn cross out looking sorry forgot to delete it) -04:26 Mar 07
    Raja Kerr: ((My Kehv is home! I'm out!)) -04:29 Mar 07
    [(Logout) Raja Kerr is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((04:29 Mar 07))

    These bounty hunters meant business. The weapons they had on them were no joke, and they had no problems doing serious damage to their own ship while trying to lay fire down on the intruders. In fact, there were even a couple that managed to sneak past the crew to try and board Thea, with every intention of stealing HER while their ship was under siege. -Lenora Star 04:32 Mar 07

    Just as they all started to spread out a shot rang out, as one of the crew of the bounty hunter's ship got in a sneak shot, hitting the first target they had, the blue alien. Before anyone could return fire they ran. -D'Artagnan Guy 04:33 Mar 07

    Jasper: He knew something was going down. He could hear and feel the hits against the ship. When the movement settled, it was soon followed by gunfire. Jasper shifted, but he wasn't going anywhere. Strapped down to a table from head to toe, they hadn't wanted him to go anywhere. It might have been because he took out seven of their men while he was half blood and seriously injured. Even now he ached and was so drugged up he doubt he would get far. All he could hope was that it wasn't that idiot ship and her idiot navigator with her idiot crew. -04:38 Mar 07 Lenora Star
    [Takeo ] -04:39 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont followed closely behind Guy, letting loose an occasional volley of shots to subdue or suppress attackers. She could only hope that Guy knew where he was going. Moving from cover to cover, she fired with pinpoint accuracy and moved with a sense of urgency. ] -04:42 Mar 07
    [Taurai enters.] -04:43 Mar 07
    Taurai: (sorry pc being gay) -04:43 Mar 07
    Takeo: Keo had without a thought dragged the injured Raja out of harm's way. He'd risked opening himself up to an attack but he wasn't the kind of person who could easily abandon a comrade in need. When the blue alien was as safe as could be, he hurried back toward the others, taking out any enemy he spotted along the way. With his Daylight Suit, he easily blended in with any shadows and he moved silently along the passageways of the enemy's ship. On the display inside his face shield, he could see his comrades as little flashing dots. -04:46 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: hears a group of mercenaries coming for the hatch and pulls out his fake Terradyne Marshall badge before stepping through. "Marshall Stepanov. Good news boys, your pay just tripled. Bad news, these fellas want to take it all away. Don't just stand there, seize this titan!" He gestured behind him to the hatch connecting them to Thea and continued down the hall, his machine pistol drawn and ready. -04:48 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: Alone in the bridge Saniya saw the little specs representing the rescue team via communication links. She also saw those that came aboard the ship. "Look Thea, guests. I guess since I can't help out there we should throw them a party." Saniya was glad the ship understood her brand of sarcasm. Because the ships lights went out everywhere but on the bridge. Then random lights started to flash on and off. This was the pre-show. -04:51 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Taurai: Not long now...come one the last piece of the puzzle. Come on girl give me what ya got... this was one of the hardest things she'd hacked into. "Almost there..." she continuing to unravel the code. -04:53 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Lenora was a damn good shot, but she still had to duck for cover when she ran in to too many at once. A close call got her leg skimmed, and if no one heard her loud SONOFAFUCKINGFUCK, they had to be deaf. She tapped her comlink as she fired around a corner. "I'm pinned down and I can't get any further! Kelran's not down this hall." -04:55 Mar 07
    [(Timeout) Taurai was sacrificed to the gods of RPGs by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:59 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "Roger that Lenora. DuPont and I are experiencing a lot of fire. We're either near the detention area or the bridge and I don't think it's the bridge." He dug into this pouch and held a small device. "Flash granade,” he told Tess as warning before he tossed it. -04:59 Mar 07

    It is now the FINAL HOUR, and shit done got serious. The flashbag went off with a POP blinding the hell out of every bounty hunter within sight. -Lenora Star 05:02 Mar 07

