Choosing a Job/Career for your characters!

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Sometimes the job you pick for a character is an after thought, or something that you would consider just doesn't apply. (Like for teenagers or maybe fantasy world settings.)

BUT, the job the character has or the career path they've chosen is another opportunity to flesh out a character's history, personality, and why they make the kind of choices they make in life.

If you character is an assassin or mercenary, how did they get in to a job like that? Most kids don't say "I want to be an assassin when I grow up!"

If you're playing a teenager, what sort of career are they interested in? Are they an apprentice to someone, or are they preparing to take college courses in something specific?

What about those characters that have no jobs or career goals? WHY and HOW did they end up that way?


What does your character do for a living? How did they end up with that job?

If you character isn't old enough for an official career, what do they want to do in the future? Are they working temp jobs now? What for?

If your character is jobless (or could find themselves jobless) how did it (or could it) happen? How does that affect their life?

And if you're feeling creative with jobs, stop by the Muse and help us make a list of potential careers in roleplays. :D
Not open for further replies.