    [Tessiva DuPont nodded, averting her eyes and shutting them when Guy threw the flash, waiting for the signature BANG. As soon as it came, she leapt from behind her cover and, though she couldn't hear to save her life, she knew that at least with her sight available, she held an advantage over the opposition, who had neither. Firing with authority, she advanced with guy towards the end of the hall - hoping that they'd find their target here.] -05:03 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: narrowed his eyes, satisfied that no one else was coming down the hall. He dashed back over to the hatch and pulled it closed, taking a torch out of his toolbox and getting started with welding it shut. -05:05 Mar 07
    Thea: Those aboard Thea were having some serious problems. They were turned around in the ship, two were even on the roof instead of the floor, heading right into an airlock. One however was stuck in a room that seemed to have laser shields and the size of a closet. "This one is smarter then the rest. He's seen one of us before." -05:05 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    D'Artagnan Guy: They came to a locked door at the end of the hall. "No hacker with us, but this should do the trick," Guy inserted a strange device in a card lock reader, there was a hideous sound that they could barely hear not because of the granae detonation but because it was so high pitched. Then the door opened. Just as it did, someone fired hitting Guy in the shoulder. "Get in, I'm fine..." He started firing back at the bounty hunters. -05:09 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Assured knowing that Guy was probably on the trail of Kelran, Lenora was forced to retreat back towards Thea. Covering her ass until she got back to the hatch, what she found there wasn't what she was expecting. "...What the fuck are you doing, Alek!" -05:10 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: didn't bother turning around, simply continuing to weld the hatch shut as he spoke. "They were trying to board Thea. I'm sealing them in the docking module until we get Kelran, but don't worry. I've got another way for us to get out of here." -05:12 Mar 07
    Jasper: Guy and Tess entered the room Jasper was currently being held in. But he was so whacked out on drugs that he had yet to notice someone entered the room. -05:13 Mar 07 Lenora Star
    [Tessiva DuPont grimaced at Guy's wound, ducking back behind the door for a brief moment to check if Guy needed assistance. But hearing his order, she steeled herself and pushed forward, narrowly avoiding gunfire. Emerging unscathed (somehow) from the skirmish, her hazel eyes studied the body on the table. "I'm guessing this is our guy?" She asked without turning, still focused on the man strapped to the table.] -05:14 Mar 07
    [Takeo retreated back to the ship with the injured Raja.] -05:16 Mar 07
    [(Logout) Takeo melts away.] -((05:16 Mar 07))
    Lenora Star: "We don't have TIME for other ways around, Alek, these douchebags have funded weapons and a billion guys on board!" To reiterate that point, more were storming down the corridor and now Lenora was forced to give cover fire. -05:17 Mar 07
    Taurai: Okay she was getting through - this was finally getting somewhere. She'd manaaged to hack into the mainframe all she had to do was load the virus into their system. "Hey ms captain, the virus is loading into their system. With just another minute it should be loaded. It will take another twof or the virus to spread throughout their network completely" she relayed through comms as she watched the file load. -05:19 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: "Exactly, and they'd love to get those billion guys on our titan if we give them the chance." He dropped the torch and patted her arm. "C'mon, I'll explain on the way. You still have radio contact with the others?" He began moving down the side corridor towards the larger ships engine room. -05:19 Mar 07
    Thea: There was litter outside of Thea as little meat bags exploded in the vacuum of space. Injured rescue members in the infirmary Thea kept Saniya updated with the party with the com-links. -05:19 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    D'Artagnan Guy: "Is he alive?" Guy asked, not looking behind. "Get him up and walking. We need to get out of here and I only have so many tricks up my sleeve." -05:21 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Lenora didn't like this. This was not part of the plan, and it wasn't run past her before he up and did it. There was little choice in it now and she followed him. She pressed her comlink. "The hatch back on to Thea is seal. Douches were trying to board. Alek and I are headed to another route, I'll tell you when we make it. Did you get Kelran?" -05:23 Mar 07
    [Tessiva DuPont answered back half-joking, "Kind of?" regarding the alive question. She cut the straps keeping him down and pulled him up to his feet. "Come on. Are you okay? Can you walk?" she asked him, knowing she wouldn't be able to carry him if he couldn't. She'd be able to support him, however. Instinctively, she pulled his arm over her shoulder, helping him to his feet. She dropped her carbine to the floor and pulled her pistol out of its holster since it'd be easier to wield one-handed, starting to head back from the direction they came from.] -05:29 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: tapped the comm unit on his suit and changed from the frequency used by his team and scanned until he found the frequency used by the mercenary teams. Switching off the external comm, he muttered under his breath. "Engine room. The man in the suit is one of ours." Flicking his external comms back on and returning to the group frequency, he called back to Lenora. "We're not going to the other route yet, we're going to clear the other route for them. Tell them to get to the hatch where the escort is docked." -05:33 Mar 07
    Jasper: Kelran had just enough juice in him to try and take a swing at either of them once the straps were free, but it didn't connect with anything. His hazy brain soon realized this was a rescue attempt. He squinted at Guy, recognition coming to him. He snorted. "...lemme guess... ship made you do it." -05:34 Mar 07 Lenora Star
    D'Artagnan Guy: "And the princess. Don't know who's worse," he then tapped his com-link. "We got him!" He then looked at Jasper and Tess. "You got him or you want to do cover fire?" Guy rather lay down the fire. He did have a few tricks, but if Jasper was barely mobile it wouldn't do them any good. -05:37 Mar 07
    Lenora Star: Lenora frowned, she clicked her link. "Get yourself to the docking hatch. I get the feeling we're about to hijack a pod." With her gun back firmly in her head, she kept it up and pointed, ready to shoot anybody they ran in to. "I don't like secrets and shit being pulled on me last minute, Alek. You better know what you're doing." -05:37 Mar 07
    [Taurai enters.] -05:37 Mar 07
    Thea: "My pilot! I have been so worried!" The com was taken over by Thea. "I have a gift for you waiting..." -05:37 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Taurai: (sorry pc crashed =() -05:38 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: "Thea, save it for later. Do I need to do anything from here?" That was to Lenora, but she half suspect Jasper to respond. -05:39 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Pavel Mikhailov: "I can run you through it before we get there if you like." He chimed in sounding completely calm and confident, even somewhat jovial. "They've got a more conventional dock job over there, none of this grappler mess. That'll make it a lot easier to send a signal to the escort to shut down their inertial dampers. From there it's a simple matter of using this ship's engines to throw 'er into a spin and the escort'll snap right off. They'll be free to walk right out of the ship and over to Thea. Just make sure the cargo ramp is open for them when they get there and it'll be a simple snatch and grab." With that, they arrived in the engine room to find a dozen guns pointed at them. -05:40 Mar 07
    Taurai: Finally the file had loaded, hoping tot he gods that it worked "Right all done Lenora...coming back down to the engine room. Pavel, what's your status?" she asked ripping her focus on the engine a little confused over what had been happening over comms. -05:41 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: (There's no one here by that name. :v) -05:41 Mar 07
    Taurai: (what?) -05:42 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: (Pavel is his real name, but he's introduced himself as Aleksandr.) -05:42 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: "Everything's fine on our end." -05:43 Mar 07
    Taurai: (oh! sorry my bad =3 cross that out to Aleks then - I feel so dumb right now) -05:43 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: (Wait, omit that) -05:43 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: (He's being held up at the moment. :v) -05:43 Mar 07
    Jasper: "Give me a gun." Jasper didn't look like he could hold a gun, let alone fire one. But that didn't stop him from trying to stand on his own two feet. He also completely ignored Thea and Saniya. "Give me a gun, follow whatever... bullshit plan.. you cooked up." Even stating a simple command was rough. -05:44 Mar 07 Lenora Star
    Lenora Star: Lenora found herself and Alek at gunpoint with a shitton of bounty hunters. ...she didn't lower her gun, she just gave a haughty tilt of her head. "Oh hello, friends. Did we walk in at a bad time?" -05:46 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy smirked. He could always drag Jasper's passed out ass across the floor if the Captain didn't last five minutes. Resisting the urge to toss the pistol he held it out for Jasper to take. "Simple plan, we leave. Granted someone has chosen for us not go go the way we came in," Guy frowned at that. Any chance you saw any of this ship before they finally knocked you down?" -05:47 Mar 07
    [(Timeout) Taurai was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -05:50 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: 's machine pistol was back in its holster, but he wasn't bothered by that. Instead he dropped his toolbox and ducked behind the doorway they'd just passed through. He sat there briefly, making a show of fumbling to get his gun out. -05:50 Mar 07
    Jasper: He nodded. Summoning up his strength, he managed to quit leaning so heavily on Tess, but he still needed the support help him stay on his feet. He led the direction out of the room, but strangely enough the halls were now empty and clear. Jasper guided them towards the cargo hanger. -06:00 Mar 07 Lenora Star
    [(Timeout) Tessiva DuPont doesn't post enough.] -06:01 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: "It's quiet. Too quiet..." Guy looked around expecting an ambush that never came. He had Jasper, but Taurai never got a response back from Lenora. Finally Guy stopped. "New plan..." -06:01 Mar 07

    "Drop your gun. There's no where to go now." One of the hunters shouted. They paid no mind to the man hiding behind the door. After all, he was one of theirs. They made sure to surround so there was no backing out the door. -Lenora Star 06:02 Mar 07

    Lenora Star: "How about you douchebags drop YOUR gun and we'll pretend like none of this ever happened." Where the fuck was Alek hiding! Right about now she needed backup! She cast a scowl over her shoulder, but he was blocked and she couldn't see past the goons that circled her. Fucking, fuck, fuck. ...well, she hadn't gotten this far by playing things safe. Lenora started shooting and darted for cover! -06:05 Mar 07
    Pavel Mikhailov: got his pistol out of the holster and swung it around in Lenora's direction, squeezing off a burst of automatic fire. He liked machine pistols. They weren't accurate, but then again neither was he. -06:06 Mar 07
    D'Artagnan Guy: Guy motioned them over to a wall, on one arm he leaned on it. "I think our rescue team leader has gotten into a bit of trouble. We are going to have to modify her already modified plan." In seemingly one move, Guy hit the escape pod emergency panel and got behind Tess & Jasper, pushing them both in just as the door opened, he then shot the panel, causing the circuits to short and setting in the emergency protocol to close doors and launch. "Thea, life pod with Kelran has been released. Disengage grapplers and get him on board!" -06:09 Mar 07
    Saniya Karamchand: Saniya was waiting in the docking bay as Thea scooped up the life pod. She was worried. How bad was Jasper! Once the pod opened she frowned. "Only you two?" -06:17 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Jasper: Jasper was barely coherent enough to put shit together, but he knew when a mission was going down the shitter and when hard decisions had to be made. He stumbled out of the pod with Tess' help. "Thea, disconnect and go." -06:19 Mar 07 Lenora Star
    Thea: the great Titan ship was no longer attached to the transport, and with her Pilot safely within her haul she did as she was commanded and powered her engines, they being in better shape then they would have been without Taurai's work and started heading out. The ship was not worried about the others. Guy was there and he would have a way out she was sure. -06:21 Mar 07 D'Artagnan Guy
    Lenora Star: Lenora went down. One hot, sizzling, painful hit. She never saw who or how, and when she hit the floor she was out cold. -06:22 Mar 07

    DUN. DUN. DUN. TO BE CONTINUED... -Lenora Star 06:22 Mar 07